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  1. That’s a ways up from so cal. My kid went to UC Berkeley. Took many a trip up north then.
  2. I actually have the MT-2500 scanner in a drawer from years ago but I don’t have the adapter. Anyone have one laying around collecting dust?
  3. Well I don’t do anything half @$$. It’s full send or nothing at all. My bumpers are 2X6 1/4” wall rectangular tube. The hitch receivers are welded back and front of the tube. Recovery points are 1X 3 solid Bar stock welded front and rear of the tube. Winch can plug in front or rear of truck. Fed by a 1/0 welding cable on a 500 amp fused connection. Have a set of 20’ #2 welding cable jumper cables I can just plug into bumper. System works really well. Frame reinforced about 12-14” back from bumper mounts with 2X6 1/4” plate. Reinforcing steering gear mounts also. Have had the front end about 4 foot off the ground hanging from big tree testing the bumper and winch mounting. The little end Caps are 1/2 X6 plate. Have bounced them off a few trees and rocks. They do what they were built for no body damage.
  4. I looked at those. Seem to be good quality and decent pricing. Haven’t jumped yet and purchased but I think they are who I’m going with. if you do get one let us know how you like it.
  5. I’m looking at skid row T Case skid and probably the metal cloak oil pan skid. I just don’t want to put the time it takes into making them myself. Plus I don’t have a big enough brake to bend the plate. I guess I could score it 1/2 way bend it and weld it back up. But it all takes time. Working 50 hrs a week doesn’t leave much of that and it’s too hot out. It’s been over 100 outside the last 3 weekends.
  6. Few more pictures. Everything is at a different angle and height on these trucks. What I thought would be a few hour project took about 2 weeks off and on to finish.
  7. Built rock rails a few years ago. 2X2 1/4” wall square tube. Work great.
  8. Looking to add a few skid plates to the ol Comanche. What do you fellers have. Pictures would be great. Doesn’t seem to be many out there direct fit or they are not exactly sure if they will fit or not. I don’t want to spend $200.00 on something I have to cut apart and modify to make it work.
  9. I is. Top of LA county. I’m in Palmdale. Up in the desert. 🥵🥵
  10. The shuttle was pretty neat to see. They built it here. We used to see it fly around atop the 747 during testing. Flew right over the house.
  11. Here what you make when you catch that sucker.
  12. Looks like it to me. Unless you like acorns for breakfast.
  13. I manage a welding supply store for a living. Have been in welding supplies for over 25 years so far. So I like to build stuff for my Jeep. They don’t make much aftermarket stuff for MJ’s. So I build my own. Made front and rear bumpers, rock rails. And some other stuff. Always improving something. I Like the feeling of accomplishment when the jobs done and installed. It was just a chunk of metal. A little cutting bending and welding and it’s done.
  14. My winch plugs into the receiver front or rear. Stores in the back with a hitch lock pin.
  15. I built mine somewhat like the stock one. But with a hitch built in.
  16. before you waste much time on the horn. Make sure the actual horn works. I spent hours checking fuses and connections just to find out the actual horn was burned up. My Jeep has gone through 3 horns since I’ve had it??
  17. My grandson can’t wait for grandpa to get home from work so he can go out to the truck. He’s going to burn out another horn.
  18. I took 2 years of electronics in college many moons ago. One year of DC than 2nd year was A/C i had a good handle on the DC side of things. Resistance Voltage and current. When you added A/C components like inductance, capacitance, reactance, phase angles and all the fun A/C brings to the party that took all the fun out of it. I also took the electrical wiring classes residential, commercial and industrial. Really liked that as I have pulled a few hundred miles of wire. I should have been an electrician. Being in the welding supply world I am always being asked about how to hook stuff up. i would like to learn more in the electronics world again.
  19. spark plugs should have a heck of a lot more voltage than 12v. Usually a few thousand or more
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