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  1. I appreciate the heads up. I can imagine how easily they are torn. I just fired it up, and no leak. Took it for a drive and still no leak. 55 degrees today vs ~30 degrees the other day when it leaked. That was the coldest start up it's had in a long time. I can see a spot on the side of the injector. It looks like a wet spot in the photo, but it's totally dry. I have to wonder if the cold day leak was at one of the seams in the side of the body, and that spot was "washed" by the fuel. Leaning toward getting a set of 4 hole injectors and be done w
  2. Thanks! That confirms the body can leak. Thanks for the feedback. I would not have known to use any grease. Is any other type of grease OK to use? (never used any for engine building) Thanks!
  3. I smelled gas during my last ride, and popped the hood to find a fuel leak at the front injector. I could see some fuel between the injector body and the opening in the intake, but the fact so much of the injector was wet makes me question where the leak really is. It was a cold day and I noticed upon restart it did not get wet again. That made me think it was the o-ring. With the age of the truck, I am wondering even it if it just an o-ring, should I upgrade to new injectors. It would be wise to replace all 6 o-rings, so while I am that far into it, go all the w
  4. I have not re-installed my cab vents yet, but here they are. I am tempted to glue a little stick across the three tabs to ensure the flaps don't come off like the factory ones did. The rubber sheets are 1/16" thick or ~1.6 mm thick. I happened to have one survivor stock flap, and it measured 0.5 mm thick. I definitely wish this new rubber was a bit thinner. I used a 3/32" punch to make the holes.
  5. Thank you for the rubber tip and the removal advice!
  6. I was one that followed the advice of "pull your carpet." I used your baby powder trick many years ago when I tackled leaks coming in all over. I even sprinkled it on the firewall engine side to see where the water ran. The first time I took it to the dealer, I got a call, "DID YOU HAVE AN ENGINE FIRE? It looks like fire extinguisher residue behind the engine!" Naw, that's just baby powder. ROTFL I hope if it's the windshield, I don't have bad rust in that spot.
  7. Thanks! Definitely makes these "labors of love.'"
  8. @SatiricalHen Exactly what material did you use to replace the rubber pieces? What is the best approach for pulling those plastic pieces from the cab? Does one end/side pop out easier? Mine don't want to budge, and I don't want to crack them them.
  9. @ghetdjc320 I am chasing leaks again. If you can post that photo, it will be a big help! Is it common for Comanches to leak at the base of the windshield? Water comes in somewhere along the front passenger firewall. I am not sure how close it is to the corner vs directly in front of where feet go.
  10. I will move these posts and photos into a Project thread soon. At least I got the mini history pecked out!
  11. It then sat in a driveway and slowly faded and the paint just got thinner and thinner. The roof started rusting, and the hood was not far behind. In 2019, I managed to squeeze it into my shop that had always only held one car. At least it was out of the weather when not driven. Then in March 2020 I had to move it back outside, and the rust was bothering me. I asked a friend to quote repainting the tops and feathering clear down the sides. I then asked, "And what if you paint the whole truck?" The price was right, so it was repainted. First guy assigned to it had put a few runs in the p
  12. The way it looked for a few years after fresh waxing had been applied... Had my 93 ZJ wheels on it while the 10 spoke turbines looked quite nice on the 93 ZJ. (photos from Sept-2010)
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