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  1. Hello there! Do you happen to have a set of blacked out Comanche , 4x4 and 4.0 Litre, available currently?
  2. I`ll take a pair! Do you do paypal?
  3. I`ll buy one, if you still have available
  4. If you come across more of these, i`ll happily buy them from you.
  5. SO I HAVE LEARNED. Its been an educational experience for me. Just depends, hard to say really, could be any number or combination of things. In my opinion, it mostly takes research and patience when it comes to electrical issues. When I bought my MJ and I had ZERO knowledge about electrical systems. Its only because of working on mine that I have learned what little I know. ( I still don`t know enough to fix my current woes lo but I digress). I`d more concerned with frame and body condition personally.
  6. Congrats man! I`ll help you celebrate by buying some cables from you! I`ll be sending you an email shortly....
  7. I have had a couple Xj owners tell me that that ZJ fan clutch ate in to their radiators when they were trail riding. I haven`t seen that happen myself but I could see how that would happen with it being such a tight fit. Thats something else to keep in mind I guess. I`m always hesitant to go all electric. Mainly because I don`t know what I`m doing when it comes to electrical, but also the mechanical fan is pretty reliable. I mean the one on mine made it 30 years before needing changed(fan clutch that is). I tend to think that changing the current electric fan for 97+ and a good pair of hood louvers helps out a substantial bit as far as airflow is concerned.
  8. My electric fan died. Anybody switched to the newer version of the electric fan (97+)? Has it worked pretty good for you? Figure might was well change my mechanical fan clutch while I`m at it, it doesn`t free spin but doesn`t seem to be as tight as it should be. I mean it is 30 years old at this point. Any one switched to the ZJ fan clutch? I`ve head they work amazing but can rob some gas mileage and has a possibility of eating radiators.
  9. It seems the PO of my truck spliced one of the plugs to the resistor to the plug of the electric fan to have it run all the time... Maybe I`m looking at it wrong... I`ll have to take a picture when I get back. I don`t know why I didn`t take a picture last night when I was looking at it. I feel silly for not noticing before.
  10. I appreciate all the input on this, this project is on delay until I get my overheating issues solved
  11. Ryno

    Roll Call!

    Ryan Chattanooga, TN Comanche specs in signature
  12. So this question may need to go to a separate thread... but wouldn`t deleting the egr lead to running richer? Less recycled exhaust gas mean more air? Slight power gain but slightly worse fuel economy? I`m still learning in and outs, just curious what everyone else thinks. If there is a big difference, I`ll take the time to learn to weld and buy equipment....(eventually, probaly should anyway) and do it "properly" . If not, i`ll grab me a new header this weekend or next and plug that hole up and be done with it.
  13. I`ll buy. What is your preferred method of payment? My zip is 37327 if you need that for shipping estimate
  14. My parts came in early, so I was able do this on Sunday morning. The old temp sending unit was crazy tight, took a while to get off. Lots of elbow grease. Somehow managed to get the oil sending unit off without breaking it. The new oil sending unit is much bigger, I can see changing oil filters being a potential problem in the future. I pulled the speedo cable off of the transfer case to give just enough play to slide the cable forward at the cluster to be able to reach behind and un clip it. The plastic clips for the wire connection to the clusters are surprisingly tough to unclip. Make sure you remember the orientation Something that I had not accounted( I should have though) for is on the cluster being pulled out was the shift indicator, which actually has an attachment that will keep you from pulling the cluster all the way out if you do not remove it. So i have ordered an Ididit shift indicator as a replacement. I adjusted the odometer in my swap cluster to match what my current cluster odometer so the mileage will be correct. Mine had 252k miles, my swap cluster only had 162K. The duralast parts listed from the NAXJA link do work and fit properly. I`m super glad I did this swap. I found out my MJ runs really hot, like almost to the red on the gauge hot. Probably just barely not hot enough to trip the dummy light. Can`t say enough about having the gauges over the light. Although I will miss the blue graphics as opposed to the red on the new one....
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