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Found 5 results

  1. Okay... that's pretty nice looking.... Let's get that pesky technical stuff out of the way, so we can go back to drooling over pictures. build thread: YEAR/MODEL ●1990 Comanche Sport ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● Chevy 5.3 Vortec engine, Novak headers, and Novak Cherokee/Comanche specific engine mounts. DRIVETRAIN ● Chevy 4L65E transmission/231J transfer case, Jeep JK Dana 44 axles front and rear. Front has factory locker COOLING ● Novak heavy duty aluminum radiator w/ 3 electric fans ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● GM System tied into Comanche fuel and rear taillight harness SUSPENSION/STEERING ● Clayton long arm Radius in front, bastard leaf pack in back with U-bolt eliminator kit. Fox shocks all around. Steering is a stock Jeep Cherokee gear box/pitman arm reamed out to except stock Jeep JK drag link, also stock Jeep JK tie rod INTERIOR ●'99 Jeep Cherokee dash swap, with Autometer gauges to monitor the Chevy motor. The seats will be swapped to the '99 Cherokee seats soon BRAKES ● Stock JK brakes all around, but I need to add a proportioning valve to the rear. LIGHTING ● Start in the front with Truck-lite LED headlights, then LED wrap around pods mounted to the fairlead, red LED rock lights at each corner, then out back I have the stock Comanche taillights and a pair of flush mount LED's in the rear bumper. EXTERIOR ● Front - Early JCR bumper, and I added the winch mount which holds a Warn VR 8000 winch, Rear in a DIY JCR bumper, and Notch Custom Flares to finish the look. WHEELS/TIRES ● Tires are Toyo MT's mounted on 17" AEV Pintler wheels, in the JK bolt pattern MISCELLANEOUS ● Recently painted by me(first vehicle paint job) with the factory paint code, custom diff covers with Detroit Jeepers logo, Bullet lined bed. Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ● My best Story to date is the complete rebuild of the awesome truck. I really haven't had it out too much as the build has taken so long, that I am just starting to get it out to make some memories. CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ● This site is awesome because everything one needs to know about these awesome trucks is right here in one location. Congrats. Rangel!! I guess we will let you stay will such a nice resto-mod
  2. I have an 89 automatic base model i6. She is pretty much stock as of now, I'm looking for ideas or suggestions in transitioning to a V8. This is my first project I have ever worked on so needless to say I'm a little green on the subject. I would say my end goal would be a pretty mean off road machine. Thanks for the help! I'm open to any and all suggestions!
  3. Let me preface this with some backstory, I picked up an '86 i4, 2wd MJ for $400. It's rough, missing the bed, exhaust is all but gone, floorboards are shot, etc. I have no sentiment towards this Jeep, so I have no problem cutting it up to make this work. Furthermore, I have an opportunity to pickup an ENTIRE power-train (read: motor, trans, xfer) out of a 1980 K10 for FREE + shipping/gas to drive and get it. Were it not for these facts, I would not be even considering this project. Now that that's out of the way... As someone who has never swapped a motor before, what are some things I may not even think to research? How much cutting and firewall massaging am I looking forward to? Will it fit in my engine bay? (I think this is the short '86 that won't fit a 4.0). What are my options for motor/trans mounts? I'm sure there is a lot that goes into this that I haven't even considered, Who has pointers? And yes, I've used the search feature of not just this forum, but Google as well - I've bookmarked dozens of pages for this project.
  4. Hey everyone, I finally decided to create a profile. I've been checking out the MJOTM every now and then but I just decided to create a build thread of my own. I've done a lot of work to my jeep and still have a lot to do. I figure I'll start off with a little backstory, then go through my build from the beginning. I plan on picking at this and updating the thread when I have free time. I'll post whatever pictures I have but unfortunately I didn't take very many. I never think about taking pictures until I'm done something . Anyway I have some long stories. Here's the backstory: It's a Pioneer, 4x4, 4.0L, long bed. I've known this Jeep my whole life as it used to belong to my uncle. My uncle's father (married in uncle) bought it brand new in '87. Now this guy did not baby this truck! It's been rolled over on 2 or 3 occasions and it was used to pull a 5th wheel trailer! My uncle inherited it before I was born (I'm 22 btw) and drove it daily. Luckily my uncle took better care of it and even had it repainted. And it was still in excellent shape. Now when I started driving I started bothering him to sell it to me because I always liked the look of it. I'm not a big fan of trucks, or Jeeps, but Comanche's are different, you just don't see them every day. Here she is the first day I owned it. At ~230xxx km and 95% rust free, 100% stock. This was April 2016. You can skip this paragraph. I got it in the mind of my uncle that I wanted it and he liked the idea of keeping it in the family, he offered it to me for $2500 but then gave it to my cousin's fiance free because she needed a vehicle. This c*nt beat the hell out of it, kept it dirty, and neglected it, I was not pleased. I bugged her every time I saw her that I wanted it. Well, after 3 years she decided to get a newer vehicle. So I offered her $500 for it! She accepted the offer! Glad she didn't know the value! The first thing I did was put on some 31" tires I found for $100. Not long after I had to stash the Comanche away. You see, I was living with my parents, I already owned 2 cars and they were not happy when I brought this home. We have limited parking space so I had to put it away for a few months. Stay tuned as the built really takes off from here.
  5. I am doing a chevy 350 swap with a ax15 into my 86 longbox. I was going to use zj springs and spacers for a few inches of lift. I figured they held up a v8 so Th ey should be fine. But was recently told that they may not be enough to.hold the weight. Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated as I'd like my truck to be proper.
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