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  1. One of the best looking MJs I've seen
  2. What color is your truck? Mine is an eggshell/satin and it looks a lot like yours, but it's a repaint over red... always been curious as to what color it may be.
  3. I think its a good compromise. I can run 70-75 on highway, but it crawls around pretty good in low. It's probably not optimal for a rock crawler, but its 80% driver, so I can't complain. I will say that on big interstate hills I will have to shift down to 4th, but most times it cruises around 2000-2500 in 5th.
  4. Good information! Put it on my list of things to do.
  5. I had a 7 degree reamer that I purchased as well. Instructions said to take the hole from 1/2 to 5/8 then ream up to 3/4 on the bottom using reamer. I assume the drilling was to make less work for the reamer. I was relatively painless except the 1st bit broke and the others I had were worn, so they were slow go.
  6. Well finally had enough time today to tighten the fan belt, change oil, clean air filter, install PS TenFactory axle, new knuckle bolts and axle nuts on both sides, and installed the Rough Country HD steering setup with stabilizer. I'm done and in the hammock!
  7. Well, it's all installed. Went relatively well. Can't stress enough to buy a NEW 5/8" drill bit (or two) - broke one (my best one) on the first knuckle. Otherwise pretty painless, but drilling the pitman arm was a bit of a chore. Put it back together and aligned to the same width with a tape measure. Tracks good, tierod rattle is gone, and all feels tighter. Happy!
  8. Oh, it already had in that picture! lol That was March's carnage. Shouldn't try to pull over a dead 32" elm w/ stock axles I had cut all the way around it, but it was much stronger in the middle than expected!
  9. Well, I'm sorry I haven't been pushing the meet-up. Between the virus and the constant fixes on the Comanche (it will be new soon!), I haven't had much desire for a meet-up. Things are opening up from the virus, but I'm not totally sure that they should be... maybe mid/late summer we can all meet up in the Nashville area (if any restaurants survive the apocalypse! lol). Hope everyone is doing ok. If anyone gets up around Bowling Green, let me know.
  10. What you talking about Willis?!? Tell me more about this brake upgrade you speak of... Rough Country set-up came in yesterday... anyone in KY want to help this weekend??? lol
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