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  1. I was looking at ray buck myself even ordered color swatches. Looks good to me just waiting for an extra $300.00 to come my way.
  2. Just got mine. Looks great. ITT take a pic next time I have it on and post.
  3. We got 6-8” of snow here on thanksgiving day. I was shoveling my moms driveway and my wife came out and yelled at me to let the teenagers do it instead of my 55 yr old butt. It is harder work than I remember but it hasn’t snowed this much for 10 years around here. take it easy and recover. We need ya around here.
  4. Keeps and good gas mileage don’t belong in the same sentence. They are about as aerodynamic as a pallet of block. A lot more fun than a pallet of block though.
  5. Got this from fiatslug just what I was looking for a little sanding and a few coats of paint it’s good as new.
  6. On my Comanche there are a few orange and black sets of wires with plugs for instrumental lights for things that are not there like the fog lights cargo lights etc. there are at least 3 separate plugs dangling under there without bulbs in them two sets had just the wires dangling with no connectors just two cut wires when I tested them with a test light they were live when the dash lights were on. I taped up the ends so they wouldn’t short out while bouncing around out in the hills. You may want to take a look under the dash area.
  7. Infiniti are a pain too. I had to pull the motor to get the heads off. They have a coolant crossover pipe that goes head to head on the back side of the motor.
  8. Pulled a bunch of wires. Hooked up a few switches
  9. The emissions tubing mine were broken bypassed and jiggered up.
  10. There were a few instrument lamp sockets just dangling about. I just used one of those. On when key on and parking lights lit.
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