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  1. Probably not.. we are the oddballs as usual lol
  2. Just sent them a question about the fuel management, they said: With OBDI/II harnesses OBDI will be able to use HP Tuners, so yeah, unless we upgrade, we are out at this point unless we go to Mega-squirt or comparable stand alone.
  3. Anyone else been following the building of these kits? $1680 intro price, I know it includes manifold, turbo, down pipe, lines gaskets, etc... waiting to hear about fuel management. Capable of 20psi on stock internals, but looking at about 245whp at 11psi.
  4. They cut mine and they get a hollowed out core lol. I owned a salvage yard for 15 years, they take spells where certain ones are really high. Metals are low right now, but people need money - theft is going to get worse. When they got really high, they cut every cat off at a dealer in Louisville including the ones on their new rollback!! The crafty guys use airbag jacks to raise the cars up and cordless sawzalls. Around here in KY there are a lot of foreigners (mainly Bosnian) buying/selling scrap. Most are good guys, some are not...
  5. Gotta start somewhere... maintenance is key!
  6. I broke a u-joint Sunday trying to pull a tree down (this is after I replaced axle seals Friday!).... oh well. Luckily I have a set of TenFactory axles to go in the front. Oh yeah, almost forgot; I installed my new Falken S/T Maxx tires Friday too! MUCH quieter than my dipped out Rockers. Not as aggressive, but its a DD, so I don't need them all the time. Check out that suspension travel! lol
  7. Thanks for the link, I'm going to check them out. 👍
  8. Kinda my thought; they aren't expensive, and I do have 35s...
  9. This is what I've already figured out unfortunately. The outer seal is a standard timken Dana 30 seal (not sure how it's greased, but I did see the greasable ones on online during my research today). So, better question now is, upgrade to chromoly shafts while I'm down, or just stay stock? Thoughts?
  10. They use the stock axle shaft, or is it different? And I'm also assuming I have a bad inner seal them...
  11. So... The DS outer axle seal started leaking on the MJ. This is a non disconnect axle with an outer tube seal. It's this correct from the factory, or has it been retrofitted? Took it apart, inner axle was rusty and pitted, but no signs of water. I'm wondering if this wasn't an inner seal axle someone installed before I got the truck (u joint had been replaced recently). We sanded it down and put some tacky Lucas red grease on it to help with leakage, but to no avail... It's worse lol. So the big question, it's this the original axle setup or a retrofit? Also, does anyone know what inner axle I need to replace it, and is it worth it to upgrade to chromoly? Thanks in advance for the help!!
  12. I bought the GX-A602 mainly based on size, price, and reviews. I am not a snooty audiophile - I'm in an old loud Jeep! I just wanted to be able to hear my music and fill in the gaps left by my door and cab speakers.
  13. Busy weekend, so I didn't get a lot done, but I did install the Cherokee rear sound bar in my truck. The amp is not in yet, and the speakers are installed but not hooked-up either. I had to get it in there for fitment and to keep it out of the dirt and dust in my shop. Fitment is ok - I need to pull it up to the headliner a bit (will do that through the dome light hole). I am a little concerned about hitting big bumps off-road and head clearance with these seats; I hope that pulling it up a bit farther to headliner will help. If not, I may have to look into lowering the seats a bit. What do you all think about the look of it? I used Cerwin Vega component mid-subs and Skar tweeters. Will be powering with a small JBL 2 channel amp behind the console. I have to be able to hear the music over the roar of the 35s at road speed lol!
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