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  1. Palmdale, CA here. About an hour north of Los Angeles. Up in the desert 🌵
  2. 1989 Comanche 4x4 4.0 I6, 5 speed manual, 231 transfer case, D30 front, D35 rear with 3.73 gears and Eaton TruTracs F&R, a few inches of lift, 31” BFG All Terrains. Stock interior with gauges, factory A/C, bench seat. Homebuilt Bumpers and Rock Rails. Led light bars, Warn M8000 Winch in receiver cradle mount can plug in front or rear, Plus a few extra doodads. A never ending project. Palmdale, Ca USA
  3. It’s not a B or a MC style fitting. Looks like an old airco style fitting. They make an adapter for them they look like a hex barrel, one end screws onto the tank and your regulator screws into the other side. I probably have one in the toolbox.
  4. It goes to the annoying latch your seat belt buzzer. And the little red light. That accompanies it.
  5. Yes I added 10 watt LEDS left the stock ones alone. I was thinking about changing all the external lights to LED but haven’t yet. Just the headlights so far. They are way better than the stock halogens were.
  6. Nope just a good angle it’s not even very clean. Stock window from when it was new😀
  7. I’m glad mine didn’t overheat. My overflow had a crack in it when I got it. Always bubbled out of a crack when hot. But not bad. Replaced it with a jy pulloff lasted a few years but developed the same leak in the same spot. Just bought a new amazon special for around $20.00. Let’s see how long this one lasts.
  8. Put on my Comanche Club sticker finally. It came the day of my Hernia Surgery. Was not feeling like installing it that week.
  9. The first time you get a nice red hot ball of spatter sizzling it’s way through your eardrum you’ll know why to use ear plugs and a welding hat.
  10. They could have at least cleaned up all the crap in the bed? Back? Bucket behind the winderr.
  11. I have the gm,Chrysler & ford cartridges and a few adapters. When I got it I was only looking for it work on my Ford Taurus back in the day. I have had it in a drawer in my toolbox for the last 10 years or so almost forgot I had it. I bought it used from my Snap-on rep 15-20 years ago. Paid way too much money for it back in the day. I will need to look at my newer OBD-II scanner and see if it will adapt. It has a few adapters in it too. Maybe a Jeep set??
  12. I’ve got one of those MT 2500 and a few cartridges in a drawer in the garage. I’ll have to see what adapters and cartridges I have. What all do I need to use on a 1989 4.0?
  13. Paint with 3 coats Rustoleum Black Hammered. Add 10 Watt LED Reverse Lights and Install. All finished for now.
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