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  1. @89 MJ I think mine is the one that was missed, next year I'll know to take off Friday and get there Friday night rather than 5pm on Saturday Great meeting a few of you and finding MJ inspiration!
  2. No worries I pulled in as the masses were leaving. Sure thing!
  3. Yep faded black SporTruck.. I'll be here tomorrow as well
  4. Hey y'all, got here late and things are looking like they're winding down.. anything happening tonight?
  5. Okay this looks so good that I might rethink gratuitous chroming. What is the paint code on that paint job?
  6. Yikes sorry for the late reply. I'll be taking 15 all the way down from the NY border, probably wouldn't cross paths until a few miles down the road from the fairgrounds haha. Let me know otherwise!
  7. Sweet sounds good. What else will you be chroming out?
  8. Oh boy, I like that a LOT with the chrome wheels and black grille actually. Thanks for the photos
  9. AP_MJ88


    Gotcha I was under the impression it could improve performance albeit *slightly* by removing the cat. Nevermind then I guess I won't worry about it, thanks! Doubt I would've gotten away with it here anyhow
  10. AP_MJ88


    Ahh bummer, thanks for the reply
  11. AP_MJ88


    Thank you! Does this mean it did not roll out of the factory with a catalytic converter? Trying to navigate NY laws and whether I can remove the one on the truck and straight pipe it.
  12. You can add me to the might go list. Anyone coming from the northeast/new York and is heading south?
  13. AP_MJ88


    That's awesome, it's under 5 hours for me so I'll definitely try to plan for it. I'll throw my hat in in the original thread.
  14. AP_MJ88


    I'm convinced! Are there ever Comanche Club meet ups?
  15. AP_MJ88


    Yep, I would never forgive myself if it touched salt. Luckily it's not going to be my daily driver and I can store it away for the NY winters.
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