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  1. I’m slowly hammering all of them out. In between my crazy schedule of having classes 3 nights per week, my son being sick, work, and everything. i have everything bored out and blasted. I just need to assemble them all. i know y’all have been waiting. I wanted to say I appreciate all the patience in the world you have for me. also I wanted to clarify something, from what I have noticed. yes I’m stopping production after January 1, BUT it doesn’t mean I’m leaving... I still own a mj and I would love to buy another one (3rd) in the future. I ain’t going anywhere. This site is valuable and I still rely on this for everything I do in relation to the Comanche’s. again. I want to say thank you all.
  2. This hard work came out great. Good job.
  3. I’m closing shop on January 1 2020. I ll no longer manufacture battery cables or anything else. So if you have been procrastinating on buying a set. Now is time to buy your kit.
  4. Renix 60mm throttle bodies are $140 shipped. That includes the $20 core charge that will be refunded back once I get the old one in my hands. So in the end you only pay $120.
  5. I can tell you for a fact that I haven’t heard of them, or anything at all. some of you may get this pun.... lol kudos if you do.
  6. Pm replied. Thank you sir now as for anyone else who want a throttle body, now might be the time to buy one.
  7. Sound tempting but no thank you sir. I think I will be closing shop after this batch of cores get sold.
  8. Just picked up 5 (possible more later) renix cores. I ll be getting them ready soon. I also have 96+ cores being machined right now.
  9. Who want to trade their single piece for my sliding rear window? I have no foggiest clue of how to remove it or install new one, so let’s come over to my garage and swap them? Lol I'm this close to just smashing it out and installing a plexiglass sheet.
  10. The sale is over. Thank you all for the love!
  11. The sale is over. Prices r back to normal $130 shipped for 4 gauge kits $170 shipped for 2 gauge kits. thank you all for the love!
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