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  1. MeanLemons


    Yes I am. I speak in ASL.
  2. MeanLemons


    I have an app on my phone. It allow me to call hearing people via interpreting on a video call. Now they can’t see me if I’m talking to my phone in the dark, can they? I usually flip the visor down down and turn the lights on so they can see what I’m saying.
  3. Love your jeeps! Show your love by getting a set of MeanLemons cables! It’s still 15% off!
  4. MeanLemons


    Interesting. Was thinking of getting them for the MJ
  5. MeanLemons


    Did they make lighted mirror sun visors for the mj?
  6. Sorry. Lol. I recommend SFR. (Stinky fab racing)
  7. Let’s do it! 15% discount!
  8. I have 2 4 cylinder throttle bodies that I bored out to 60mm.. (one 91-95 and one 96-04) $125 shipped.
  9. What do ya guys think about me having a tax season sale on this too?
  10. I’m thinking about running a tax season sale. What do you guys think?
  11. If u want to come up here. I have a rear bumper from a s-10. U can have. Remind me to send u pics
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