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  1. I am not that worried about it. Btw- I hae a couple extra radios. Any interest?
  2. All good! I passed up a chance at a 454 powered 1973 S3 once. Regrets there. 71 was a bit of the 'true' SS, since you could still get the 402 and LS5. Early literature listed the LS6 and LS7, but they ended up being over the counter dealer instaled engines. You also had the Heavy Chevy in 1971, which was a cool one. Stick some ATF or MMO in the cylinders, let it sit for a few days. Then crank it over by hand a few times. Do you have a drill that you can prime the oil system with? If you do, great. If not, it can be risky. A friend didnt prime the system, but had no pro
  3. Very nice!!! My dad and I have a 69 SS. Make sure you are checking your data to the right year- thats a 71 model, unless the grill/header/parking lights have been changed
  4. Kusty- is it possible to adapt the brackets to bolt in the newer zj/wj/tj style seats?
  5. I actually really like this, and so does the gf. She has a 2018 JLU now, and wanted a Gladiator; Now, she may be looking into the Bronco when her lease is up next June, unless Jeep gives her a good deal to stay. The Bronco has most features she options standard, and fits all our needs (Minus towing ability vs JT). Coming down to mpg and lease offers (One ford dealer is already offering 1k under invoice for purchase).
  6. Looking for tow hook brackets/hardware for my MJ.
  7. jeremy, How do we get added to the way end of the list? the 'contact us' page on your site?
  8. Woo! Good to have you back Can't wait to get on the list, I have 3 of these laying around now, plus an AMC-era
  9. So would this one not work on my standard (no hook) front? I can't remember what it looks like under the bumper since reassembly.
  10. Interested in the AMC Guard. Can you check the weight so I can get an accurate UPS Quote? Looks like around 170 to ship based on those dimensions (fine by me), but estimating weight based on the aries guard.
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