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  1. What adapter do you need to run the scanner? I have one of those in a drawer in my toolbox. Haven’t used it for many years. Would be nice to check the health of my Comanche. Especially since it has over 340K on it.
  2. What did they bolt to? When I built mine I mounted it in 3 spots to the uniframe.
  3. My 89 has the Peugeot trans. It has 340K+ and is still going strong. I don’t beat on it but do tow a trailer with a few quads on it every once in awhile. Running 31’s with 3:73 gears.
  4. I use the gear wrench ones. Have had them for about 20 years. You can get them on sale at Sears about Black Friday time. Both standard and stubby for about $70.00 set. Use them more than anything else in the toolbox.
  5. The truck was stock. Started at about 33” to flare edge. Ended up at almost 37 3/4”.
  6. They gave the Comanche club discount. I can’t remember exactly how much it ended up but was less in the end than the few other springs I looked at.
  7. I just installed a set of the General Spring #gsc-571 they gave me about 4 1/2” of lift and more load handling over the stockers.
  8. I think I’m missing two of them now.
  9. I’m working on cleaning up a new to me tricycle for the grandson. Cleaning up the chrome, buffing out the paint.
  10. You have any wheel centers? The little black round thing that hides the hub and says Jeep. Pic attached
  11. Boy that’s a big one. Taste like turkey??
  12. I have that one also👍
  13. Some people don’t want to take the time to read stuff. Just want the cliffs notes version.
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