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  1. Who want to trade their single piece for my sliding rear window? I have no foggiest clue of how to remove it or install new one, so let’s come over to my garage and swap them? Lol I'm this close to just smashing it out and installing a plexiglass sheet.
  2. The sale is over. Thank you all for the love!
  3. The sale is over. Prices r back to normal $130 shipped for 4 gauge kits $170 shipped for 2 gauge kits. thank you all for the love!
  4. Only one 91-95 unit left!
  5. For the first weekend of October?
  6. Anybody wanna take us out for a ride, in any off-road spots?
  7. I have a bored 2.5L throttle body (to 60mm) for 91-95. any takers?
  8. I have 3 91-95 units left.
  9. You need to message me on Facebook. I keep forgetting who you are. Lol.
  10. Unfortunately. No people aren’t really sending me cores back. Just one every now and then.
  11. I have a balljoint d60 out of a 93 f350. No gears, no shafts, but I do have knuckles, hubs, calipers, and I think rotors. $300 picked up from upper Chichester pa 19014. hell I ll throw in a free throttle body.
  12. I actually have only one renix left and it’s spoken for. So those 2 cores ll be so nice to have.
  13. I think I have about 6-7 units for 91-95. I’m thinking about pricing them at $70 plus $20 core charge. What do y’all think?
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