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Found 6 results

  1. i am answering questions as we go and updating this post so read it as often as possible if you need to know anything... /uploads/archive/03e8812c8c7ff7b3a20051bf54c497d0/e0e2a5dcb544169ce9ca5212a00dd040.jpg NEW PRICES due to new material and higher steel costs AND cost of packaging. Option A: $115 per set, spacers welded on plates (this price INCLUDES shipping) Option B: $235 for a fully built, ready to go hitch with bolts + shipping -these prices include nuts, bolts and washers (was a $3 extra, now included) PM me your order with your name, address and paypal email address. these are laser cut 1/4". the dimensions are the same as the stock hitch. 3 upper holes go through the frame(1/2" hole), the lower hole is the leaf spring bolt (you can cut this hole off if you don't want to use the leaf spring bolt) Designed to use a 2.5" cross tube that runs through the plate to be welded on both sides, unlike factory which butts up against it and welded on only one side. Comes with 6 1"x1" spacers with 1/2" holes per set. these spacers are included so that the plate sits flush against the rear bumper bracket. (not pictured) These fit SWB and LWB once money is received through paypal i will ship. plates will be sent flat rate through the post office. full hitches will be sent through UPS ill update as much as i can with pictures and answer any questions anybody has. *i am a CWB qualified welder. **i accept NO responsibility or liability on the hitch plates/spacers you purchase. once theyre shipped, any failure or problems with performance due to misuse is the buyer's responsibility. ***if you purchase a fully built hitch i accept NO responsibility or liability on the full assembly. once shipped, any failure or problems with performance due to misuse is the buyer's responsibility. **** i accept NO responsibility or liability if you purchase the mounting hardware and The bolts fail due to misuse. thanks, i hope this helps alot of people out. I'm not in it to make a killing, just enough to make more products if needed and to cover my time. -Brandon When everybody wants to place an order, to make this smoother for everybody, could you PM me with all of this information: Name Address EMAIL Read last post and picture on this first page!
  2. The time has come for real deal release of the long awaited Krustyballer sliders, bumpers and hitches! Contact Brandon to order your parts. *A $100 DEPOSIT TO PURCHASE MATERIALS IS REQUIRED BEFORE ANY PART WILL BE MADE* Mounting hardware is not included with the sliders or bumpers. You can reuse your stock bolts but they really should be upgraded to grade 8. SLIDERS SWB available in 2"x4" slider (pictured below) and 2"x3" (should have pictures soon) WITH STEP--$335+ shipping WITHOUT STEP--$305+ shipping WITH STEP PLATE--$375+ shipping LWB WITH STEP--$360+ shipping WITHOUT STEP--$330+ shipping WITH STEP PLATE--$400+ shipping XJ SLIDERS ARE AVAILABLE NOW AS WELL!!! WITH STEP--$335+ shipping WITHOUT STEP--$305+ shipping WITH STEP PLATE--$375+ shipping when ordering, make sure you specify what size slider, with or without step and SWB/LWB REAR BUMPERS STANDARD-64" long 2"x4", 2" receiver, 2 d-ring shackle mounts $300+ shipping minus $15 for no 2" receiver minus $15 for no d-ring shackle mounts . Weld on DIY rear bumper brackets. $65 plus shipping. Front bumpers are coming FALL 2019! They will be available in a few different designs as well. You can order them with or without the brush guard or with or without the integrated hitch. Also will have winch bumpers available. HITCHES $225+ shipping (more info in the Hitch thread in the for sale section) I will try to answer any questions on here or through PM if anybody has any. **DISCLAIMER ***If you purchase a fully built hitch, rear bumper or set of sliders, i accept NO responsibility or liability on any of them. once shipped, any failure or problems with performance due to misuse is the buyer's responsibility. Once anything is installed I accept NO responsibility or liability. For liability purposes, hitches and bumpers are not load/weight rated. I cannot say that these can be used to pull or recover. if done so, this falls under misuse of the product and I am no longer liable. Thanks, Brandon S.
  3. Has anyone bobbed a long bed and kept a factory hitch? Or did you just integrate it into the bumper??
  4. I was browsing CL for parts for my rally car project and searched for "Comanche" out of habit. No results in my area, but the "Local" results showed a thread with a hitch listed for an 88. I emailed the guy and he replied back, so after a few phone calls and a delay due to Sandy, I went yesterday to pick it up. He was not there but had left it in the back of his truck and I left the cash for him. After getting home, I compared it to pictures on here and on the open internet and it looks WAY off, but he assured me that he pulled it himself from an '88 longbed. He had lots of other MJ parts and has multiple MJs, but I can't fight the feeling that something is not right about it. (Before you ask why I did not just test it out, it was still storming here last night so I could not check it out for fit, and tonight is trick or treating for my kids.) So the model number (83147) shows as a match for a longbed MJ: http://www.realtruck.com/shared/pdf/manufacturers/103/06_hhcatalog-212pg.pdf (Page 41) Further reference: http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65833 The flanges do NOT look right to me, versus what I saw in these threads: http://comancheclub.com/topic/26626-receiver-hitch/page__hl__hitch http://comancheclub.com/topic/28081-hitch-hardware/page__hl__hitch Did I get the right part?
  5. So it seems I have the exact opposite problem as most people ive seen online. my reese hitch is rusted. the ball mount is not stuck in, rather it can't be put in. The rusting caused the side walls to swell some. Ive been trying to chip away at the rust with a chisel but it is hard to get down inside the mount hole. Any advice? I took it off the truck so I can work on it better. I'm going to sandblast it and repaint it after.
  6. Been thinking about getting a front hitch for a removable winch in the future, found this good write up on install :http://www.jeep-tech...-install.html. so I thought I would just pass on the knowledge... :thumbsup: . ps: not my truck, thats an xj
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