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Found 1 result

  1. i am answering questions as we go and updating this post so read it as often as possible if you need to know anything... NEW PRICES due to new material and higher steel costs AND cost of packaging. Option A: $80 per set, spacers welded on plates (this price INCLUDES shipping) Option B: $210 for a fully built, ready to go hitch with bolts + shipping -these prices include nuts, bolts and washers (was a $3 extra, now included) PM me your order with your name, address and paypal email address. these are laser cut 1/4". the dimensions are the same as the stock hitch. 3 upper holes go through the frame(1/2" hole), the lower hole is the leaf spring bolt (you can cut this hole off if you don't want to use the leaf spring bolt) Designed to use a 2.5" cross tube that runs through the plate to be welded on both sides, unlike factory which butts up against it and welded on only one side. Comes with 6 1"x1" spacers with 1/2" holes per set. these spacers are included so that the plate sits flush against the rear bumper bracket. (not pictured) These fit SWB and LWB once money is received through paypal i will ship. plates will be sent flat rate through the post office. full hitches will be sent through UPS ill update as much as i can with pictures and answer any questions anybody has. *i am a CWB qualified welder. **i accept NO responsibility or liability on the hitch plates/spacers you purchase. once theyre shipped, any failure or problems with performance due to misuse is the buyer's responsibility. ***if you purchase a fully built hitch i accept NO responsibility or liability on the full assembly. once shipped, any failure or problems with performance due to misuse is the buyer's responsibility. **** i accept NO responsibility or liability if you purchase the mounting hardware and The bolts fail due to misuse. thanks, i hope this helps alot of people out. I'm not in it to make a killing, just enough to make more products if needed and to cover my time. -Brandon When everybody wants to place an order, to make this smoother for everybody, could you PM me with all of this information: Name Address EMAIL Read last post and picture on this first page!
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