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  1. Interesting, um not quite sure, ah never mind they are gone now anyway. Sitting on Mastercrafts now.
  2. Anyone have a 92, 93, 94 or 95 xj wiring diagram? I need the pin in/outs for the ECU, maybe I can use a later version ECU and rewire the MJ.
  3. The physical differences are insurmountable. The 231 is gear driven, the 241OR is electronic i.e. no moving parts.
  4. Digging around more, the 231 uses a reed switch, the 241 is "VSS" so yea the dakota digital looks like the answer. The 91 is a weird one off screwball. The reed switch setup was only used in 91s and early 92s. It is a 2 wire setup, the ECU supplies 5V to the reed switch, the "return" wire goes to sensor ground. The reed switch makes/breaks this circuit, which the ECU and Speedo in turn interpret as the speed the vehicle is moving. The 241OR has a hall effect sensor for speed, 3 wires, 5V + ground and a three notches in the output shaft of the transfer case results in a signal being delivered to the third wire which returns to the ECU and speedo. In other words its a 3 wire system with a ground plus out an back legs. The 91MJ is wired for a out only (power to the speedo is split off at the G7 splice). No amount of tweaking the signal post hall effect is going to have any effect on the speedo/ECU as they are looking at the constant 5V on the up side of the sensor. I think I can make the speedo work but not supply any info back to the ECU. Of course that will result in a check engine light (its the map sensor telling the ECU the engine is under a load without a speed input) and stalling at stop lights. I am thinking about making a disc to press onto the transfer case output yoke (there is room), three magnets attached to the disc and a reed switch. I should have in signal for the ECU and speedo. Thoughts? Ideas?
  5. Digging around more, the 231 uses a reed switch, the 241 is "VSS" so yea the dakota digital looks like the answer.
  6. 2x2 1/4 wall square, 1.75 DOM (can't rem gage) round, the three tubes are welded to the frame, the plates are clamped to the pinch seam. They are super solid and get used. And how they are used.
  7. Thanks for the response, it's what I was afraid of. The 91s are a bastard year, there is still a gear drive between the reed switch and the 231 tcase output shaft. I had to change gears to get the speed right after installing the 4.56 gears. In the later models there is no gear drive, just a reed switch, no way for them to physically interchange. I'm going to have to figure out the wiring... I have a year before emissions are due. :yes:
  8. Jeeps, it's always something :doh: Recently I installed a 241 transfer case out of a 2004 TJ Rubicon into the MJ. The speedo connector being different than the 1991 version of the 231, I didn't bother with it. I have an old/small garmin just perfect for use as a speedometer. Now I am getting a check engine light while driving, it goes out after a restart but always comes back after a short driving distance. Can't remember offhand but seems like it is still triggering the "shift" light. Can the computer be throwing the light because it's not seeing a speedo imput (the 91 speedo is electric)??????
  9. I was out there with mine too.. I got chased down by those same guys at the jeep booth to answer questions about a jeep truck... They where not from jeep. They where a separate group doing research. Yea there was that group in the "white tent". The guys we talked to were not part of that group.
  10. Forgot, pulled a bunch of OT earlier this year, it's now sporting ARBs in both diffs. Now what to do with the slightly used dana 30 spartan? I have an urge to yank the bed and go tube. Wife is on the fence with this idea, she seems to think it's her Jeep. :laughin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afHNB_J40sE
  11. It been a while, I built up some sliders, 2x2 1/4 wall square and 1.75 dom .120 wall. Welded and clamped them on, added Napier flares and removed the trim moulding. This is what it looks like now, turtled on a rock :doh: Loving the sliders.
  12. There were quite a few MJs at Moab this year. We saw 4 at BFE in one day, at the vendor show the Zone MJ was on display and in another booth, a beautiful blue MJ out of california. We had a couple of Jeep corporate guys chase us down and ask a ton of questions. One alluded to the possibility of an MJ concept, that would be sweet. BTW: I would give up my MJ for that powder blue chief concept, that is one sweet ride.
  13. This was at Moab last year, I likey :yes:
  14. Pick a place and a time, I'm in for whatever. Colorado in August would be awesome. I will be at Moab EJS for the whole week+
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