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  1. Have had 3 never would I own one another trans problem an rearend are weak front drive shafts are prone
  2. New to me 410 cj narrow track axle going back under current lift an everything else coming off
  3. Mossmj13


    Guess these rounds of beds are going cost more after u factor in hospital bills pain an suffering but hope for the best for you cracked ribs are no joke
  4. I’m in the state forest setting up camp I’ll be there soon with Pete’s tailgates
  5. Epic ended on mile marker? Not sure y had to c on every thread back in mama ride
  6. I have 3 tailgate none are perfect but useable I can bring with me
  7. I have a few (3) tailgate I don’t need if anyone is looking I can bring them out there pm for pic
  8. I’ll be there Saturday for the day won’t have the Jeep with a 6 month pregnant wife an 10 month old baby
  9. For now lol yes it’s stacked on lift blocks going to look for a factory set of axles to put back under it an get rid of the lift
  10. Got the mouse nests cleaned out an empty the interior out tossed the seats roll bar was rusted beyond repair pressure washed got it firing an running off a gas can yesterday still need to drain the tank an figure out some more cut wires
  11. Picked up a 82 cj good frame an all fiberglass body plan is to get running an driving an nothing fancy after that just to make reliable pic of when I got it today from a guy at work took it on a trade an has sat for 3 years had to supply own rims an tires picked up a cheap set off cl sitting on 1/2 Chevy axles kinda dig the old wagon wheels plan is to go thru the electrical which is a mess first then go over the rest of everything drop tank an clean before even trying to fire it smells horrible
  12. I have some waiting to be installed I’ll snap some pictures an take some measurements when I install hoping to get to them this weekend
  13. Mossmj13

    Dana 44

    I have acquired one no longer need one but thanks a lot I mean I may take another if the price is right an we would work something out
  14. I wish I could build something like this but my local regulations strictly restrict it best of luck
  15. Which one the mounted on the wall or leaning
  16. Funny story we where having tail gate thief’s around my area 2 winters ago someone stole the gate off it parked at my house couple months after we moved in come to find it on Craigslist a couple weeks later listed with a bunch of other gates let’s just say I didn’t pay to get it back I had the person on camera an the truck they where driving only to go to the persons house to find same said truck an my tailgate an neighbors gate for his dodge as well I showed the guy the footage an left with our gates back
  17. Started floors went with key part xj pans an the thing barely fits in my garage at the house but I’m happy it fits an the last pic is the retaining wall that started this tear down hauled all the block in 2 truck an trailer loads old girl wasn’t happy at all
  18. 1992 4x2 4.0 auto Lwb 116xxx Well figured it was time to start a build on it I’ve owned it for a couple years now daily drove it till I blew the trans out hauling retaining wall block then I figured it was time to make it 4x4 then I figured it was time to put a 3.5 lift change shackles an pull the bed an do the floors an coat everything with por15 it’s been a slow rebuild that’s for sure being a new father an having another being born before my son turns 1 Irish twins pics of when I first got it over all pretty clean for being a north eastern truck was originally bought in New Jersey I’m the third owner I have a Dana 44 waiting to be regeared an rebuild thanks to PeteM on his last trip up north bringing bed up bushwhacker fender flairs have a new trans thanks to daviesjeeps with only 58xxx on it a dirtbound rear bumper scored some really clean 95 2door xj seats that will go in have most of everything I need to get it going it’s just finding time from house projects just purchased in 2019 an the wife an baby’s pics are from when I brought it home beside towing the other Comanche from my parents house that I have since sold
  19. This is what I use does a pretty good job keeps all sparks contained I put a 6 in steel floor drain at the top
  20. How many beds are you bring up north
  21. I did but the ones above but may take a second set just because done need anything else just the mirrors an bracket
  22. I have a couple harnesses with the sockets intact an plugs if u wanna pay shipping I can sent it your way
  23. From what I know going to speak with owner Tuesday don’t work out I already have one 92 but this ones looks like it may be the last of the ones locally
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