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Found 11 results

  1. Good Morning, I need some help with the fixing of my 1988 Jeep Comanche, I have the 4.0, and need to replace the lower bolt hole for the thermostat housing. I'm not sure if the prior owner destroyed it, but now I have to deal with it. I bought some of this steel stick stuff, and applied accordingly, now I need to tap the hole. Is there a way, preferably easy for me to do at my house, to remove the front of the vehicle? Like the radiator and grill. Thanks for your time :)
  2. Its been a hot minute since I posted a question here. I replaced my fuel pump a few months ago, and after verifying that I have fuel pressure, I tried to get the truck running. It hadn't ran in a year or so, so I knew it would take a little persuading to get it going. After 15 minutes of playing with it, we got it running mostly fine, and I took it on a short test drive. When I tried to start it the next day, it didn't want to start easily, and when it did start, it idled very rough, would bog down, and just die out. It has been a few months since then and I haven't run it since. I am fairly confident that it is a vacuum issue. A previous owner seems to have bypassed the vacuum harness thing where all the vacuum lines run through, but it ran fine with that bypass. I just wanted to know if this is a fairly common issue, and if it was, how hard it was to find parts. Any info helps. Thanks.
  3. Good morning to all! I was curious as to which transmissions will bolt up to the Jeep 4.0. Right now I believe there is a Chevy trans connected to the vortex swap the previous owner did (haven’t ripped into my MJ for a swap yet). Appreciate the help this far guys! Love the website also quick side note I was told I need to do 10 replies or posts and I was just curious if someone who is a long time user of this forum could clarify that for me
  4. So about a week ago my trucks pcv line popped out and got burnt on the manifold. Sigh, but I jerryrigged it together and its held up exceptionally well, until now (I think) So I turned out onto the road and the truck stays in first, cuts my throttle and starts backfiring like crazy, like I had 2 step or something. I quickly pulled off, and turned off the truck. After turning it back on it had no problems, until I got to a stop light, where it just died. I turned it back on and tried to limp it back to school (I was on lunch) and it wanted to die every single stop, it got to the point where I put it in neutral and looked like a dummy revving my truck at a light to keep it on. Well after I made it back, I turned it off, and quickly inspected it. My PCV is still good, everything looks A-OK. I turned it on and it didnt try to die even in gear. I had to go to class which is were I'm at now and I'm at a loss for ideas.
  5. '89 Renix 2wd Comanche with 4.0 6cyl and Aisin AX-15 manual 5 speed MFI 242 What advice can y'all offer on replacing/repairing the exhaust manifold on a 89' renix comanche? I haven't torn it all apart yet, but I'd like to be readied for the worst if it winds up as more than the perfunctory gasket replacement we're most familiar with. Exhaust fumes were noticed emanating from underneath the hood when parking my vehicle directly after 15 minutes of highway driving in heavy rain. I heard no distinct, loud, or obscene sound, but upon parking the smell of fumes was noticed as immediately as the now visible tendrils of fumes escaping on the driver's side from the crevice a closed hood rests inside. The vehicle was promptly parked awaiting its trial so as to prevent damage to my catalytic converter, the rest of the exhaust, system, vapor canister, EGR, system or throttle body. The replacement parts seem either too cheaply made, probably won't bolt on squarely, could need serious modification to correctly fit, and may require parts, such as a drill and tap; or they're strictly for a 91' + MJ/XJ though I'm in no way opposed to using the existing replacement gasket options. I'm experiencing hellacious blow-by and will be replacing the valve cover gasket and following Cruiser54's valve cover mod most likely tomorrow. As a side query what solution has worked for you replacing the air intake?
  6. I would be grateful if someone could help me identify what this part circled in the picture is. I was replacing my vacuum harness and realized that it was not there, as in gone completely. Screwhole is there but that is it. FYI, I come across this image in another forum here, not mine. Accidentally closed my browser before I could remember who`s it was.
  7. Hello to you all Newbie question here, sorry but my clutch master cylinder is wrong and I need a replacement, the one I removed from the truck is the one in the first photo but all the replacements I've been able to find are like the one in the second catalog photo so I wonder if the new replacement will fit even if it's not exactly the same my truck had installed Your advice is highly appreciated
  8. I have to do a major floor repair on my 86 Comanche. Does anyone have a source for the reinforcement channels that go on top of the floor pans? I would really, really, prefer not to have to make them.
  9. Not sure if anyone has done it or tried it. I'm thinking about cutting out the rear wheel well of a 2 door Cherokee almost up to the window and replacing the rust on my bed. Haven't looked into it for to long but the wheel wells look about the same shape/size. Anyone know if this will work? Are they the same size/shape wheel wells? Anyone do it?
  10. Would a Xj rocker fit a Mj? i know some alterations will have to be done but will they look the same? I will probably go to the pick a part or a JY and cut one out of a Xj. Any suggestions ideas on how to make this easier? Its rusted out along the full length on one of my Mjs and i have a rust hole on the other as well!! :fs1: I don't wanna take a pic my DD Mjs rust spot. I'm still in denial even though its now a fifty cent piece sized hole!!! :wall:
  11. I got a chrome trim set about a week ago. I noticed that on the driver's side light bracket there were a few rusty pinholes shining through the nice chrome. Can this be repaired or is it condemned to the trash heap?
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