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  1. 1989commanche

    286k and unsure

    My 89 has a little over 341,000 on it and it still runs great. I change the oil every 3-4,000 miles.
  2. 1989commanche

    glove box latch

  3. 1989commanche

    Project buyback

    Looks great. They are a lot of work but worth it.
  4. 1989commanche

    Sigh of relief

    Looking good. Great work.
  5. It costs .50 each. 2 quarters stuck between the release knob and the little striker plate to pull it tighter. I even hot glued them together so I didn’t have to pick them up off the floor every time I opened the vents.
  6. 1989commanche

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    Added not many in the AV
  7. 1989commanche

    What's this part?

    Looks like the innards of a broken switch??
  8. 1989commanche

    Need some Jack Stand recommendations

    How high up do you need to go. I have 4 sets of the 6 ton harbor freight type. I use them the most. For when I need some space I use pipe jacks. They will get up over 3 feet.