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  1. Did your timing chain jump a tooth or two?
  2. My wallet felt it.
  3. One of each 3/8 10mm socket. Shallow deep swivel and impact.
  4. I have half a hardware store behind the seat. 2 20 ft tow straps. Tool bag, 30’ kinetic snatch rope. Warn winch accessory kit with tree saver 4 D ring shackles snatch block and gloves. A Macs tie down receiver hitch vice( handy for u joint replacement on the trail). 100’ of nylon rope. And a handful of other stuff I don’t remember. Shovel and hi lift live in the truck bed.
  5. Makes me glad I’m in SoCal. Hit 60 out back.
  6. Ok we went out again to check all the manifold bolts. The nephew missed one. It was 1/4” out from the manifold. He tightened it up and all is well in dodge now.
  7. Looked for vacuum leaks. Didn’t find any. Will check for intake leak.
  8. We just replaced manifold gasket on nephews 2000 2.5 wrangler. Now it has intermittent high idle. If you blip throttle sometimes it snaps back to normal. Sometimes it takes its own sweet time or never returns to normal. We took out and cleaned the IAC valve. It was funky but didn’t change a thing. Don’t know what to try. We didn’t disconnect anything we didn’t Need to. I’m going back home in the morning so would like to solve soon.
  9. What is this snow stuff you speak of. It’s already getting too warm here. This was Tuesday.
  10. Bought one on Amazon few months ago. Cheap and fit well. 21.00
  11. Did ya try the bent needle nose vice grips at least? You tried everything else. I have a drawer full of assorted Vise grips. One of them will almost always work.
  12. It’s a great reference. All the body bolts on one page. Most of the engine stuff on page 2.
  13. try this have this page saved on my phone. Use it often. http://www.torkspec.com/torkspecmm.aspx?KI=1703
  14. They are glued in. As far as I remember no gasket. There is some trim on the front side
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