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  1. are you still making tailgate handles?

  2. I have a 350 with SM465 with AA adapter to NP231
  3. The 9th Jeep Rally is June 2-3 at Heuston Woods State Park in Ohio. http://www.mw-willysjeep.com/
  4. I have 4 wheel drive and Superlift 3" lift with longer lower control arms and shocks from Tyres International and works for my 350. If you have 4wd this is the minimum lift you need or the oil pan will hit axle or the front drive shaft hits the oil filter.
  5. NEW U-BOLTS FOR THE DANA 60 FROM WFO Concepts part number WFO 1771-KIT includes 5/8-18 x 2.75" x 8" u-bolts for 2.75 axle tube
  6. I mounted my MSD 6AL in a metal box on a hinged bracket I made. MSD blaster coil is bolted to firewall. The metal box was in a trash can at work from a machine that had a power supply and was scrapped. They let me have it. Cleaned it and painted it.
  7. New G2 4340 chromoly front one-piece axle shaft part numbers GTA-97-2031-002 and GTA-97-2031-003 from Summit Racing with SPICER U-JOINT DS U-760
  8. Happy New Year Jeepers, Marked the Calendar for June 2-3, 2017 http://www.mw-willysjeep.com/
  9. The rams horns would be great let me know if it fits I want to to the same. Another member posted pictures about 10 years ago and he had the type that go up and exit in the back. here is the picture: http://comancheclub.com/topic/1688-this-is-what-a-350-looks-like-in-a-comanche/?hl=picture008
  10. Please take some pictures I would like to see. Sorry can not help with the slave cylinder I have the McLeod hydraulic throwout bearing. I used the advance adapter motor mounts and headers. If I would do it again I would use cast iron exhaust manifolds. It is a tight fit.
  11. I have a 350 with holly carb and SM465. You can look at my build in the forum.
  12. Can we buy the vinyl new for our truck? I do not want carpet.
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