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  1. I will check the wires- I keep the truck at my parents, so its not right outside sadly. But since it starts, I would guess yes to the CPS bypass.
  2. as far as I know, no. Should note, truck starts and runs fine (or as fine as a renix does)
  3. Working on replacing rotted loom and tidying up, i found these 2 wires off the C101. Are they supposed to connect somewhere? I couldnt find another end. But apparently this section also holds my electrical short, so theres that.
  4. Looks good! but is that a SWB bar? looks like it sits pretty far back!
  5. I stand by a Honda- My go-to is an Accord. They don't give up much mpg over a civic, but way more room, comfort, and features. Mine with snow tires never had a problem with upstate NY winters. Currently have a 2014, before that was a 2003, and before that a 94. love the 2014- 280hp and I get 36 on the highway. Otherwise, a CR-V wouldnt be a bad choice. Passport is also good, but its the same as a Isuzu Rodeo- and the 98-02 models had a massive recall due to rust issues underneath.
  6. Maybe, but no other ones are my first car!
  7. Been working on my first car. I forgot how much i like it. My ex was surprised when I told her the jeep would go before it.
  8. I have my open cooling 85% done, but I can't drive the Jeep indefinitely due to the bigass crack in the frame by the steering box How did that happenw ith stock tires??
  9. Started my open cooling setup- truck wasnt going over 160 unless sitting, then it goes up to 175 and stabilizes/declines. Expected a stuck open thermostat, but nope (maybe its a 160).
  10. Looking for a XJ/MJ Bull bar (push bar). Not the full width bar, the one that does the grill area only.
  11. 1JTMG64P3JT216284 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer (Image to be added) 4.0 / AW4 / D35 2wd model / 3.55 gears / SWB Build date: Unknown, Sticker missing when purchased Current Location: Albany, NY (Original puchase 1988 in Atlanta, GA) Status: Running, Driving on road. Notes: Factory Column Shift/Bench seat[vinyl], AC, Rear slider. Originally Colorado Red w/Grey interior & silver/black pioneer stripes. Now 1992 Sand Beige Metallic w/red striping, grey bucket seat interior. Added Factory Roll Bar. Current owner: Me
  12. Id love that guard... even if its a weld-it-yourself kit
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