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  1. Remove the 2 straps holding compressing it down U install your hydraulic throw out bearing (slave cylinder) bolt everything on now make sure ur lines are securely connect to the master cylinder and while your at it check your master cylinder for any leaks sometimes by ur clutch pedal... now to bleed it have someone help you, and fill your master cylinder and pump ur clutch pedal 3 times and hold it down on the 3rd while someone is down under open the bleeder screw while having a hose connected to it and the other end of the hose inside a clear water bottle with brake fluid open the screw and.your gonna see alot of bubbles come out, close the bleeder screw don't release the clutch pedal until it is closed and check your.master cylinder after to make sure it always has fluid after every 3 pumps..and just reapeat the process till you see no more air bubbles and the clutch pedal stiffens up hope it helps any questions.let me know
  2. Yea it was connected I got it to start then when I plugged in the hose I used to bleed it it, it shut off and then wouldnt start like if the hose had oild still from the bleed?
  3. Please help... I installed a new clutch kit on my 88 comanche so I wanted to bleed my hydraulic throw out bearing since it was new and I was eager to do it so I used a hose I had going from the manifold to the egr solenoid. after I rinsed and let it sit for a day...first try to start and it turmed on. while on I plugged in the hose I used and then it shut off now it won't start can anyone help pleae thank you
  4. Hows it going I just got a new clutch kit and flywheel for my 88 Comanche also comes with the hydraulic throw out bearing /slave cylinder... I know how to bleed my clutch but I don't know how to bleed a new hydraulic throw out bearing and I think it has to get bled before installing to prevent it from rupture... can anyone please help me thank you
  5. looking for a differential that won't make only 1 of my tires spin any suggestions please help thanks

  6. So I removed the throttle body iac egr tps to clean everything and inside the manifold I had replaced.the fuel filter thinking it would b that since it was never replaced... I'm going to put everything.back on today hopefully it all goes good il probably replace the o2 senso as well thamks gor all the info guys
  7. My comanche is the 2 wheel drive so iv made it more a street truck than off-road truck thats y I went.with that intake I never had a problem with it till I moved over here with all the dirt ive had it on for a coiple years already I did feel an increase in performance and gas mileage I'm sure dirt got in through the intake into the throttle body ima try cleaning out the iac and throttle body hopefully it works thanks for the info guys
  8. how can I clean the iac? The cowl filter? Witch one is that idk much that much
  9. I have my 88 jeep Comanche with a cold air intake by spectre witch goes connected from the firewall to the throttle body and it gets its air from the hood cowl I would clean my filter regularly but since I moved and always on parked on dirt now it got dirty 3xs as fast and it looked like mud was builed on the filter idk cuz of water, dirt or what got in and ever since it shakes a lot I hear like a whistle/humming sound from the throttle body and it wants to shut off after I rev it and doesn't keep a steady idle ... I already cleaned the filter and cold air intake but it still has the same problem can anyone help please?
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