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  1. These don’t have the fake bead lock rivets but I like em.
  2. Mine has two nuts 🥜 and a washer. Just a jamb nut setup. If I remember it looks like 1/4-20 but it’s probably some flavor of metric
  3. Of these I like the last because it looks kinda like mine.
  4. For Christmas my mj got new to me upper control arms and new bushings on the axle. Boy it rides smoother and way quieter now that the bolts are centered in the bushings.
  5. Have a few parts to get rid of. Off of 1989 Comanche. Stock coil springs. Stock track bar and mount. Dana 30 and 35 diff covers. Cleaning out garage. Don’t want to throw in trash pile. Make reasonable offer it’s yours. Located in Palmdale, CA
  6. Do you still have these?
  7. These are the ones I have also. Took about 15 minutes to install
  8. My 89 has a little over 341,000 on it and it still runs great. I change the oil every 3-4,000 miles.
  9. Looks great. They are a lot of work but worth it.
  10. It costs .50 each. 2 quarters stuck between the release knob and the little striker plate to pull it tighter. I even hot glued them together so I didn’t have to pick them up off the floor every time I opened the vents.
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