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  1. I have the 2.5 tailpipe and the column steering shaft still left. FREE! FREE! FREE!
  2. I have one I’m ready to sell body got no rust i m in PA I think we talked in the past?
  3. Surprisingly good condition actually. Just some surface rust. I will verify and confirm after work today
  4. Ok I decided to make things easier. I will be pulling the sending unit outta the fuel tank. who want it? $60 plus shipping the 2.5 exhaust is free the column shift steering column is free fuel tank is free
  5. Visor sold. i think the only thing I have left is the renix LWB fuel tank/pump/sending unit and the column steering Column
  6. The moon visor are pending i also found the steering column out of my ‘88 with column shift. It’s free. (No key)
  7. The np242 transfer case ll also come with boostwerks linkage. guys. I don’t have jeeps anymore. I tossed out a ton of parts that aren’t worth anything what I have left is almost MJ Specific. I would hate to eventually toss them out. I'm taking best offers on the parts I would rather them to go to a good home than into the trash. I’m trying to clean the place up. thanks for your time!
  8. Prices aren’t set in stone. Please feel free to make an offer. I’m really trying to get rid of everything. (Because no more Jeep)
  9. reproduction moon visor with led lights $200 picked up (I paid almost $400 with shipping) renix LWB fuel tank and pump/sending unit $50 beat up tailgate (good for bench seat or wall decor) $25 renix 89-90 pcm for auto. ($125 OBO) 2.5” tailpipe for a LWB. $25 np242 with 100k miles. $100 If you want all of them, I ll do $500. Message me to get my text number so I can text ya pics. mom located in southeastern pa (south of Philadelphia. I may be willing to meet up).
  10. This gig has been sold to Trevor of SkankFoot Racing. if anybody need throttle bodies. You can contact him at Trevor.skankfootracing@gmail.com he also have Instagram; skankfoot_racing. thank you all.
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