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  1. Great I have neither switch installed. So I just need to check to see which connector is which and tie on to the parking lamp lead from connector C366. Sounds simple enough. Thank you.
  2. I’m pretty sure they are LED indicator lights. My dimmer hasn’t worked since I got the truck and I haven’t spent the time to change it out. I like full bright anyway.
  3. Got me some of those newfangled switches for my aux lights with a separate input for the labels to illuminate with the dash -interior lights. Where is the best place to run the wire that supplies power when dash lights are on. I like to do things right and don’t want to just start hacking into wires under the dash. Is there a wire going to the radio or somewhere else that is easy to get to? The upper pic lights when switch is on but label is supposed to light with the dash lights. Also does anyone know a vendor that sells a switch panel that replaces the oem clock panel. I have seen them somewhere but can’t remember who was selling it. I think it held 4 rocker switches.
  4. Yup looks like a phone handset. You can see the coilly cord in the corner.
  5. I just had to replace the hoses on mine the big outlet on canister goes to a pipe that goes across firewall to the air box the smaller one goes to the fuel tank vent hose. It hooks up at firewall behind ground strap and just under the sensor on firewall lovely California smog rules.
  6. Ok just got time to crawl under in the daylight. Couldn’t juggle flashlight and tape measure at the same time. I come up with 8 1/4” on pass side and 8 1/8 on driver side. From top of axle to frame rail at center of bumpstop.
  7. Would like to lift the rear a few inches. Have added a shackle lift for a whole inch. What else is out there? Rearched leaf springs, add a leafs ? Don’t want to do a springover. Don’t want 5” of lift just a couple 2” or so. I know Cherokee springs are shorter so that’s no help. Don’t see much listed for Comanches.
  8. I used an Iron Rock off-road adjustable. It was extra heavy duty and was reasonably priced.
  9. Looks like they converted it to run on propane.
  10. Thinking about should I troubleshoot it and get it running correctly, or just swap out to a 1 piece axle? Mechanically it seems pretty simple. Vacuum source, switch on transfer case and vacuum actuator. The shift fork and the collar look ok the axle ends looked clean not all wore out. What year and model axles do I look for to eliminate the whole cad system?
  11. Hate to stomp on the clutch in that one.
  12. I had a Mobile DJ business for about 30 years but finally hung up the headphones a few years ago. Too busy at work plus the market was flooded with low dollar no talent DJs. Plus the customers want more for less than than twenty years ago.
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