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  1. Plus these are iPhone pics. Some morning I’ll grab the real camera. I usually snap these while I’m loading up to go to work in the morning.
  2. Hardly ever see snow here. Every few years. Get lots of good sunrises though. I’m driving home from work during sunset so I miss most of those in the rear view.
  3. I just bought a few switches last week. Lowe’s has them starting at around .69. Decent ones are about a buck and a half. Splurge for the better quality ones. They cost less than a slurpee.
  4. A little more Sanding and paint it will look great. Then gotta build in some shelves for storage. Funnest part was fishing wires down wall and into light box fighting insulation trying not to mess up drywall. Gave my multi-joint needle nose pliers a workout.
  5. Added two lights to the ceiling so wife can see.
  6. Had to sand tape prime and paint. But it makes the wife happy. Next project lighting and drywall in the laundry room.
  7. Filled the trough in with blocking and drywall. Put in 5 lights total.
  8. I was off last week. Lots of honey doo projects. Replaced old fluorescent lights in kitchen with led downlighting.
  9. 1989commanche


    What is this snow you speak of??
  10. I just called up NAPA and told them I need one of each. Delivered next day.
  11. I like it just the way it is. Need to add a transfer case skid and finish the rock rails. That’s about all it needs.
  12. Can’t find my favorite now but this will do.
  13. I stayed till the end and then some. Made life scout. Had way too many merit badges just not all the right ones for Eagle. I think I had 55 or so of them. Went all the way up the sash and around top back down the back side. Was in OA also. Then at 18 I was asst scoutmaster for quite a few years. fun times. I was a cub master also for about 10 years.
  14. Played trumpet in grade school and JR high. Realized I sucked pretty bad. Do instruments were out. My brother was the musician in the family. I did have a DJ business for about 30 years plus owned most of the pa for my brothers bands.
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