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  1. MeanLemons

    Rocker Switches?

    No I’m just saying that he made panels to use Toyota switches, TJ switches etc. however with using our oem panels, I have no idea. Sorry I’m not much help with that
  2. MeanLemons

    Rocker Switches?

  3. MeanLemons

    Random Purchase Offers

    One guy came up to me at a gas station. He asked how much for the truck. I just said it’s more than what you can afford. He stared at me in disbelief. He was dressed nicely in a suit (think white collar) and was driving a bmw. I laughed as I walked away
  4. MeanLemons

    2.5 to 4.0 swap

  5. MeanLemons

    Hard to find Renix parts

    Intake air temp sensors but there’s thread here on using a replacement from a gm vehicle. (I bought one of them along with the pigtail.
  6. I made a pinion toke holder for setting up gears, and bunch of other stuff. I ll have to take pictures next time I see them. about that homemade vise. Genius! I think I ll make one of my own as well
  7. MeanLemons

    And I'm back... Again!

  8. MeanLemons

    More XJ/MJ stuff

    He’s in Colorado. Lol
  9. MeanLemons

    Rear Bumper Weld Nuts Broke

    Yeah pop them off with an air chisel and use tape/wrench.
  10. MeanLemons

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Had my axles regeared and picked up another tailgate. Also loosely assembled the parts on the rear axle just to see how to see how it looks. Seems like I like it. So I’m gonna give it another coat of paint and fully assemble it. gonna need to order wheel bearings/seals, brakes & hardware, and then hard lines.
  11. MeanLemons

    April 2018 ● RYNOMJ's '88

    I knew I recognized some of the terrain.
  12. MeanLemons

    April 2018 ● RYNOMJ's '88

    This is awesome! is that Rausch Creek?
  13. MeanLemons

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    20% discount for the tax season. $104 for 4 gauge sets and $136 for 2 gauge sets.
  14. MeanLemons

    Chrome Plating?

    Try North Penn Plating & Polishing https://www.npplating.com/