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Found 2 results

  1. So about a week ago my trucks pcv line popped out and got burnt on the manifold. Sigh, but I jerryrigged it together and its held up exceptionally well, until now (I think) So I turned out onto the road and the truck stays in first, cuts my throttle and starts backfiring like crazy, like I had 2 step or something. I quickly pulled off, and turned off the truck. After turning it back on it had no problems, until I got to a stop light, where it just died. I turned it back on and tried to limp it back to school (I was on lunch) and it wanted to die every single stop, it got to the point where I put it in neutral and looked like a dummy revving my truck at a light to keep it on. Well after I made it back, I turned it off, and quickly inspected it. My PCV is still good, everything looks A-OK. I turned it on and it didnt try to die even in gear. I had to go to class which is were I'm at now and I'm at a loss for ideas.
  2. Please Help, I have a 91 MJ 4L HO with engine electrical issues. I will break it down for ease of ruling stuff out. Engine ran okay when purchased 2 months ago went to restore/build up on it. Tuned up engine New plugs (not platinum, standard plugs) New Wires New Fuel filter New Cap New Rotor Cut Cat Conv out, new 2 and 3/4"exhaust and muffler (not from jeep), Disconnected battery when I welded on new pipes to existing. Engine now idles fine but when put under load (in gear) backfires through throttle body, pukes oil/gas mixture into air box, plugs black, no power, Checked plugs/wires crossed multiple times, checked throttle position sensor, checked resistance on new wires, checked coil, checked under cap for arcing issues, checked seems like everything. Have multiple errors and most are Voltage to muliple sensors are above/below range. I can give a breakdown if that will help you guys? Could some of you more experienced guys tell me if you have had these issues, and where to look next. Fuel Injectors? Seem okay but all plugs are black on all cylinders. Timing out? How do you get back into time? Coil? could the coil be intermitent? would it cause same issues as an engine out of time? I have read that MJ 4L use the cam sensor for timing and that they "can"t go out of time?" Please Help
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