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  1. Mossmj13

    Street comanche #53

    Just wanna say been down a long rd myself but never have been givin much for free or homeless have didnt pay for Haven’t paid for my jeeps spent 21 in prison Jonny Cash but my life’s good have plenty of jeeps An house An parts An spare for good ppl would be good if you got off your street Comanche anys pics Best of luck sir sammullins
  2. Mossmj13

    Rear Bumper

    Stock or aftermarket Westin? chrome or black
  3. Mossmj13

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    agree with Dzimm don’t like the flag out the back on first one
  4. Mossmj13

    what do you use for a wallet?

    Ostrich farm
  5. Mossmj13

    Factory brush guard

    Brush guard was found an bought home 3.5 hour round trip score a great deal for 50 bucks many thanks to Amccutc21
  6. Mossmj13

    $300 and runs!

    Yes spoke with seller earlier in the week as well told me the same thing I just really need that brush guard
  7. Mossmj13

    Comanche cap

    I paid 250 for a leer specific Comanche cap about 6 month ago from another member from here drove over 3 hours one way
  8. Mossmj13

    Factory brush guard

    Bump if this can be found may trade Comanche specific visor nos still in original box never installed just was painted not willing just to sell visor
  9. Mossmj13

    I've never seen a new one

    Pete did I spy the Comanche hat that was on eBay a month back or so dealer in tx?
  10. Mossmj13

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    Thanks for the update I have a gray one was thinking about trying to dye the carpet on it yea I was looking for a 3 piece window
  11. Mossmj13

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    I need the carpeted panel I have the plastic trim piece
  12. Mossmj13

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    Any chance u have a behind the cab panel in tan or a sliding back window
  13. Up north pa buyer would be more than happy with a truck in that condition for 5k only if shipping coast to coast was cheaper.. ideas on shipping?
  14. Mossmj13

    Comanche emblems on my trailer?

    Same placement on fenders just on the bed