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  1. I actually had no idea what the "monstaliner" was at first, but having googled it I know I`ve seen a few wranglers like that. I like the idea, just not sure I`d like it on mine. I think it would cost more than what I`m doing anyway. I will definitely take some before and after pictures when I start this, It might be a few weeks before I actually do this but I will definitely give updates
  2. Pete M - I was thinking about using rattle cans actually, rustoleum primer and paint with a 2k spray max clear coat. Thats good to know that that aftermarket pioneer decals are around. I am mainly wanting to do this for rust protection, I don`t expect expert quality, especially from a 1st time DIY paint job. I guess my expectation is that it not look like a turd YXMJ - Thanks for the link, should be a handy tool! SmokeyYank - Thanks for the Tip. I`m not so sure the aircraft remover would be a good idea for me. As far prep goes, I plan on removing anything that can possible be removed and covering\taping what I can`t. I`ll be giving a bath with dawn dish soap before sanding down, then couple coats of primer, couple coats of paint and then clear coat. I`m thinking at least 2 coats of each, I might need more than that(?). What I am most unsure about is should I sand after every coat or just after each stage(after all primer coats, then after all paint coats and again after clear coat)? NHMJXJ - Thats good to know about the decals. I love that gray, its a sexy truck... almost makes me want to try that color...
  3. I`m gonnna have to do this soon...I think its great. Easy refresh
  4. So I`m ready to take the plunge and repaint my `manche... The PO of mine spray painted over every thing (badges, vents, fenders...) which includes the pioneer trim stickers, so I know he didn`t sand it down and use primer before spraying. (which is annoying) Would the pioneer trim down the side of the bed be a lost cause anyway? Will it be harder to sand because of the spray paint over the old clear coat? Whats the best way to remove trim stickers anyway? Any pointers or advice is greatly appreciated. This will be a learning experience for me.
  5. Its a pretty cool project. I`d probably like it a whole let better if he would have not butchered that nice truck bed like he did. Moab does look fun, don`t know that I`d take my `manche there though....
  6. This switch works perfectly by the way, if any one happens to still be following this. Sorry for the delayed response.
  7. I`ve been trying to find out on the napa website, and the guy I spoke to at the local napa didn`t know (which is odd to me, they are usually pretty helpful). I`m still a noob, but I had the impression that the TCC is NC and the brake is NO.(?) So if it had an NO and a NC contact, then that would work out. I`ve got one ordered so will shall see....
  8. Thanks! Your links have given ideas for other projects to work on so thanks for that too!
  9. this looks like the most viable option for me.... what did you have to do? I`m not that bright... especially when it comes to electrical.... was it plug play? or did you have to do some more work?
  10. Thanks, that is good to know. I don`t know that I`d have figured that out by myself
  11. If thats the case, I`m in good shape. Because my jeep with the dummy lights most definitely does not have cruze control
  12. Stumbled onto this on a XJ forum : https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/brake-light-switch-88-xj-206969/index2/ hmmmm, best I can tell that is in fact a torque converter switch.... Bummer, I am still going to have to figure something out for this breaklight switch.
  13. Could it possibly a torque converter clutch switch ?
  14. I do not have cruze, so that works out. Oh man that will make it so much easier than trying to mess with that stock brake light switch. Thanks a Million!
  15. Sorry if its a horrible pic, its a hard angle to get to...I`m not sure what that white/yellow plastic piece is at the top of the brake pedal above the brake switch. Long story short, I pulled the MC and Booster from a 99 Grand cherokee to put into my 89 Comanche(automatic trans). But I`m pretty sure I took too much off when I was flattening the part of the rod the brake switch would sit on. It stays loose and this gives me no brake light. I was thinking I could put a universal brake switch where this white plastic piece is but it is actually plugged up and I do not know what it is. I couldn`t find it in the Haynes manual and I didn`t know what to call it to search for it in google. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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