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  1. Camper Shell Found! Had to get it shipped from Washington but picking it up Friday. Used YRC Freight for shipping, prices were reasonable if you are able to drop off and pick up from one of their warehouses.
  2. Lol, sometimes you just have to make the mistakes yourself to learn. Luckily for me I didn’t go as deep as you did.
  3. Figured I'd give an update for anyone interested. Changed the bulbs and still no dice. Then today I was working on the sound deadening project and noticed the fuses and decided to check. Sure enough, blow fuse. Lesson learned, start with the simple solution.
  4. Anybody have any idea how much it might be to ship a shell? I'm in California, I'd be interested but I'm betting shipping would put it out of my price range.
  5. Looking for a camper shell for my 86 long bed. The wife and I just go the truck from her grandfather and would like to start using it as our go to camping vehicle. I've seen that finding a bed cover/shell for a long bed is pretty tough. I've checked a few junk yards in my area but no luck thus far. If you have a shell or a lead to one anywhere within a few hour radius of Palmdale, CA. I'd be interested in hearing about it. Cheers
  6. Lol, probably should have read this before taking the seats out this past weekend. I came pretty close to rounding off one of them but managed to get the seat out with minimal issues. Rain hit on Sunday slowing down the progress, but back to it as soon as the weather permits. Cheers
  7. Hey, I took the lens off and was able to remove them from the lens assembly but trying to take the bulbs out of the socket does not seem to be working. Maybe I'm being a bit to gentle with them but I'm giving them a good twist and they are budging. Then I found some "replacements" online showing new wires coming out, which made me think I need to just cut the wire and splice in the "replacements". If I'm not trying to upgrade, I'd prefer to just do a quick bulb change before I start cutting wires. Didnt want to jump ahead and cut all the wires out, but if I went that route at least I'd know the problem. haha
  8. Yes, I have power to the brake lights in the back. The bulbs appear look like double filament to me, though one of them is a bit loose so that could be part of the issue.
  9. Alright, I have had nearly the same issue going since I inherited my MJ from my wife's Gpa. Brake lights and head lights are all good, but parking lights/running lights in the back are out and my dash lights are out. This weekend I'm planning to pull the dash and switch bulbs. As for the running lights in the back, I was wondering how to change those out. I pulled the light cap off after removing the four screws and it looks like I need to splice wiring to put in new lights. Is that the case? If so, is it worth converting to LED or something? Looking to get the parts in and get to work sooner than later. Right now it is only a day time driver, which has been kind of a bummer. Thanks guys, appreciate all the help
  10. These photos are a ton of help. How much square footage of material did it end up taking? Looking to buy the material before I tear apart the cab, minimal downtime is the goal. Thanks
  11. RowerJim


    Sounds about how I got mine. Same truck 86 long bed 2.5L 5 speed. Funny enough, I'm also having some issues with my instrument gauge, luckily it only looks to be the lighting now functionality. If you ever feel like parting with that bed topper, let me know! Best of luck.
  12. Hey sent you a PM, I'm interested in the canopy. Thanks
  13. So I've read through this thread and there seems to be quite a few options on how to deaden the cab noise. I'm brand new to the Comanche world and from what I can tell the only way to really do any of these is to remove seats, carpet, liners, etc. Any suggestions on where to start with that process? Thanks, sorry it is a pretty simple question just trying to do it the right way rather than paying to do it twice or more. Cheers
  14. Luckily enough, my wife's grandfather who gifted us the truck already had the shovel, a jack, and a few other tools behind the seat ready for us. Looks like I'll be needing to pick out a jacket. Thanks.
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