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  1. Anybody lives in Spokane, or Kettle Falls, or anywhere in between?
  2. I have some 91+ throttle bodies. Any takers?
  3. I think I may have one from when I parted a zj out. I ll check
  4. From now until July 7th. There ll be 17% discount you know the drill, email me at meanlemons@gmail.com looking forward to hearing back from ya guys.
  5. Father’s Day sale! 16% off the battery cables. Email me at meanlemons@gmail.com with FD16Cables, in the subject field
  6. Last night of the sale!
  7. Alright guys. if you are buying a set of cables from me over the weekend. It’s 15% off. if you are buying a set of cables in addition to one of my throttle bodies, it ll be 20% off. and like I mentioned. I will be including a surprise in the packages. To do this simply send me an email to meanlemons@gmail.com with MLmemorialweekend in the subject line
  8. Bought over 20 sets from JHC as well. He’s a good and reputable seller.
  9. I ll run a memorial weekend sale soon. Probably $30 off. I might include a surprise.
  10. Well I do also make 60mm throttle bodies too.
  11. I’m not quite sure if I can make it there. My wife is due to give birth on July 15th, so that’s cutting it pretty close. I have 4 renix cores that I’m gonna work on soon. I can send that one out.
  12. Push it to the grassy area. Then if the tow truck do some damage, it’s easily fixed.
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