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  1. Wonder how it steers when you hit bumps with those front shackles?
  2. Put a 4 cylinder coolant bottle in my truck. Wasn't to hard, just had to relocate a couple of items and extend some wires. Looks a lot better then the cheap aftermarket one I had over by where the pressure bottle normally goes. A thanks to eaglescout526 for getting me the parts.
  3. Looking at your picture closer, it looks like part of the antenna is below the fender.
  4. Could be getting reflection from your cage. Looks like a bottom loaded antenna. Best place is middle of your roof. I am no radio expert, just my opinion.
  5. At least it happened in the paint prep area.
  6. To me he has the wrong gears for 35's. 4.88 or 5.18 would be better off-road. Then the Dana 35 issue also.
  7. When I removed my flares, I got very lucky and only one stud broke off. Most of the nuts came off pretty hard. After I had them off I chased all the threads on the studs and nuts with a tap and die. Then I replaced the broken stud. Putting back together went smooth.
  8. Replaced my inner front fender liners. Thanks to eaglescout526 for finding and getting me the new liners. My old ones just pretty much fell apart when I removed them.
  9. Where did you get the fender liners from, and how well did they fit? I need to do mine. Thanks
  10. I would sell mine for $20,000. Then buy another one.
  11. I had the same issue in my XJ. Dirty connector, had to do the unplug, plug about every 6 months. Finally just jumpered around the connector and never had the issue again. I left the connectors connected and just spliced wires around them, in case I ever had to replace the CPS.
  12. It's different. I think the front bumper sits to low. The piece above the bumper should be the bumper.
  13. I would like to meet you in Phoenix with Eaglescout526 and Pirate_Staz
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