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  1. Oh, it already had in that picture! lol That was March's carnage. Shouldn't try to pull over a dead 32" elm w/ stock axles I had cut all the way around it, but it was much stronger in the middle than expected!
  2. Well, I'm sorry I haven't been pushing the meet-up. Between the virus and the constant fixes on the Comanche (it will be new soon!), I haven't had much desire for a meet-up. Things are opening up from the virus, but I'm not totally sure that they should be... maybe mid/late summer we can all meet up in the Nashville area (if any restaurants survive the apocalypse! lol). Hope everyone is doing ok. If anyone gets up around Bowling Green, let me know.
  3. What you talking about Willis?!? Tell me more about this brake upgrade you speak of... Rough Country set-up came in yesterday... anyone in KY want to help this weekend??? lol
  4. Well, I bit the bullet and ordered the Rough Country HD steering upgrade - the offset clears both style knuckles. Disaster averted. Here is the only picture I have of the knuckle. Ghet, what kind of brake upgrades are you taking about?!?
  5. So, noticed a shake every now and again, so I decided to check and grease the front suspension. When I went to grease the pass side tie rod end, the joint moved!! So... Time to replace and/or upgrade. The problem: what year is my axle? Truck is an 89, but everything was changed on it before I bought it.. D30, non-disconnect, hi pin, 27spline... All seems correct, but when I go for upgraded tie rods, I come up against 84-90 or 91+. WTF is the difference?!? More importantly, how do I determine difference? HELP...
  6. Probably not.. we are the oddballs as usual lol
  7. Just sent them a question about the fuel management, they said: With OBDI/II harnesses OBDI will be able to use HP Tuners, so yeah, unless we upgrade, we are out at this point unless we go to Mega-squirt or comparable stand alone.
  8. Anyone else been following the building of these kits? $1680 intro price, I know it includes manifold, turbo, down pipe, lines gaskets, etc... waiting to hear about fuel management. Capable of 20psi on stock internals, but looking at about 245whp at 11psi.
  9. They cut mine and they get a hollowed out core lol. I owned a salvage yard for 15 years, they take spells where certain ones are really high. Metals are low right now, but people need money - theft is going to get worse. When they got really high, they cut every cat off at a dealer in Louisville including the ones on their new rollback!! The crafty guys use airbag jacks to raise the cars up and cordless sawzalls. Around here in KY there are a lot of foreigners (mainly Bosnian) buying/selling scrap. Most are good guys, some are not...
  10. REALLY diggin' those wheels!
  11. Gotta start somewhere... maintenance is key!
  12. I broke a u-joint Sunday trying to pull a tree down (this is after I replaced axle seals Friday!).... oh well. Luckily I have a set of TenFactory axles to go in the front. Oh yeah, almost forgot; I installed my new Falken S/T Maxx tires Friday too! MUCH quieter than my dipped out Rockers. Not as aggressive, but its a DD, so I don't need them all the time. Check out that suspension travel! lol
  13. Thanks for the link, I'm going to check them out. 👍
  14. Kinda my thought; they aren't expensive, and I do have 35s...
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