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  1. Couldn’t suck hard enough to actuate it. Had to unbolt the cover and slide it over manually.
  2. Trying to figure out which vacuum line actuates the cad diaphragm actuator. I am at Pismo beach with a few kids and the quads and my front axle is not engaging. I remember actuating it with a vacuum pump a few years ago while troubleshooting. I just need to know which port to apply vacuum to get it engaged.
  3. Mine is an 89. I will look for the wire when I am giving it a once over today prepping for my Pismo beach trip next weekend. Is it hot ready to go or do I need to add a fuse to the panel.
  4. I’ll need to look for one. Anyone have a spare they don’t need??
  5. Is this wire always hot. How would I add an aftermarket light under hood.
  6. Happy Fathers and Grandfathers day. My daughter and grandkid got me this.
  7. So were the two I bought, they are very handy though.
  8. I bought a 10 and 12 just like those of the snappy truck. Coulda probably paid for that whole set.
  9. I have a nice flat mount LED I can use just was hoping I didn’t have to fish wires down to floor.
  10. How is it switched? Is it a hot wire or a switched ground like the door lights or is it on the door light circuit?
  11. Does anyone know if the 89 Comanche should have the wiring already in place? I would love to have a cargo light on mine. If all it takes is to add a fuse , hook up a switch and a wire. Drill a hole and you’re done I’m all for it. I even have a nice LED light I want to use.
  12. I work next to a furniture store. They have all the cardboard you would ever want in big sizes. They will give you all you want to haul away.
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