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  1. I would definately be in for a set of those- the Comanche seats don't hold a candle to a set of WJ's
  2. If I am looking at 50k+ to get a sport S with android auto, base tow package and a hardtop, I'll go for a Colorado or Ranger which has all that and more (Just optioned one similar to 41k). For that price difference, it would count out the Jeep.
  3. Interesting. I am hoping for a decently optioned one to be around 40k, but we will see. Once it goes above that, I can't help but wonder why not go F150, Colorado, or Tacoma. I would guess 70-80k is in the cards with all mopar factory aftermarket- gotta get those fancier wheels, factory 35s, winch, bumpers, dual tops, cap, etc. I would guess a loaded rubicon- before the catalog accessories- will be north of 60k, since a JL with every option is hitting 61 already.
  4. The Gladiator is on my shortlist of cars to replace my Honda- but it all depends on price. I know I am not going to pay 50k for a barely above base model, but considering Jeep isnt talking the price yet, I am sure it will be the case.
  5. That interior looks great- odd that it has buckets, but not a full console! Headliner will have to be custom since it has the sunroof
  6. I don't think VT requires titles on things older than 75. Even then, vermont is stupid easy to title ANYTHING in. They don't even care if you live in the state- I know somebody in Hawaii that titled/registered their enduro through VT because it was easier. Legal? ehhhh
  7. RustyRodder


    E-bay, facebook groups, craigslist and ask if they ship. Interior paint for the hard panels- if you clean well and its quality product, it will work
  8. https://albany.craigslist.org/cto/d/pattersonville-1987-jeep-comanche-sport/6838328444.html Red one and a parts truck- Id love that topper.
  9. What about the brackets from those MJ buckets?
  10. Thanks! I've been building this to look as though it was done in 1992- Otherwise I would have done a lot more modern upgrades. As is, I want to replace the aftermarket headunit with the RX171 I have on a shelf (after I send it to Minuit, anyway). Thank you- I know its not a lifted/4x4/monster truck, but where I am in NY there isnt a lot of use for that. Although theres a 4x4 mj sitting behind a local shop that would be great for that... I may have picked one up a couple weeks ago Long list of To-Do's for this year! For all my cars- Mustang is getting a stick, Chevelle needs shifter work and post-restoration cleanup, and this needs a lot. How hard are the tanks to drop? skid plate, 2 bolts on the straps, and down it comes?
  11. Nope, at least not for the 4.0. Not sure about the 2.5's
  12. For seat brackets- any thoughts on making some that will bolt to the stock floor, but take the newer style seats? (narrow rail)
  13. Yup. If anyone has a pair, let me know! No yards in new york have anything older than the late-90s.
  14. From what I see, the earlier boxy ones (80s-early 90s?). I would guess other GM wagons would have similar lights This style:
  15. Looking for a pair of blazer B-pillar lights from a late80s S10 blazer. This style:
  16. Any suggestions on a new source of replacement lights? I'm having trouble finding any (and no older S10s in the NE scrapyards)
  17. Considering my paintjob, this made me laugh!
  18. A bit less work when september hit and I went back to work. First, the alternator died- the replacement had a warped case so it got reswapped. I readjusted the TV cable, and found a couple leaks- the timing cover oil pan bolts were stripped. So installed slightly longer ones. Leak was still there, but didnt seem to be oil pan? Plus it would end up way forward of the pan. I think its the trans cooler lines, those are next on the docket. Also when I used the heat, I found a coolant leak. And an empty coolant bottle (but no overheating on the gauge or symptoms). Open cooling time! And bye bye heat valve. Halloween was fun. Looking at these pictures now that the girl who was with me is an X... not as fun. And away for winter, since I don't want to do rust repairs. So to-do for the spring before driving much, I (would like) to: -Open cooling system -Heater valve delete -HO valve cover with improved CCV system -Rebuild the vacuum tree, since it looks like I can redo it as solid hoses and do away with the plastic bits -MAP line (runs rich, I got 150miles in a tank) -pull the sending unit to reinstall ground to I have a gas gauge -Trans lines
  19. On theupshot, switch the sides the headlights are on and now you have a stoned Jeep.
  20. Agreed- I would think a 2-3" lift with 33's would be fine for a daily if you really wanted a boost.
  21. What are you looking for tradewise? I'm interested in the ECM, MAP & TPS sensors
  22. Why a 6" lift and 35's if it will never see a trail?
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