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  1. I lifted my 87 comanche using a SOA and lift shackles for about 6 inches in the rear. I'm still running the dana 35, mostly because i am intimidated by looking for and finding a new axle (and i've spent plenty of money so far so i may wait on this swap). I ordered a new Tom Woods driveshaft, measuring what I thought was according to instructions... but clearly wasn't. I sent them measurements for the driveshaft length from the rear axle joint to the joint where the shaft connects to the slip yoke... they sent me the new driveshaft which was nearly exactly the same length as the old one - i guess they interpreted my measurement length to include the slip yoke length... i messed up or misinterpreted the instructions. So i installed a 1 inch transfer case drop and using the new tom woods axle it's fine, but it is very extended... and really struggles in first or reverse... To avoid any potential issues where it could drop (like the original did after I lifted), but also not wanting to purchase a completely new driveshaft again... is there a way to just get an extended slip yoke for the stock-type non double-cardan driveshaft? Then i could just replace the slip yoke portion of the new driveshaft... Let me know if this is a terrible idea for whatever reason. It drives now and hasn't had any real issues other than described.
  2. Wait I am still new here and thought when fiat slug said get some from Krusty that was just him referring to Rustys off road. So you make sliders 🤔? Take my money
  3. Yes. I bleed all four brakes. Then I go and open the front caliper bleeder, move the proportion valve arm open the rear valve and push the brake to the floor with the key on. And immediately shoot break fluid all over my shop. I've tried also cracking the front bleeder slightly, opening the rear bleeder and then dripping fluid everywhere. The only thing I haven't tried is opening the front bleeder, keeping the rear bleeder closed and then stepping on the brake. After going thru a whole extra bottle of fluid, which I don't care is cheap and flushes system but is a huge mess.... I gave up and just bled them one more time. Man I know I'm either doing something dumb or missing something dumb so I'm disappointed in myself but it is what it is.
  4. yeah - confirmed. I checked it out because it was close but i couldn't believe the difference - the body of the MJ is way higher from the frame rails than the XJ. and it was a bit short you're right.
  5. 100. Could probably talk down to 80, they've been listed awhile. What do you mean the legs are different lengths? Are you saying that from the picture or based on the unibody of the XJ vs. MJ? These were produced by Rusty's but they stopped making this version. I'm hoping they were pretty standard measurements and since we have the same unibody i would think they should be at least similar but idk.
  6. So there's a pretty good deal i saw on CL I would love feedback on before i take the plunge and try to rig this up: https://raleigh.craigslist.org/pts/d/cary-rustys-rock-sliders-new-old-stock/7165340376.html I talked to the seller - these are an old style rusty's rock sliders. He said they fit on his XJ. I realize they may not perfectly fit on my MJ but you think i could make them work with some modification? he said the arms are spaced apart 43" on center. I'm gonna go check them out in a little and hold them up to see if they look like i could make them fit. Other questions - I can't tell if the little square tubing parallel to the sliders is actually square tubing and maybe meant to replace the original rockers - that wouldn't bother me since my passenger side is trash and has some holes in it. I have a stick welder and a flux wire welder... i realize most people use mig with the gas but i'm wondering if i could hopefully bolt these guys in and then maybe do some tacking to make them stay put. Any advice is welcome. For the price i'm very interested.
  7. I finished the lift and neglected to show the results I'm weird and decided to rust coat the leaf springs since they're older than me...
  8. I also had a tiny leak from the rear diff on this super sweet Dana 35... So I changed the gear oil. Got it cleaned up Also decided why not paint this turd of an axle Looks fine
  9. Doing some electrical upgrades. Picked up the headlight wiring harness from K suspensions. Also got the jeep cables package and even ox-gard per cruisers' recommendation.
  10. nah that soft line was me - part of the rocky road outfitters 6 inch lift. I'll have to check out the spring perch... it's part of their spring over axle setup. I'll try to bleed again - and i'll zip up that line so it doesn't catch on anything. Thanks!
  11. I moved from DC to outside Apex / RDU / Triangle NC. It is a dream down here.
  12. Also don't know if this is relevant but I'm not sure how much resistance the arm is supposed to have, I could move it up or down very easily.
  13. Took some pictures. He's the view from the tailgate. I bought new hardware for the prop valve but haven't installed yet, zip tie is holding it at that angle
  14. Roger that. just got excited at the prospect of potentially being able to bring liquids with me - especially with all that extra work of shifting manually i get thirsty
  15. I'm intrigued but confused. I have mini console... But it has a shifter in it that I use for driving. Is the use case here for people that have an extra mini console and would I guess rest it on the seat next to them?
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