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  1. This is our cheap Jeep! it cost 6500. The transmission (which could have been replaced with a perfectly fine AX15 for under 500) cost us 2500! Lucky, we are getting a free suspension and tire upgrade! Total cost:9k. What a cheap Jeep!
  2. Finally did the wiper bushings, and ran the REM wire into the cab. Then found that I have a coolant leak that goes onto the evap canister, and for some reason it really doesnt go over 165 when driving. Wonder if the CTS is bad.
  3. Drove to Boston yesterday to sell some seats from my Mustang. Stopped at a U-pull-it on the way back. Ended up with a few new parts. Fan shroud, RX-173 radio, HO airbox lid, and some nearly new 97+ heater hoses. I don't think horrible for 30 bucks. But I realized once I got home that I missed the metal tube for one of the heater hoses. Crap. I was a bit annoyed- they said they had a 89 4.0 and a 95 2-door, both of which were missing. Was hoping for a set of seats. Ill be stopping back to get the other heater tube next time I am there, and not sure what else
  4. From what I have researched, it does
  5. I am hoping for a BIG box set. But it won't come out until at least November, since Spiderman Far From Home is the end of Phase 3.
  6. I saw it Thursday and Friday last week- hoping to see it again this weekend. Was a great film to me as well! I really hope that this one gets a lot of special features or a directors cut.
  7. I will check them- Is there any way to get at them without taking off the heat shield? I did find 2 of the top exhaust bolts loosish a couple weeks ago. And I have, but I will double check it again. Wouldnt be the first time I missed something.
  8. Sorry for the delay- Truck is stored at my parents. ST/LT fuel trim both reset to 128 when the key is off. Here are some pictures off the REM: Key off, before any start: Post-Start, these were the numbers: the short term increased once it hit closed loop, starting in the 200-range, and dropping as the temp rose. It was crap weather, so I didnt get to drive it and see how long term was effected. O2 heater was sitting around 12.4V, and O2 voltage was fluctuating between 1.4 and 2.9v. TPS sat at 17 the whole time idling. Engine vacuum between 17-20. Also noticed its been taking 8-10 seconds to fire up. Tried to test the CPS, but for some reason my cheap hobo freight multimeter won't read the voltage. Could this be a CPS issue?
  9. Well then... Dang. One connection has a small leak, but not that big. Hoping that the open cooling conversion will fix it, but thats a pipe dream. Funny, I got this down by you in Marietta, and it spent a while at a friends auto shop there. Never had the coolant issue, high idle, or failing pump there!
  10. Did one of those chunks get into the passage to the pressure sender, giving you a false reading? If it were mine, I might still throw a pump at it and try it- Whats to lose?
  11. Sounds similar to my engine- Made about 5lbs of oil pressure at best, old pump spun and looked fine. but was just bad. As for the crud, my guess would be RTV. If the engine has been opened, maybe little bits of extra broke off and just floated around.
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