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Found 4 results

  1. Let me preface this with some backstory, I picked up an '86 i4, 2wd MJ for $400. It's rough, missing the bed, exhaust is all but gone, floorboards are shot, etc. I have no sentiment towards this Jeep, so I have no problem cutting it up to make this work. Furthermore, I have an opportunity to pickup an ENTIRE power-train (read: motor, trans, xfer) out of a 1980 K10 for FREE + shipping/gas to drive and get it. Were it not for these facts, I would not be even considering this project. Now that that's out of the way... As someone who has never swapped a motor before, what are some things I may not even think to research? How much cutting and firewall massaging am I looking forward to? Will it fit in my engine bay? (I think this is the short '86 that won't fit a 4.0). What are my options for motor/trans mounts? I'm sure there is a lot that goes into this that I haven't even considered, Who has pointers? And yes, I've used the search feature of not just this forum, but Google as well - I've bookmarked dozens of pages for this project.
  2. I am doing a chevy 350 swap with a ax15 into my 86 longbox. I was going to use zj springs and spacers for a few inches of lift. I figured they held up a v8 so Th ey should be fine. But was recently told that they may not be enough to.hold the weight. Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated as I'd like my truck to be proper.
  3. I have a 88 Mj with 4.5" of lift with a 4.0 under the hood mated to a ax15. I picked up a 355(350) out of a yj from a kid that had advanced adapters bell mounted to the jeeps ax15. The 355 did not break anything in his yj. I think I am safe running it. I got everything carb to pan engine wise including yj 350 headers and have the bell fork, pilot, and entire clutch. Basically everything except for the master and slave cylinders. The kid has a new piliot and some other part I still need to pick up from him. I plan on doing the swap as soon as the snow is gone and want to make up a shopping list now so I have things around ready to go. I am planning on using advanced adapters bolt in motor mounts. I think I can use the yj headers. They are not block hugers. They dump out towards the firewall. If I can not then advise me please. The 2000 Cherokee slave that I retrofitted (only 3 hours run time) is what I am stuck on. The fork is moved to the other side. Am I just throwing a compression fitting in there and moving the line and slave to the other side? Or do I need a different slave to work with the bell. The yj was using some kind of Toyota slave. I want this as bolt in and go as possible. I can justify the added cost of using bolt in parts then fabricating stuff. That being said if there are tricks that you guys know that could save me a few hundred it is worth asking about. I upgraded my fans to dual electric while back setting the radiator between the headlight buckets right behind the grill. Planing for this engine swap one day. This moved the radiator forward 2". I can toss those electric fans and might be able to fit a 7 blade clutch fan just not sure if that would keep it cool enough or if I should go with a different radiator from the start. Here is a picture of the current radiator and fans;
  4. Starting my big project, 86' Jeep Comanche Custom 2.8L gm v6. I have already acquired the majority of the parts, I am currently rebuilding components and still putting my money together for my baby. So far, I have a SBC 350, sm465, and np231 to set for my drive line. I will be posting pictures through out the entire build I just have a couple to post now but expect a lot of photos.
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