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  1. Agree totally. For years, the only time I heard of Miller Fisher was on House, MD. lol We as a nation have dropped the ball on the virus and education in general. The webbernet is part to blame as are our leaders. We should have closed borders and gotten better control of the situation as soon as we knew something was happening. It's easy to manage a weeks worth of fly-ins, it's not easy to control months worth. At that point, it is literally beyond control. Plus, when there is no central figure/leader to require the public to do it one way, then chaos ensues. When everyone is changing
  2. Oh My Gawd! That is hideous! lol
  3. That's good to know. My Dr was a military doctor and he studied vaccines and GBS for several years for the gov. He said there is a direct correlation, and I shouldn't take is at the very least until there is more time/data avail. He said that to have it twice are not good odds! lol I am almost positive mine is actually caused by the H3N2 Flu virus. I have never had the flu (or the shot) - apparently my body can kill it, but my antibodies for that variant attack me when they are done. Both years I have had it were years that the H3N2 were rampant in our area.
  4. I can't take it - I've had Miller Fisher Variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome twice now - that's a one in a billion, billion... I'm a lucky SOB! lol Apparently the vaccine can cause GBS, so if you've had it, you shouldn't take the vaccine. I'm really not in the mood to spend another week in ICU and spend $175k again!! My wife had Moderna, and the second one kicked her @$$ for 2-3 days (I'm glad that's over!! )
  5. Have no idea what I'm paying on the MJ, but it's not much, but I'm old lol. I will say that when I had GEICO, my CJ was destroyed (building collapsed in the ice storm) that I had just finished rebuilding from the frame up - frame blasted and painted, new tub, body panels, seats, top, engine rebuild, tires, wheels, etc; I mean full rebuild. Everything redone or replaced except the trans, xfer, and axles. I told my rep that if they were going to total it and give me $1000 or something stupid I wouldn't turn it in and drop my coverage. They let me turn pictures of the rebuild, turn in my rece
  6. Will do. Balancing beads are here, just have to get time to mount them.
  7. Wheels came in today! Seem to be of good quality and well packed. We'll see when we mount them - waiting on balancing beads to get here.
  8. Everyone above has valid points - I've been researching for my own projects. I'll try to post up some additional info later - at work right now. The Spectra is VERY noisy - I'm not too fond of it. It does flow well. I'm also not too fond of the assembly of it - I have had a clamp come loose/move once before and allowed an air gap to draw in engine bay air.
  9. Cool Beans, I was about ready to take a chance, but now it's a no-brainer. Thanks!!!
  10. Totally disassembled my 5-speed WRX transmission to change gearset and forgot to put a thrust washer back in.... TWICE! Doh! You don't realized until the case is back together and it won't shift!! Also pinched the speedo gear the second time it was apart. First reassemble took 4 hours, third one took 45 mintues! I think I could get a job at a dealership now lol
  11. Owning a salvage yard, I've had SEVERAL hoods come up while driving down the road... Did it once in my old CJ5. It makes a helluva racket when it whacks the windshield frame!!
  12. That's par for the course with the rednecks down here in Kentucky! I'm surprised there's still a 350 Chevy still running!! lol
  13. Reminds me of when my steering locked up on my Dodge Raider... the long bolt had backed out of the PS pump and wedged in the steering shaft U-joint! Luckily I was going fairly slow for a sharp curve and got it locked down before I took the ditch! lol
  14. For $50, you can't expect a lot. From what I've been reading the ProComps are made in China now, and people are getting dented wheels they can't balance right out of the box and cost $30 more per wheel.
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