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    Memories of Jim

    Which one are you?
  2. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

    You are welcome to make an offer on it.
  3. MeanLemons

    Bought myself something

    Look nice!
  4. Howdy y’all. I have a regret I need to get off my chest.... I had been a member here for (I think 2 years? Correct me if I’m wrong). I’m pretty bad with procrastination and I still haven’t started a build thread here. Although I religiously maintained the Comanche build thread over at CherokeeForum. Now it’s gotten to the point that it would be nearly time consuming to duplicate everything over here. https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f88/tale-supermj-230263/ So I ll introduce my CherokeeForum build thread right here, and I will place key details along with pictures here to help catch up. And then I will try my best to update both build threads here and there simultaneously. I believe one of the first reasons why I didn’t start one here in the first place was that the old format didn’t allow me to upload pictures easily. (I don’t own a computer and rely heavily on my phone to do it all). Then one day this fine forum changed its format and allowed mobile users to upload pictures easily. I remember that feeling I had when I saw the new feature. I was so glad but again like I mentioned, procrastination is the devil in me. And I’m also not quite sure on how to name this thread... I’m a Super Moderator over at CherokeeForum and I would be able to edit my own build thread’s title whenever I wanted to, depending on how the progress went by. Obviously I can’t do that here lol. So I’m sure you guys are starting to fidget in the seats wondering where the hell is the pictures of the Comanche and why am I not talking about it yet!?!. So the story is; I got my first Jeep (a 99 Cherokee) in 2012 (a long story behind that not worthy of being spoken here). I lifted it 3” on 31’s shortly afterwards and started doing mods because I enjoy tinkering on it and “fixing stuff that aren’t broken”. I still have it to this day. (It’s the one I mentioned in my signature). I decided I needed a second vehicle so I had a BBQ smoker on a trailer that I built over the years and put it up for sale or trade. I got an offer to trade it for a clean 01 Cherokee with a blown head. I went for it. That was my first foray in the engine repair... I got a TUPY head from the junkyard and replaced it on the 01. Drove it around for few months and decided to sell it. I got a pretty penny for it. I always wanted a 5 speed so I bought a 99 5 speed XJ. And there I was, sinking in the rabbit hole. Multiple XJs later I had a 98 running and driveable purple XJ that needed new engine or at least a rebuild. At that time we were buying a house and I knew I ll need a truck to move, plus bringing home the building material etc for whatever projects. It had to be in the Jeep family and since I stockpiled so many 4.0L parts it made sense to find a Comanche with a 4.0L so I ll always have spare parts on hand. So I was on the hunt for few months looking for a decent Comanche. I wanted a 91-92 at first. Because ya know, @#$% renix and all that. Eventually I came across a CL posting with 2 Comanches for sale in northern New Jersey for $3,000. I threw him an email sarcastically asking if he wanted to trade both for the purple XJ. I really expected to be told away and all that. To my shock he replied and said sure why not. To cut the story short. He had a 88 Pioneer 4.0L 2wd auto and a 91 Eliminator 4.0L 2wd 5 speed. The 91 had no title, he said it was running but missed a starter and a driveshaft. I brought my father in law along with a tow dolly. I drove the xj there, swapped the wheels because I thought his was stupid (stretched 29’s on ridiculously wide rims). I drove the 88 home while the 91 was towed on the dolly. On that drive I was reluctant to admit that it was actually driving pretty good despite its condition... 4 broken leafs out of 8, blown rear shocks, rumbling engine, really bad & howling Dana 35but it drove straight and the aw4 shifted perfectly. A in-depth inspection done at home showed me some serious cancer on the 91 (let me say that I was gonna hope to obtain a title for the 91 and start driving it instead of the 88). The interior was so clean though because it was only 129k miles compared to 88’s 239k miles. There was other stuff that shied me away from the 91. So I decided to verify that the engine was in fact running first, and as soon as I confirmed it indeed was running, I yanked the engine out and traded the 2wd ax15 for a shop hydraulic press. I took some other parts off it and sold the 91 to a guy who promised to fix it up eventually. I did thought about stripping it down and turn into a truck buggy for Rausch Creek but I didn’t have the time for it. I also became a believer in the Renix the longer I worked on the 88. Sooooo..... to cut the story even shorter... the engine in the 88 exploded at precisely 250k miles. And it has been in pieces ever since to this day...... Wow that was a really long first post in the build thread. Lol. Pictures to come!
  5. MeanLemons

    My Jeep Comanche Story

    Good progress
  6. MeanLemons

    My build

    Well damn. The bench look nice! does it ever come off the trailer though lol
  7. MeanLemons

    4th Generation MJ project

    I ll have to do that one day.... maybe when it finally start leaking. Ha
  8. MeanLemons

    Bucket List

    Good progress! What’s the final color? Black? It look nice.
  9. MeanLemons

    Project buyback

    Nice work on the carpet!
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    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Steel arrived this morning. Then I cut them up after work I probably have like 80% of the design finalized in my mind. The final 20% ll wait until I build it up. Also, I still had the original front fenders and the various leafs. Somebody ll come by soon and trade their 97+ manual doors & a tailgate for them. I'm thinking I ll either cut the tailgate up and graft the "JEEP" part on the custom tailgate or mount it on the garage wall, OR make a bench. I'm thinking a bench since I have some stainless steel tubing and bunch of cedar wood...
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    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    The bed was picked up today. Tomorrow, bunch of steel will arrive.
  12. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

  13. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

    Well if u want to try a renix 4.0 pump and stuff. Let me know
  14. MeanLemons

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    I do not know the exact name but it is pretty much tan with light brown rug. Or maybe it’s just really dirty. Lol.
  15. MeanLemons

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Put the door temporarily just to see what it looks like.
  16. MeanLemons

    Budget Wheeler - 87' MJ

    Don’t forget to upgrade your cables when you go with a bigger alternator.
  17. MeanLemons

    2.5l power steering

    I have a renix 4.0L pump, reservoir and hoses I pulled off my 88.
  18. MeanLemons

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Before I can put the doors on, I have to repair the cracked welds on the hinges... So I outlined where the paint need to be removed and then proceed to remove the paint with a disc sander. I ll prob burn them in tomorrow. I ll do the door-less mod at the same time as well. Just gotta google up how to do it. Also on the header panel. There's 3 tiny hair line cracks on the top. Any ideas how I can repair them?
  19. MeanLemons

    The [poor] little guy

    Still keeping it 4 cylinder?
  20. MeanLemons

    Budget Wheeler - 87' MJ

    Good start to the project!
  21. No I can’t haha
  22. Or put skimpy bikini and boots on the Jeep and it’s a HO