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  1. I had a set of those rock guards on my old 82 Datsun 4X4. Was looking for them a few years ago. Couldn’t find any square headlight versions. Did find round. If anyone finds a source for this let me know.
  2. I used to have one from AAA Years ago
  3. I have bought about 12 of those 99 cent magnetic bowls from HF. They work great to keep bolts together for certain things. Plus half the time you just stick them with the part they go with
  4. Yes I second that. Get the all metal throw out bearing. When I first got my Comanche the throw out bearing went out. I bought the kit at auto zone that came with everything. Swapped out disc pressure plate and bearing. Worked great for a year. Then the cheap plastic throwout went out. Swapped it under warranty. That one crapped out a year and two weeks later. So I went in search of a metal based one. It is still going strong 6 or seven years later.
  5. Mine had rubbed through the bottom of the hard vacuum line near the firewall. Was hard to find. But A few inches of new line now the a/c works correctly and the air blows out where it is supposed to.
  6. I got them at the Pomona off road show. But there are plenty of folks on Amazon and eBay that sell them. If you need I should have the contact info of where mine came from.
  7. Isn’t that why we buy shirts. To actually wear??
  8. I was looking at ray buck myself even ordered color swatches. Looks good to me just waiting for an extra $300.00 to come my way.
  9. Just got mine. Looks great. ITT take a pic next time I have it on and post.
  10. We got 6-8” of snow here on thanksgiving day. I was shoveling my moms driveway and my wife came out and yelled at me to let the teenagers do it instead of my 55 yr old butt. It is harder work than I remember but it hasn’t snowed this much for 10 years around here. take it easy and recover. We need ya around here.
  11. Keeps and good gas mileage don’t belong in the same sentence. They are about as aerodynamic as a pallet of block. A lot more fun than a pallet of block though.
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