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  1. Father’s Day sale! 16% off the battery cables. Email me at meanlemons@gmail.com with FD16Cables, in the subject field
  2. Last night of the sale!
  3. Alright guys. if you are buying a set of cables from me over the weekend. It’s 15% off. if you are buying a set of cables in addition to one of my throttle bodies, it ll be 20% off. and like I mentioned. I will be including a surprise in the packages. To do this simply send me an email to meanlemons@gmail.com with MLmemorialweekend in the subject line
  4. Bought over 20 sets from JHC as well. He’s a good and reputable seller.
  5. I ll run a memorial weekend sale soon. Probably $30 off. I might include a surprise.
  6. Well I do also make 60mm throttle bodies too.
  7. I’m not quite sure if I can make it there. My wife is due to give birth on July 15th, so that’s cutting it pretty close. I have 4 renix cores that I’m gonna work on soon. I can send that one out.
  8. Push it to the grassy area. Then if the tow truck do some damage, it’s easily fixed.
  9. Pull both axles. Tow truck can winch it up the flat bed easily. May just scratch the driveway though.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Jeep look good. Perfect for your country!
  11. Jeep look good.
  12. Summer is coming. Don’t procrastinate on upgrading your cables!
  13. Thank u sir for the mention. Truly appreciate it.
  14. Oh boy here we go again
  15. Will have a couple of renix bodies ready this week. Who want one? well I ll also have 91-95 bodies ready too. Who want them too? Lol there ll be a discount if you want to buy 2 or more 15% for two 20% for three 25% for four or more. Same applies to purchasing a throttle body and a set of cables.
  16. I got couple boxes full of them
  17. Tonight is the last night for the sale.... get your orders in!
  18. The sale will end on May the first, at midnight.
  19. Still 15% off! send me an email with a pic of your MJ, with a description of your plans, what you had done, how you got it, etc. for 20 percent off instead!
  20. Stock intake size is 62mm i wouldn’t recommend 64 for a stock motor, just better suited on a stroker
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