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  1. Well, the age gremlins strike again! Today I had to change out the starter; it would not start without the hammer. Had ordered a new Remy from Rock Auto, just waiting for the day. Seems like it cranks faster now and sounds better. So, to recap, new battery, fuel regulator o-ring, and starter in less than a week. This thing is nickle and dime-ing me to death lol. Cerwin Vega components came in for the overhead sound bar - that will be another days project.
  2. Just got around to reading your build. Great job - I'm impressed!!
  3. Had a Mexican order a Prelude rear clip when I still ran my salvage yard. He showed up 15 minutes to close time in an 89 D21 Nissan pickup - no trailer! We loaded it and he left. As far as I know, he didn't go to jail lol.
  4. I've been doing some work to the MJ. Added a double din Android head unit and reupholstered the head liner this weekend. Still have to address the missing center vent after the radio relocate. More to come. Speakers ordered for the overhead sound bar as well as an amp. Found a low mile window regulator to order on www.partshotlines.com, still have the harness for the lights (which may move to make room for the snorkel I bought), and the backup camera to install. When you're lifted, it's really hard to see what is right behind you!
  5. Didn't see any bolts when I had the handle out... doesn't matter, I found that I had several extra handles still in the old Cherokees up on the hill. Score!!
  6. Sorry, the quote didn't take enough info from your previous post. The power door lock conversion - you were asking about getting the actuators, etc. I figured you knew exactly what it took since you were interested in the parts. I have a couple Cherokees sitting in my junkyard that I didn't crush, so I should have what I need, if I knew what I needed lol.
  7. What all is needed for this swap? I have a couple Cherokees sitting around - never thought about doing the swap on the MJ...
  8. IF I figure out how to fix the vent issue, I'll try to write something up lol. I took a few pictures of the plugs/cables on the heater relocate and a picture of the cutting of the heater box and bezel. I'll have to pull the head unit back out to install the GPS and backup harnesses, so I can get better pictures of the head unit and mounting holes I had to make at that time. It may be a couple weekends, but I'll try to get something together. I'll probably wait until I install the overhead speaker bar and run all the wires at that time.
  9. Well, not technically today, but this weekend I did a lot of work on the MJ. I did an oil change and picked up a new power steering pump (bearing was beyond shot). My nephew and I pulled and recovered the headliner (which in terrible, terrible shape - cracked, peeled, duct taped, & previously recovered), pulled the majority of the dash, sliced it like swiss cheese, and installed a thin 9.1 Android double din head unit and usb ports. Still have to run back-up camera and gps antenna. We had plans to do more, but the cold weather, slowed us down. This morning I had the honor of pulling my fuel regulator and installing a new o-ring since it decided to puke fuel way too close to the exhaust manifold! Hopefully I'll have the power steering pump on later today. I also pilfered my old junkyard Cherokees and found an o-$#!& handle & several trim pieces I was missing, apparently two full long auto consoles, two rear overhead speaker bars, a good manual DS regulator, and a couple power regs in addition to all the mechanical hardware still on them. I'm going to attempt to put one of the soundbars in my truck (see pic after recover). If it works well, I'll have the other one available. They come with a dome light in center and pre-wired, fits 5-1/4s speakers. I'm still deciding on how to go with the lower vent hole in dash. I think I may move the radio up and make enough room to cut and reuse the factory vent... just not sure yet. I did take some in-process pictures while doing the radio install if anyone needs to see them for their own job. The head unit I purchased on ebay is awesome for less than $100. Its only about 1-1/2 thick which is a plus trying to fit in our dash. Plenty of input/output options, good power output, easy interface, can even control onboard electronic functions on newer vehicles - more than just canbus stuff and tpms. New version of Android, front cam DVR & usb storage support, and the ability to change button colors among other things. I'm really happy with it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Android-9-0-2GB-32GB-2-Din-Car-Stereo-GPS-Navi-Radio-Wifi-DAB-OBD-SWC-DVR/254300505116?hash=item3b357dc41c:g:ONEAAOSwcvtdLwvq .
  10. I avoid fast food like the plague that it is. Burger Fi or maybe Red Robin is about as close as I get to fast food.
  11. My 89 did this to me twice recently in a period of 4 days. I replaced coil to no advantage, but replaced the ignition control module underneath (seemed fine when pulled), and have not had a problem since (been about a month and 1k miles). I will say, during troubleshooting, I had no spark from distributor or coil - hense my belief it was the coil or ICM.
  12. Yeah, I stay of the bookface too, but the wife is on it. She has to work this weekend, but maybe one of the next couple we'll be down. As soon as I confirm our plans with the boss, I'll post something up. Plenty of good places to eat in the ville, should price be an issue considering we are all owners of a bunch of 30 yo heaps? If we are going to travel that far to eat, it's not going to be at McDonalds! lol. Normally we'll go somewhere that costs us about $35-50 for the pair. We have tried some slums like the Hermitage Cafe if the reviews are good... Now that I think about it, Smokin' Thighs might be a good place - off the beaten path, great food, good sized parking lot, and the best selection of moonshine in the city!
  13. Sounds like a good idea. Meeting at my house would be cool, especially in summer - I have a great backyard lol, but I'm too far out of the way for the TN guys being up in KY. Only car shows this time of year are Coffee & Cars in Cools Springs or maybe Columbia (tends to be more old cars there). We're in Nashville a couple weekends a month with very little planned besides grabbing a bite, catching a movie, and/or hanging out. Another possibility for the 4x4 guys would be to have a weekend at Blue Hollar north of Bowling Green when something is going on over there (they have rock climbing competitions, concerts, etc.) It doesn't really matter to me I guess. Forums are fine and all, but seeing everyone's rigs and the comradary of gathering is more enjoyable than a bunch of images and typing imho.
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