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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, Trying to find inspiration for my first comanche I just picked up. Waited too long to finally nab my dream vehicle. It's a faded black sportruck and I'm curious how it would look with a chrome grill, exterior bezels, handles, sideview mirrors etc. Probably will keep the black front bumper. Any threads dedicated to this or y'all got photos with similar looks? My '88 attached as reference (please excuse the clear corner lenses, that's the FIRST thing to go).
  2. The time has come for real deal release of the long awaited Krustyballer sliders, bumpers and hitches! Contact Brandon to order your parts. *A $100 DEPOSIT TO PURCHASE MATERIALS IS REQUIRED BEFORE ANY PART WILL BE MADE* Mounting hardware is not included with the sliders or bumpers. You can reuse your stock bolts but they really should be upgraded to grade 8. SLIDERS SWB available in 2"x4" slider (pictured below) and 2"x3" (should have pictures soon) WITH STEP--$335+ shipping WITHOUT STEP--$305+ shipping WITH STEP PLATE--$375+ shipping LWB WITH STEP--$360+ s
  3. Has anyone bobbed a long bed and kept a factory hitch? Or did you just integrate it into the bumper??
  4. Rear bumper build. OK First step Square 1 end of 2X6 tube, then cut to approximate length. I added 2" just to be safe.
  5. Does anyone know if xj's have the same front bumper bolt pattern as the comanche's? Thanks
  6. I am interested in buying brush guards for my grill guard for my jeep, I purchased a pair off the internet and they were not the correct size :fs1:. I am not sure what brand my grill guard is but I purchased "Go Industries" grill guards and they did not work. Please let me know! . :MJ 1: .
  7. i am looking to make a few bucks on the side by building parts for jeep mjs and xjs.. PM me or reply if you have anything you would like to have built and or would like to see being built. i may be willing to manufacture in small quantities if i get enough requests. thank you
  8. So my friends and I late one night got the terrible Idea to fab up a new bumper for my truck. We took a stock JK bumper that I had gotten for free and my old destroyed bumper, hacked off the crooked mounts, made some rough measurements, a couple $#!&ty welds (using flux) later, and BOOM, $#!&ty custom bumper :thumbsup: . I honestly think it turned out not so bad, I mean it could be worse right? lol
  9. Hey guys this might be asking the impossible but I have been wondering about the feasibility of a lightweight tube bumper for one of my projects. My 89 2wd to 4wd truck is going to be an capable daily driver running 31's on stock suspension with lockers etc Mileage being a priority. So long story short I want to put stronger bumpers on front and back with tow points, but don't want a 200 pound monstrosity. Has anyone done a project like this or know of the top of their head what a minimal tube bumper weighs? No winch FYI
  10. I bought a new Fey bumper. Pretty easy to install. Old and new Backside of old New Installed
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