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  1. Anyone have an SYE they want to part with?
  2. Wow that’s a lot of options! Well now I need to find something I like, I think a little smaller and flatter to give more room.
  3. Anyone have a tailgate handle they are willing to part with? Thanks!
  4. Don't Know if I'm posting this in the right place.......Here goes, My build is an 1989 SWB 4wd, stock drive train 4.0 5 speed. Have already updated the front end to newer style XJ, also have the newer style doors (haven't had time to get them on yet). My stock interior is the terrible purple color with a bench seat. I have recently got my hands on a complete grey eliminator interior with bucket seats that I plan on installing this spring. Have a few rust issues (rust is a HUGE issue here in Hawaii on any car let alone a 30 year old one) rockers, floor, and rain gutter area above the door. On that note has anyone ever removed the rain gutter/drip rails on any car to give it a more smooth look? pros or cons? I plan on doing a spring over update to the rear and lifting the front to make level. Going to stay with the stock dark gray color when I repaint it, think it will look nice with all black trim. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know what other jeep years and models of steering wheels will fit a Comanche?
  6. Yes, they are standard jpeg files taken with my phone . I'm not really a photoshop guy, i do more business on my computer than playing.....
  7. what's up with this? I can't upload ANY photos, not even a profile picture! error message states "file too big Max total size1.95MB" . ????
  8. So here it begins, I've always wanted an MJ and when I saw these 2 for $600 couldn't pass them up! They are in ruff shape but they run! one is for parts (no papers) and the other is going to get a makeover...already started this weekend by doing the open cooling conversion, new valve cover gasket and Vent modifications on cover, replaced ALL the vacuum lines and started the newer body conversion on the front end! Keep the MJ's on the road!
  9. LOL! $600 must be the going price.... I bought my 2 1989's for $600 too! mine both have 4.0 5 speeds 4WD SWB. They both have that awful purple interior and the same rust issues as yours (here in Hawaii rust is an ongoing battle, even on 3 year old cars) both of mine run and I have already acquired the late XJ body parts i need to convert! Enjoy and keep the MJ's alive!
  10. Does anyone know if there is a write up on how to swap the newer +97 XJ front doors on to a MJ? I would like to know how involved it is before I go Buy the doors. Thanks
  11. You can also take a bottle of soapy water and spray around the windshield edge on the outside while using air compressor to blow from the inside, it will foam up where ever the leak is.
  12. having trouble posting a wanted add, under the create link the for sale and wanted buttons won't let me click on them?
  13. are you still making tailgate handles?

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