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  1. What did you grind down and where did you put the silicone?
  2. Sadness....had some rain this past week and there is still a leak. Nothing like it was but there was about a pint of water on the passenger side. I see where it's entering the engine compartment and running down the firewall to the inset where the blower motor is. I'm thinking of using silicone caulk to make something like a roof gutter to divert the water away from that blower motor opening.
  3. I removed the ground wire and they now work just like they're supposed to. I had to make the opening in the B column a little bigger so they'd fit. I haven't had light in the cab in 3 years. Thank you all for your help.
  4. OK. No matter what position the lens was in and when both doors were closed, the lights were on. I swapped the ground and switch wires back and forth and still the light stayed on. No matter what I did, the lights stayed on.
  5. I had it in the center position with the switch turned all the way to the right and the light stayed on. I flipped the dome light down. No changed. Flipped the dome light up and no change. Nothing broke the power to the dome light. I had to pull the fuse.
  6. Mine does pop out when the door is open. I'll try taking it out and cleaning it or something.
  7. Well crap. I don't even know where to begin on that.
  8. Turned it all the way to the right and switched the yellow and black wire. Still stays on even with door closed. Switched the black and yellow back to their original position per the schematic that came with the lights and still stays on even with doors closed. I also moved the lens up and down and that didn't change anything either.
  9. I'm not sure which position is the dim position now
  10. So, I hooked the lights up according to those instructions and the dome lights won't turn off even when I flip the lens up and down. I had to take the fuse out. Suggestions?
  11. I installed the gasket 2 days ago. We've had 2 days of pretty hard rain and so far, no leak.
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