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  1. Could be a non-rusty one; but otherwise, I agree with Darren. I passed on 3 MJ's in Georgia because of rust. Ended up with a solid one for 900.
  2. Looks great! What is that cover behind the battery? Makes the engine bay way cleaner!
  3. Location? Basics- RUST. Bring a magnet. Check the rockers, cab corners, above the rear wheelwells, bottom of the bed. If you can, pull back the carpet a bit and check there. If not, bang the floor from the bottom with a hammer (Worked with my Crown vic search!). Thats a renix. how does it look under the hood? vacuum lines seem neat, or strewn about? cracks? Idling issues, running rich? Wiring taken care of? That era can be a bit tricky, but thanks to Cruiser and NickinTime's REM they are a lot easier. How does it shift, and does it go into 4wd, etc all basics. Checking the frame, etc. Some parts are hard to get- rear bumpers, taillights, tailgate/asociated hardware are near unobtanium. Make sure they are good, or plan accordingly! As for electrical issues, I know that they have grounding issues that can cause problems. Could be as easi as that- or could be shorts in the harness.
  4. Just remembered too- TJ's also use that seat pattern. So with the right bracket, we could use late-XJ, WJ, ZJ, and TJ seats. Not sure about WK or Liberty
  5. the seat itself, yes. but my understanding is that 97+ xj, zj, and wj all share the seat mount to rail design. The only hiccup is wiring in power, which isnt all that bad really.
  6. I would definately be in for a set of those- the Comanche seats don't hold a candle to a set of WJ's
  7. If I am looking at 50k+ to get a sport S with android auto, base tow package and a hardtop, I'll go for a Colorado or Ranger which has all that and more (Just optioned one similar to 41k). For that price difference, it would count out the Jeep.
  8. Interesting. I am hoping for a decently optioned one to be around 40k, but we will see. Once it goes above that, I can't help but wonder why not go F150, Colorado, or Tacoma. I would guess 70-80k is in the cards with all mopar factory aftermarket- gotta get those fancier wheels, factory 35s, winch, bumpers, dual tops, cap, etc. I would guess a loaded rubicon- before the catalog accessories- will be north of 60k, since a JL with every option is hitting 61 already.
  9. The Gladiator is on my shortlist of cars to replace my Honda- but it all depends on price. I know I am not going to pay 50k for a barely above base model, but considering Jeep isnt talking the price yet, I am sure it will be the case.
  10. That interior looks great- odd that it has buckets, but not a full console! Headliner will have to be custom since it has the sunroof
  11. I don't think VT requires titles on things older than 75. Even then, vermont is stupid easy to title ANYTHING in. They don't even care if you live in the state- I know somebody in Hawaii that titled/registered their enduro through VT because it was easier. Legal? ehhhh
  12. RustyRodder


    E-bay, facebook groups, craigslist and ask if they ship. Interior paint for the hard panels- if you clean well and its quality product, it will work
  13. https://albany.craigslist.org/cto/d/pattersonville-1987-jeep-comanche-sport/6838328444.html Red one and a parts truck- Id love that topper.
  14. What about the brackets from those MJ buckets?
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