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    Thank you for the information. very helpful. I would of never guessed bench seat but it does look like it has gone through many modifications
  2. Ochoa88


    Year, Make, Model. 1991 jeep comanche 4.0L Inline6 4WD Build date: NA Current Location: LOS ANGELES CA Status: Is it still on the road, Notes: Current owner: Me
  3. Will do thank you. I hope you don't mind if i steal your GIF makes. I'm thinking of using it to replace the text message "On my way!"
  4. i think i have seen this posted somewhere but i can find it. How can i know which model of comanche i have. The inside is completely stripped. The outside has been completely painted and does not have any emblems. Its a 1991, inline 6, 4WD, has bucket seats with e-break in between. If there is other information anyone needs to help me figure out the model, please let me know.
  5. if you can give me a good a large image that doesn't pixle so much I can put it on a sweater and see what you think.
  6. I think your icon pic would make a great logo for a club shirt.
  7. Great tips. I really appreciate this.
  8. What are the best years of the Cherokee models are best aligned to the 91 Comanche for spare parts for engine and cabin?
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