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  1. That is the nicest looking bench seat that also looks like it was stock that i've ever seen. But it has headrests. What vehicle/seat is the bench seat from?
  2. Thanks for your help I'm ordering one of these now. How hard was it to drill out the spot? Ironically the metal the stud is made of sheared off and looked of poor quality. But the plate and the thickness where it connected looked like it will be no fun to drill
  3. Ok. I was worried the nut on the other side may interfere with something. You didn't take a picture by chance did you? I have a stick welder and a flux core, you think I could get away with flux on the outside of the spring plate or did you weld the nut side?
  4. Sorry to revive an old post but i recently had the shock mount on my rear driver side break off. Did this part work ok for you?
  5. I got the Ares armor because I was getting a lot of tree rub and dented the bed recently. But more fun than that I punctured a tire while I was at the property clearing some paths. One of the hardwood saplings I cut was pointed just right to get the sidewall... Lucky for me my new neighbor happened to be hanging out in his excavator. Safer than using a hi lift. Was able to help me lift it up to change out the wheel with one of the old wrangler sets I had. But I guess this means I need new tires. Which sucks because these Kelly tires have tread on them, alth
  6. Ouch damn that's a pretty good point.
  7. Awhile back went under contract to purchase 23 acres of land. It's pretty raw and needs some clearing. Before I get a tractor I've been going over there to make sure the property markers are right and to get a lay of the land. This truck has been a godsend for that. Also the winch has been very helpful in certain circumstances.
  8. Damn well I tried black first not sure I hate or love it. Luckily I can unbolt it and try a different color.
  9. I ordered some body armor from Ares Fab. I need feedback on what color to paint it. Can't decide whether to spray it with tan like the rest of that part of the body panel or black like the trim or something else. I welcome suggestions...
  10. I was wheeling this weekend and this hose came loose and now I don't know where to reconnect it. It's attached to the back of the differential. My brain is not helping me figure it out from the maintenance manual pdf.
  11. My 87 I6 Renix does not have a fan shroud on the mechanical fan right behind the radiator. I've seen some talk of how these are important - if nothing else it would make me less nervous fiddling for the hood latch with the engine running. https://thejeephut.com/fan-shroud-for-1987-2001-jeep-xj-cherokee-mj-comanche-w-lhd-w-4-0l-engine/ Is that the shroud that goes around the mechanical fan? otherwise it looks very similar to the shroud on the aux fan. Does anyone have a factory fan shroud and maybe a picture?
  12. Full disclosure I am not experienced servicing power steering. Last week I was working on changing the motor mounts and in that process I am sure I moved or knocked/bumped the power steering hoses. My steering still works but I've noticed on a drive recently it feels different like it's weaker or intermittently it's more difficult to turn. i don't really know how to explain it, just a feel. I'm trying to figure out how to go about servicing. I'm guessing just check the levels and maybe hose clamps? There don't seem to be a lot of threads here on power steering maintenance. I am pretty sure it
  13. My motor mounts are shot so I ordered some of the Daystar ones off Amazon. I feel like everything is being extra difficult. I propped up the engine by the oil pan. The old ones and the new. I got the old one out near the air intake no problem but I cannot force the new one in. I also am having the hardest time getting the bolt out of the old mount near the ac system and oil filter. I went through the pain in the @$$ of removing the filter and then turning the filter adapter out of the way but no matter how much I jack the engine or let off the
  14. Hey I know everyone is telling you the exact right things and I totally agree with them. I will give you a picture of what you want to know too, demand and customer interest. Shamefully I am saying - and I know this doesn't matter with all the other above figures - i would buy for 200, maybe 250. I may not be your ideal customer. I have a tear along the seam in my bench seat and have a vinyl repair kit i've been putting off. My whole interior is blue pleather or whatever. I LOVE the fabric you have with the jeep logo but the color scheme doesn't exa
  15. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/jeep-pulls-bruce-springsteen-commercial-report-dwi-arrest/story?id=75822546 Well i guess there were enough people on both sides that Jeep found a reason to get rid of the commercial? I don't think they are going to be happy with the ROI on that ad. I think they're using a Bruce DUI to give them a reason to pull it, but really it was just unpopular imo.
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