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  1. MeanLemons

    Memories of Jim

    Which one are you?
  2. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

    You are welcome to make an offer on it.
  3. MeanLemons

    Bought myself something

    Look nice!
  4. MeanLemons

    My Jeep Comanche Story

    Good progress
  5. MeanLemons

    My build

    Well damn. The bench look nice! does it ever come off the trailer though lol
  6. MeanLemons

    4th Generation MJ project

    I ll have to do that one day.... maybe when it finally start leaking. Ha
  7. MeanLemons

    Bucket List

    Good progress! What’s the final color? Black? It look nice.
  8. MeanLemons

    Project buyback

    Nice work on the carpet!
  9. MeanLemons

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Steel arrived this morning. Then I cut them up after work I probably have like 80% of the design finalized in my mind. The final 20% ll wait until I build it up. Also, I still had the original front fenders and the various leafs. Somebody ll come by soon and trade their 97+ manual doors & a tailgate for them. I'm thinking I ll either cut the tailgate up and graft the "JEEP" part on the custom tailgate or mount it on the garage wall, OR make a bench. I'm thinking a bench since I have some stainless steel tubing and bunch of cedar wood...
  10. MeanLemons

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    The bed was picked up today. Tomorrow, bunch of steel will arrive.
  11. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

  12. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

    Well if u want to try a renix 4.0 pump and stuff. Let me know
  13. MeanLemons

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    I do not know the exact name but it is pretty much tan with light brown rug. Or maybe it’s just really dirty. Lol.