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  1. I have the same problem. but I'm missing both (boxes) relays. Anyone know what the other is for?
  2. He mentioned that reverse was installed wrong. And he mentioned something about the forks but I’m not familiar with transmission parts besides bearings and synchronizers.
  3. I just meant to say I can’t trust the wiring in my truck because it’s a real mess. But I just got my truck back from my transmission guy. Problem has been fixed. He pretty much said that reverse wasn’t installed right and fixed it. Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon with raining days here in L.A, I’m pleased with the time he took to fix it. Now I can move on To the next project.
  4. I had read something about that but unfortunately i can use them are reference since they are buggy. I only have highbeams on and my break brake lights don't work. that the next project after this transmission issue gets fixed.
  5. thanks for the advice.i will try to shift without lever. I just want to make sure i know if its clutch or transmission, since i installed clutch and he rebuilt transmission.
  6. It moves but there is a slight difference when moving to reverse. I feel the other gears move in with a little resistance in between. Reverse does not feel that way.
  7. i just had my ax15 transmission rebuilt and I changed the flywheel, clutch and and slave cylinder. After i put it all back together, my reverse gear does not engage. I have driven the truck and have been able to change all 5 gears, but reverse does not work. The original problem was that i would hear a grind if i didnt have the right speed during 3rd and 4th gear. That problem is fixed but i can't go in reverse. Has anyone else had this issue? or no what might be causing this?
  8. Ochoa88


    Thank you for the information. very helpful. I would of never guessed bench seat but it does look like it has gone through many modifications
  9. Ochoa88


    Year, Make, Model. 1991 jeep comanche 4.0L Inline6 4WD Build date: NA Current Location: LOS ANGELES CA Status: Is it still on the road, Notes: Current owner: Me
  10. Will do thank you. I hope you don't mind if i steal your GIF makes. I'm thinking of using it to replace the text message "On my way!"
  11. i think i have seen this posted somewhere but i can find it. How can i know which model of comanche i have. The inside is completely stripped. The outside has been completely painted and does not have any emblems. Its a 1991, inline 6, 4WD, has bucket seats with e-break in between. If there is other information anyone needs to help me figure out the model, please let me know.
  12. if you can give me a good a large image that doesn't pixle so much I can put it on a sweater and see what you think.
  13. I think your icon pic would make a great logo for a club shirt.
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