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  1. My truck has one rust hole thankfully it’s not huge I say around 3-4 inches how do you guys recommend this to be fixed ?
  2. Looks like yes it is I wonder if I fill in the gap with silicone if that makes it stiffer and better
  3. Is the cross member bracket suppose to have the gap between the metal and rubber ?
  4. Ok made it this far almost done putting it back together just trying to figure out how to put the front band back in correctly
  5. Got my rebuild kit today Should I open up the valve body to see if there’s any rubber o-rings to change ??
  6. Ok sounds like a plan well see how it fits around the gears when I put it all back together
  7. So you think it’s tighten to 41 inch pounds then loosen it 7 turns then the band is gonna be real loose and wobbly
  8. so for the front band tighten 72 inch pounds then turn back 2.5 turns what about the rear band the two stars next to the 7 is what confuses me why are they there ?
  9. Does anyone understand what the band adjustments specs mean ? I’m trying to figure out how to correctly tighten my front and rear band
  10. Also good new I got the broken piece out How do you know if your torque converter is good ?
  11. Ok sounds good I will run new rubber lines and see what metal fitting I can get to fit in the holes
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