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  1. I have one I’m ready to sell body got no rust i m in PA I think we talked in the past?
  2. This gig has been sold to Trevor of SkankFoot Racing. if anybody need throttle bodies. You can contact him at Trevor.skankfootracing@gmail.com he also have Instagram; skankfoot_racing. thank you all.
  3. I have a set of rock sliders, front fender armor, and a front bumper with led lights $800 OBO. I ll try to take pics today. near Philadelphia area
  4. Indeed what is for sale exactly? My toolings, my remaining inventory, my list of measurements of lengths, and my supplier list.
  5. Would anybody be interested in purchasing this part from me?
  6. I have decided to sell off my toolings for this. Would anybody be interested in purchasing the throttle body section from me? I'm doing the same with battery cable section.
  7. A 97 NP231 With 23 splines rebuilt by me (78th t case) with a SYE installed. New Morse chain and front output seal. $500. I can ship (I have shipped dozens of t cases via UPS) for additional charge. I’m near Philadelphia region
  8. If you can text pictures to me, I'll post'em up for you.  Happy to help!

  9. Officially closed! if u need cables, check out JeepCables! thank you Comanche Club!
  10. I emailed you about the renix throttle body. I would like to buy one.

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