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Found 5 results

  1. I'm getting ready to retire the 2.8 liter so called engine to a 3.4 and while doing my research some forums say to turn down your flywheel and neutral balance it or there's say to get a 88 or newer already neutral balanced flywheel. Anyone tried either one????
  2. Hey guys, new member here! If this has already been answered somewhere then I apologize, I have not been able to find it! So I’m trying to figure out if the flexplate follows the engine year or the transmission year. I’ve got a ’91 MJ, 4.0, auto, 2wd, column shift, short bed, etc. I recently grenaded a wheel bearing and ruined a spindle, so decided to go ahead and do a 4wheel swap. I bought an almost exact 1990 Comanche but 4x4 and worse body to part out. In doing some research I noticed flexplates are listed by ’87-’90 then ’91-’00. Both seem to have the same specs (164 teeth, 13.83” OD, 12-14 pitch) but have two different part numbers, different weights, and two very different prices. So if I’m using the 1990 transmission/transfer case but keep the 1991 engine, which flexplate do I need to use?? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hows it going I just got a new clutch kit and flywheel for my 88 Comanche also comes with the hydraulic throw out bearing /slave cylinder... I know how to bleed my clutch but I don't know how to bleed a new hydraulic throw out bearing and I think it has to get bled before installing to prevent it from rupture... can anyone please help me thank you
  4. I just bought a 90 2wd comanche 4.0l. I'm putting in a new clutch and flywheel in but the flywheel that autozone and advanced auto has doesn't work. They look very close but the bolt pattern doesn't line up. My next solution was to get the flywheel turned but the only place near me that still machines auto parts won't be able to do it for 5 weeks. Does anyone know where I can get a flywheel or the correct part number for one of the auto parts stores. Oh and I'm not sure which tranny I have. It's a manual 5 speed but I know there was a couple variants for that year just not sure which. If someone could tell me where to look or how to find out, that would be greatly appreciated to. Thanks. TJ.
  5. I have an 86 Jeep Comanche X 2.5 L With a AX-5 transmission This site has two but they have different sizes and I'm not sure which one I should get, Or which one would be better for off-road if they both fit Here's a link if you want look at the site yourself thank you http://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/1986/jeep/comanche/clutch/clutch_kit.html
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