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  1. Selling not running did run when parked 2 years ago 116xxx 3rd owner replaced the bed for one from az totally rust free specific Comanche cap cab corner are rusted half way rocker are not complete truck beside tailgate an tail lights An emblems no turbines Honey interior is nice an complete floor where replaced before I got it asking 1400 as is located in Washington pa
  2. Stetson Comanche hat 7 1/4 $190 bronze Comanche coin $90 Comanche an Cherokee pins $85 will ship on your dime clearing space an parts located in Washington Pa an no I don’t know Andy
  3. There was a set I saw at the junkyard today I’ll check conditions on them tomorrow as I forgot a snap on screwdriver in a Jeep an gotta go fetch
  4. Bump for cap bed pending pickup
  5. $ 85.00 located 20 mins south of Pittsburgh pa In Washington pa was pof15 an cleaned up some pitting shipping on your cost or trade for?
  6. Got delivered well u can say kinda almost made it to my house thanks a lot fed ex seem they may have done a drive an toss an my front road is a main heavily traveled made it look like it fell off a truck
  7. Bed an cap will trade swb cap for a lwb flat Comanche specific cap Bed is rust free $550 have everything from original flairs no lights couple digs cap is $385 located in south of Pittsburgh
  8. Thanks I’m glad I never got around to putting the factor brush guard on yet now I’ll have more motivation to do so
  9. Went back in forth on a price feel comfortable for what I paid considering he’s paying for shipping more parts that will go on the 92 I have stashed away
  10. Looking for a good condition gray mini consol for the 4wd selector willing to pay shipping to Washington pa 15301 thanks
  11. Wonder what shipping would be on the bumper to Pa 15301
  12. 4.0 4wd long bed Pretty well gutted for mj specific parts located in Dawson salvage in Dawson pa I was able to get the rear slider which was about the only thing left paid 20 bucks for the window an chrome door handles for 5 bucks an rear drive shaft for 20 to hang on to when I convert my 92 to 4wd
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