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  1. I'm honored! I'm still on the lookout for some of the racing pins for my own collection!
  2. It's like an industry term... the pins are totally solid, "soft" enamel just means the colors are slightly recessed below the line work. "Hard" enamel pins are polished on the front so the front is all flush and one single level. It's kind of a weird term but that's how they refer to it in the pin world
  3. Hey guys! Been a while since I've been on, been busy with non-Jeep related projects for some reason! Just a heads up, I still have a bunch of Comanche enamel pins (and a handful of patches) available for sale. I also just started a Free Shipping promo on all orders to try and move some old inventory. If you're looking to get some holiday shopping done early check em out! Thanks so much for the continued support y'all https://www.etsy.com/shop/funtimesusa?search_query=comanche
  4. Thank you guys so much, I appreciate it more than you can imagine! This forum really stands apart from most other automotive enthusiast groups in that everyone is always super patient and helpful especially with the new folks. So glad I found that truck and so glad I found this place shortly after. Cheers to all!
  5. Alright guys, finally got the truck all put back together and outta the garage for the first time in almost a year(!) - turns out having a kid really puts a damper on your project time, who knew! Looking forward to him being old enough to help me out. Pretty happy with how it all came out. General list of all I did to it off the top of my head: replaced all brake lines and hardware, repaired floor pans, swapped bench seat for Eliminator buckets, new headliner/carpet, sourced factory rollbar, JCR rear bumper, swapped turbines for Eliminator 10 holes, paint job, various body work, new decals, and a million other little things. Before: After: Huge thanks to everyone on this forum for answering all my questions and hooking me up with various parts. Couldn't have done it without this place. Been a fun project and I "finished" just in time for baby #2 to arrive in a couple weeks haha. Looking forward to the next project. Cheers all! Edit: I almost forgot! Photos were taken at a local truck show, and I won "Best Jeep!"
  6. Nice! I would have loved to use a really clean OEM bumper since I'm kinda going for a fairly accurate restoration but they're (almost) impossible to find in decent shape. The JCR is the next best thing, looks great and super beefy too. Thanks! Got it off ebay, I think it was like 20 bucks? Seems solid.
  7. Paint job looks great! Fantastic looking truck and the interior is really nice as well.
  8. Guys, almost done here. Truck is at the shop now getting a new inspection sticker. All that's left is to reattach emblems. Have a truck show this Saturday I'll be entering so will get some photos of it all done then. In the meantime here are a couple time lapse videos I did of some of the last steps.
  9. Nice truck and some great info here! Just curious, what did you use to clean up the seats? They look great and mine are grossssss. I've got your license plate's namesake here in PA btw
  10. Hey guys, been a while! Still have the MJ, just been busy with other stuff and haven't had time to finish up all the little odds and ends to put it back together after the repaint. Finally found some time and got some little stuff done like replace the hood release cable and started putting the door hardware back together. Man what a PITA. Handles went on okay but the lock cylinders are a real bear to get everything reconnected. Next time I paint a car I'll just tape them off! In other news, I finally scored a set of 10 holes! Got some Plastic and Trim restorer to clean up the black plastic components, stuff seems to work pretty good So I did most of the prep work as far as disassembling things for the body shop but they did pull some stuff afterward apparently - let's play a round of WTF Are These Parts! All in all I think I'm pretty close to "done!" Mostly just have a few more little annoying bits left, need to refit all the fender flare mounts with new bolts etc. Can't wait to get it on the road again finally.
  11. Cool, thanks for sharing! Also that Stroh's pin is a lot bigger than I expected! Been looking for one for a while, I always assumed they were smaller.
  12. THANKS GUYS! So glad you like em! If you have a sec sometime, I'd love to see a pic of the pin with your rigs
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