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  1. ya as soon as i got the truck about 6 months ago i did a tune up plugs, wires, cap, rotor, thermostat, waterpump, belt, injector upgrade to 4 port, cold air intake, oil change, new battery, throttle position sensor, new valve cover and gasket, new clutch and master slave, it has ran like a dream and have had no issues at all it fires right up within a couple seconds everytime except when its cold out and i also have an issue with the idle on occasion it will rev up and back down when I'm stopped thats why i tried the throttle position sensor, i am looking into the REM for it, i will check my f
  2. Ya I don’t ever use the gas pedal and I won’t crank longer than 4-5 seconds
  3. No I haven’t done any diagnostic on it yet, yes it cranks everytime and has a good crank to it just first thing in the morning when it’s below 30 degrees it won’t fire, I was watching some videos on the crank no start and people suggested to do the map and crank sensors which wouldn’t hurt the old girl has 413000 miles on her lol
  4. Hey guys I have a 90 Comanche 4.0 renix 5speed 4x4 and for the last few weeks it’s been below freezing in the mornings and has a really hard time starting up and today it didn’t start at all until it warmed up, any ideas what could be causing this? I’m going to replace my map and crank sensors soon.
  5. Hey guys I’m in need of an EGR valve for my 90 Comanche 4.0l, I live in Cali so it’s required and everywhere I search to get one they all say it’s obsolete!! Does anyone know of somewhere that I’m not thinking of that carries them?
  6. Hey guys I’m looking for set of vent windows for my MJ let me know what you have.
  7. Are these available or no?
  8. Is it 85 for both pins or each?
  9. I want it what is your info so I can send payment
  10. I’ll take the wood grain
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