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  1. In tank Walbro 255 all the way. Me and lots of people I know run them in different cars. Mine didn't fit same as stock but I used hose clamps the attach it to the bracket. Works perfect, never heard of any problems. This one: http://walbrofuelpumps.com/255lph-walbro-gss340-intank-fuel-pump.html
  2. Built a rear bumper with built in hitch from scratch. Pretty proud of it. It was a first for me and I never drew it out or anything. It's super solid, the main part of it is 3/16 wall 2x4" tube and the mounts are 1/4" steel attached to both the bottom and sides of the frame rails with grade 8 bolts. And yes, my tailgate is bent.
  3. Same as a 1994 c1500. Came with a compressor but I deleted it. Will probably stay that way. I prefer having the windows down. Single just seemed easier and cheaper.
  4. I had a few bugs to work out. First the throttle cable broke while merging onto the highway. Then another day the distributor rotor came loose, spun around, and broke the cap, on the highway. But other than that it runs pretty well. In slow traffic I had a bit of a temperature issue. My water temperature was ok but if it was raining I could see steam come off the hood. And since I have that basic air cleaner the intake temps were high and caused a noticeable power drop. So I got a hood from the junkyard, saving my stock hood, and made some vents out of perforated steel and tech scr
  5. I was worried for a second when I saw this; Oil in my coolant overflow line. Well I used a Royal Purple bottle as the overflow tank and there must've been residue, duh . Nice thing is you can see it's purple and I didn't use RP in the engine.
  6. So there's a big jump in progress in the next picture. The rear drive shaft went on although borderline too short, the amount of engagement on the slip yoke is a little sketchy. The front shaft was too long so it stayed off until I had it shortened. The plan is a Ford 8.8 rear and chromoly axles in the dana 30 front. But for the time being to reduce stress on the slip yoke and dana 35 I put the stock size tires back on. I've pieced together the rad hoses, rad inlet and outlet are both on opposite sides of where they connect to the engine. I had a spacer made by a machini
  7. Get the parts under optional items, you'd need all of them. Full description and instructions can be found here: http://www.advanceadapters.com/products/712567--chevy-v8--v6-to-jeep-wrangler-ax15-adapter-bellhousing-kit/ You can also order everything AA from summit racing, probably saves shipping. I can take pictures when I have time.
  8. Well, to clarify, it's not a GM bellhousing. It's an Advance Adapters complete aluminum bellhousing not just an adapter.
  9. I had to grind the tunnel larger towards the front of the truck I think an inch. The console still mounted in the same place.
  10. The truck started as a 4x4 so I kept it 4x4, which is easier said than done with an engine and trans that aren't supposed to be there. The transmission I used is a freshly rebuilt AX-15 5-speed from a wrangler and I kept the original NP231 transfer case but had it rebuilt. The motor mounts I bought from Novak conversions, I used an adapter bell-housing from Advance Adapters with a new Centerforce flywheel and clutch. The transmission didn't come with a shifter so splurged on a Hurst short shifter which cost me as much as the truck Canadian dollar problems. Since the t-case was moved I had to
  11. So here's what I don't like about Jeeps; they're damn slow. I don't know if my old renix 4.0 was super tired or if it was just mine but it was painfully slow! I like my sports cars and the low output of this thing was killing me. I couldn't get up to speed to merge, I couldn't pass on the highway at all, my top speed was 120km/h. I bet the 3.07 gears don't help. So I went and found this: My plan was to collect parts until the 4L died, then, V8. I picked this up used, the guy said it had 500km on rebuild. Gen II small block Chevy 350, stock internals, edelbrock multi poin
  12. Hey everyone, I finally decided to create a profile. I've been checking out the MJOTM every now and then but I just decided to create a build thread of my own. I've done a lot of work to my jeep and still have a lot to do. I figure I'll start off with a little backstory, then go through my build from the beginning. I plan on picking at this and updating the thread when I have free time. I'll post whatever pictures I have but unfortunately I didn't take very many. I never think about taking pictures until I'm done something . Anyway I have some long stories. Here's the backstory: It
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