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  1. Meant CMS, but I like the input on the CPS too, it may be it. And as I said long ago, coils go bad at end of life, and 140k is EOL.
  2. I wouldn't trust any white/box aftermarket distributor now a days... CPS may still be your culprit.
  3. A few days behind posting, but charged the battery and took a trail down to the local creek to get a load of creek rock for the garden.
  4. I'm a gasoline in the hole kinda guy lol. I was mowing one day in the back yard and see my wife running and flailing about in every direction... she found a nest the hard way. Gas in the hole and a big rock and they were no more... RIP
  5. The mats are the best thing ever. I built a countertop for my salvage yard out of these. You can throw anything on them and don't have to worry about it.
  6. Tried to start it last weekend, but the batter was dead lol
  7. Forgot the car chase in Kung Fu Yoga with the Lion!! Armour of God is also called Operation Condor 2 btw...
  8. Come on now, where is the love for the imports??? Jackie Chan owned a large stake in Mitsubishi, so cars are prevalent in his movies - "Who Am I?" is the best by far with an Mitsu Evo in a rally and in chase scenes with cops and the baddies in BMWs. But that's not the only one, you need to look at thunderbolt, Wheels on Meals, Police Story, Armour of God, Operation Condor 2, Rumble in the Brox, the Accidental Spy, etc. From destroying entire villages in a car chase to jousting with a hover craft... Jackie Chan is the CAR MAN!
  9. Just depends on how big the jobs are at the time, some Saturdays we run, some we don't. I'd definitely like to go.
  10. Owning a rock quarry and having employees... you just never know what's going to happen until it happens lol Plus, I have to keep the boss happy. I lived in Reading for a couple years, would be nice to see old friends...
  11. Aha! Would like to go, have no idea what I'll be doing that far in the future lol
  12. Cool beans! Too late for me, I bought the cheap aftermarket ones that have cables that are too long for the adjuster lol.
  13. I will say, when I owned my salvage yard, we sold many "white box" distributors that were made in China. They are notorious for crapping out in less than a year. Though more expensive, you are better off to rebuild a oem unit. It got so bad that Platinum/Dorman quit selling distributors for a bit because of it. That being said, it's def. electrical. My 89 Renix did the same thing a while back. First I thought it was the coil - replaced it, seemed fine until it wasn't. Finally replaced ignition module and it was all good. I'd lean on the distributor if it wasn't a reputable brand, if not CPS. Heat, bad quality control, & poor soldering means intermittent open circuit... the absolute worst problem to solve!
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