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  1. I have a nearly complete setup (Minus switch and cable) if youre interested
  2. RustyRodder

    Brush Guard

    Looking for a brush guard/bull bar made for XJ/MJs. Not the newer Aries style. Located in NY, but would pay for shipping.
  3. Dang thats cool... Wish somebody would repro them
  4. Jeremy, Glad that you are allright and pulling through recovery. I was just thinking of you earlier looking up info on your site. A friend of mine also had seizures and went through a similar ordeal- she was able to drive after 3 months, and now has no residual effects. Keep stayin positive!
  5. I would be interested in Trans/Driving lights, and then one that would show foglights/rear facing lights.
  6. Had a bench- was broken down, ripped, needed restoration. Cheapest quote was 450 bucks... So, now I have buckets. I would love a Dakota bench, but couldnt find one.
  7. I wouldnt mind a spare either... I had one- gave my bodyman the nicer of the two to refinish. He tossed the old one in the trash.
  8. Sounds like you got some good scores!! The yard I went to down there had an MJ sitting around for a while (bed long gone though, along with everything else good). Where abouts in the area is this one? I'm headed down next month, wouldnt mind another yard to check out!
  9. I painted mine 92 sand beige and love it. but out of your choices, red
  10. Is it better to PM or Email you?
  11. Likewise, my 88 windshield came out, 98 windshield/trim went in.
  12. I have a set of remote spotlights from a boat- I like them. 70* up/down and 380* around.
  13. I take it you just stitch weld around the plate on the Crok? Or is it straight bolt on (which I can't imagine makes a difference?) Luckily This truck is never getting anything bigger than 31's so there isnt a ton of stress.
  14. Is the CRok better than the Rustys one I was going to pick up? I only bring up cutting because they use that as an option in the instructions.
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