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  1. RustyRodder

    2 gauge clusters, switch panel. NY.

    Bump, still have these
  2. RustyRodder

    2 gauge clusters, switch panel. NY.

    Selling my 2 extra gauge clusters. Both are renix-era models. Idiot cluster-. 25 shipped. 3/4 cluster- 55 shipped. Clock panel switches. Good shape, some scratches from removing my switches. 20 shipped.
  3. RustyRodder

    Newest little project MGB

    Very cool. Just curious- How much you think itll go for?
  4. RustyRodder

    Another feeler!

    Oh, I know- I am trying to build my jeep like it would have been done new. So the clunky factory winch setup would be perfect. Plus I have an REP8000 in my barn attic
  5. RustyRodder

    Another feeler!

    man, I would love a hidden winch setup...
  6. Is this only for HO/late model swaps, or would it work for a Renix? rewiring the connector makes it seem so easy.
  7. RustyRodder

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    That color looks really familiar. On mine, today I cleaned the C101, relays, IAC, adjusted the TPS & TV cable. And checked grounds/alternator. Alternator is dying, yay.
  8. RustyRodder

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I installed my factory rollbar, remote spotlights, repaired the front/rear foglight wiring. Found that I have low voltage. And got stuck in the wet field, since 2wd comanches lack any traction uphill in the mud...
  9. Pretty sure I stole a few parts off that one in January
  10. RustyRodder

    BIG parts sale from Deep Gap, UPDATE

    Any factory rear bumpers, Comanche badges, 4.0 badge, decent carpet (longshot there), oe radios?
  11. RustyRodder

    Scavenger hunt! this month: guess my baby's stats!

    84.7 lbs
  12. RustyRodder

    reproduction seat brackets and roll bar brackets!

    Woo!! Now to find a walkthough on installing the factory rollybar
  13. RustyRodder

    Your opinion on Hella 500s

    I enjoy my rectangular ones too. Even if they are a bit large.
  14. RustyRodder

    Dana 44?!

    Very nice!! My friend went bought brake rebuild kits, gaskets, etc for a dana 35. Had it partway apart before he realized... it was a 44. I found it funny, since my D35-equipped truck was on the lift next to his.
  15. RustyRodder

    The Joys of Comanche Shopping

    Wasn't meant to be, youl find one. I looked at 5 or 6 different ones, nearly pulled the trigger one a crap one twice. Tried to buy the one that I ended up with twice before it went through- it happens when you get the right one.