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  1. A bit late to the game but do you still have the center console? Will you ship? Thanks!
  2. Definitely clean / paint any hard to reach part when you make it easier to get to. I still regret not cleaning and undercoating the trans hump when I had my trans out... Nice progress on the paint! It'll probably be next year before I do mine, but I'm definitely not looking forward to taking the whole exterior apart to do it right... I thought about taking it to a paint shop, but the price tag of a pro job just isn't worth it to me on a truck that mostly is used to haul garbage to the dump and pickup builder supplies.
  3. I wonder how hard it would be to use a toolbox or similar style lock by just drilling a hole in the handle and making a slot below. I figure if you do it right it could look pretty clean and would prevent the tailgate handle from being raised when engaged. Maybe I'll put this on the list of mods to try. Of course I'm gonna want a spare handle so if it won't work I can put the old one back on. Anyone know (off the top of their head since my MJs at home and I'm at work) how much clearance there is behind the handle?
  4. Did anyone see the Wheeler Dealers episode on a few nights ago on velocity? they did an 88 grand wagoneer in about the same color. Pretty sweet when it was done. I was shocked though, all they did was put a 3" lift on it, new tires, repainted it and cleaned it up. Some dude bought it for $26.5K!
  5. Awesome progress, keep up the good work!
  6. I'd say a CC with two square headlights either through the Cs or below... Most times it will display at 16x16 so hard to fit too much in there.
  7. Now that I'm bordering on curmudgeon I don't like loud exhaust on vehicles. They are deafening when I'm walking my dogs, annoying when I'm driving with my windows down to enjoy the weather and cannot hear my radio any more because the guy next to me has a loud exhaust. But that being said I did want something a little throatier when I was building my XJ and opted for a dynomax. I don't know if they even make them, but it's always had a nice little growl to it, but not so much that I can't hear my radio and I don't feel its obnoxious. To the OP, less is more, a little growl is somet
  8. Sure thing. I should add that the PO of the box had a tacoma and the bed is slightly wider between the rails and so the mounting hooks he gave me for the box wouldn't line up with the rails. I've got one side locked in, but that leaves no room on the other side. I'm debating if I want to drill new holes in the box (from the angled section) and install hooks that way, or drill through the bed rails and mount straight down. I'm leaning toward the first option as that doesn't require me putting holes in my MJ.
  9. Nothing new with the MJ lately, it's been working its tail off hauling stuff to the dump, helping family move and picking up supplies for my shed / garage rebuild. I did pick-up a truck box for it though. Found a guy locally selling a UWS box for a good price so I snatched it up. I'm stoked to finally get all the junk out from behind the seats. and have my tools where they belong.
  10. Several years back, before I bought my MJ I used to walk my dogs past a house with a LWB in the driveway. Far as I could tell it never moved but eventually I stopped in to put a card on his windshield asking if he'd be interested in selling it. The guy saw me and came out and we chatted for quite a while. He loved the truck, but never drove it. Turned out it was a 4cyl (I was looking for a 4.0) and the floors were totally gone, I mean Fred Flinstone style gone but he wanted 4500 for it and wouldn't negotiate so I politely declined and told him to have a great day. Nice enough guy, just too muc
  11. Anyone else ever get random offers to buy their Comanche? This past weekend, in helping a family member move, I was driving down I-95 in Northern VA (which means stop and go on a Saturday) and a trucker honked at me and offered to buy my truck for 5K. I declined politely, since I literally have only had it back on the road for 2 months after a nearly 6K rebuild but I thanked him and he told me it was a "sweet truck". Its the first time I've had that happen, but I recall making random offers on MJs I saw before I bought mine. Anyone else have any fun stories of random purchase offe
  12. Man, that’s cool! I googled the PN and it came back with auto shift bezels... but I do believe that you’re right that the shifter throw is what broke the old bezel. Reverse is what did it. If you’re willing to part with your pink unicorn shoot me a PM and we can hash it out. Thanks for the G2 regardless!
  13. I did check the mopar parts lists, diagrams and aftermarket vendors but it is a fantasy part that apparently was made but never listed. I know they had standard XJs from 97-01 so they must have made a plate to adapt to the console. That being said I’ll likely end up getting another automatic shifter plate at the JY and give it another go or try and fab one from metal. I’d love to find an official one but they certainly seem to be a pink unicorn... Thanks all!
  14. I swapped in a 97+ XJ center console, which I was very happy with until a few days ago when my modified shift boot retainer plate broke into about 4 pieces. I was using the original plate, that had the PRND shifter for an automatic and had trimmed it to accept the shift boot retainer. Unfortunately doing so left very little in the way of structural integrity. I've not been able to locate any part numbers or even examples of how the 97+ XJs with manual transmissions had the boot and plate mounted. Finding a 97+ manual XJ (for parts or in a JY) seems to actually be harder than finding an MJ...
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