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  1. Oh you administrators with your good ideas and protocols!! lol
  2. Not to hijack the thread here, but I checked out their site. What's the deal with the metric tons vs the 4-1/2s? I measured and need to be about 4-1/2 in the rear - currently about 12-1/4 from top of axle to bottom of frame, and its sagging at least an inch. Front coils from lower perch to upper mounts is roughly 18-3/4. Anyone have any thoughts?? Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I'm spring over axle...
  3. It's not a habit, its cool... I fell alive... I still have a collection of Jeeps, a collections of Rovers, a collection of BMWs... I'm fine. I promise!
  4. I know, right?!? lol That's the best time of year!!!
  5. I usually wheel what I drive, but then again I don't try to destroy my rig when I'm offroad. However, if I get the R380 in my Defender, maybe I could trailer the MJ up, then I'd have two rigs to wheel! lol (one for the wife). The MJ is impossible to use as a tow rig - rear springs too soft and rear bumper is too high. Speaking of springs, what's the best rear spring to get a good lift? Mine are only two leaf and they ride great. (no idea as to what they are) However, I have flatened/kinked them hauling too big of loads lately - 46 boxes of flooring was apparently not a good idea
  6. I lived in Reading PA for a couple years, but never made it to Carlisle for the Jeep Show - did hit the Bug Out one time. It's about a 11-12hr run for me now. I still have friends up there I need to go see... may be a plan (if we don't all die! lol
  7. EvilMJ

    CC Handles

    It depends on it's mood lol It is generally fairly tame and reliable, but it has drawn it's share of blood! The bed is fabricated almost entirely from lightweight DOM rect tube and 12ga (i think) diamond plate. Only other pieces are some pieces of angle used for the gate, the hinges, receiver for winch in side, and a couple reinforcements underneath sideboards and bed. Simple, light, strong, and efficient used of materials. I can't really think of any changes I'd make except some sort of integral toolbox.
  8. EvilMJ

    CC Handles

    Mines kind of self explanatory... its an MJ and it's dark and evil. Evil off/on road, and more evil when it breaks down! lol
  9. Sorry for delay - been busy at work and remodeling an old house in the evenings. I have had three. I just sold my NAS 94 petrol D90. I still have an 84 Defender 90 w/200 tdi and R380 conversion and a 85 Defender 110 Hi-cap pickup w/ 300tdi and R380 w/ Salisbury rear axle. The gasser was lucky to get 12 mpg w/ the 35s. The other two usually get around 20mpg.
  10. I've been worse in my Rovers lol
  11. It took 1/2 an hour to spray the clay off the suspension; it was caked on the top of the diff, in the springs, wedged in the control arm mounts, packed in the wheels, in the front u-joints... it was a mess!
  12. It's doubtful in either case. I was not going very fast - I stopped at the edge to look - and it just sunk! lol. All MJs are welcome! There is plenty of ever changing terrain at a rock quarry.
  13. Power doesn't matter when your axle is underground and pushing thick red clay! lol
  14. Drive the MJ to work since I work in a quarry, but on the weekends its usually the wife's matte-gray Veloster turbo or my BMW e39 M5... get's about the same mpg as the Comanche!! lo
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