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    Yes I am. I speak in ASL.
  2. MeanLemons


    I have an app on my phone. It allow me to call hearing people via interpreting on a video call. Now they can’t see me if I’m talking to my phone in the dark, can they? I usually flip the visor down down and turn the lights on so they can see what I’m saying.
  3. Love your jeeps! Show your love by getting a set of MeanLemons cables! It’s still 15% off!
  4. MeanLemons


    Interesting. Was thinking of getting them for the MJ
  5. MeanLemons


    Did they make lighted mirror sun visors for the mj?
  6. Sorry. Lol. I recommend SFR. (Stinky fab racing)
  7. Let’s do it! 15% discount!
  8. I have 2 4 cylinder throttle bodies that I bored out to 60mm.. (one 91-95 and one 96-04) $125 shipped.
  9. What do ya guys think about me having a tax season sale on this too?
  10. I’m thinking about running a tax season sale. What do you guys think?
  11. If u want to come up here. I have a rear bumper from a s-10. U can have. Remind me to send u pics
  12. Now I have a 88 MJ, 99 XJ, 99 XJ, and a 98 ZJ.
  13. Don’t do it from the grand Cherokee. They came with crappy 42RE. grab the AW4 from cherokees instead
  14. Nice!! What cables kit are you gonna do for the swap?
  15. Treat your Jeep to a set of cables for Valestine’s day! It deserve the attention!
  16. I’m pretty excited... my next baby is due July 13rd so let’s see how things go before We decide to go or not.
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