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  1. Awesome thank you I’ll check it out, did that one you got make a difference?
  2. Ha ya I live Cali and everywhere here is smog and BS so I need to keep a cat on, ive heard about gutting them but not sure if it will still pass smog with it like that
  3. I’m not removing the cat just replacing it my Jeep has 410000 miles on it and it seems like I’m getting restriction so I want to replace it
  4. Man that is amazing, where did you find the Comanche pins? That eliminator one is awesome I need to find that one to match my eliminator
  5. Do you have the interior b-pillar dome lights? Is the radio still available?
  6. I’ve been looking for one for so long, I want to find the gold one
  7. Ya I don’t blame you I would avoid that too, I’m not sure what the pin out wire is I’m sorry
  8. Do you happen to have interior dome lights?
  9. Man that is a sweet gladiator, one day I’ll be able to afford one lol
  10. Definitely need to move to Idaho, it’s amazing there, always stuff to do outdoors, great people who love there guns, god and country
  11. Jeffery Starn

    LJ Thoughts

    The LJ is an amazing rig, my dad had one for awhile and went everywhere, he never had any issues and never left him stranded.
  12. Those trannys have a bad rep but if you’re not rough on it then it will be just fine until you get the money for an ax15, where are you located? I have a Jeep guy near me that sells fully rebuilt ax15s for $950
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