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  1. MeanLemons

    Bored throttle bodies

    Veterans Day special... $130 shipped
  2. MeanLemons

    Renix MJ tank to HO pump adapter

    And 97+ XJs has plastic tanks
  3. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    Veterans Day special! 19 % off email me with CCVeterans in subject line
  4. MeanLemons

    Anybody else have an MJ and and XJ?

    I have a 88 mj, 99 xj and a 98 zj
  5. MeanLemons

    CREE 5x7 Truck-Lite knock-offs $80

  6. MeanLemons

    Comanche Club Apparel

    Ew no. A YJ grille for a ComancheClub shirt? No thanks.
  7. MeanLemons

    U bolts and leaf bolts

    I think I have plenty of u bolts for 8.25. Do u want them?
  8. MeanLemons

    Bored throttle bodies

    I have a 64mm throttle body for a 91-95 XJ/MJ/YJ/ZJ $150 shipped.
  9. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    Sorry I didn’t see this. yes that would be something I can do. Send me a pm with either a text number or an email.
  10. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

  11. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    Received and replied. Thank you!
  12. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    Yes I do.
  13. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    Halloween sale! 20 percent off until midnight. email me at meanlemons@gmail.com with CC20%Halloween in subject line
  14. MeanLemons

    Pugoet Transmission Education

    Another vote for an ax15
  15. MeanLemons

    Scored an AX15

    What about the master cylinder assembly from the 2wd