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  1. Ok guys I answered my own question... I did the swap and was worth every penny.. I bought a new flywheel for a 89 s10 2.8 and no issues been on the road for 2weeks. FYI buying a new flywheel is cheaper than turning down the old one
  2. Yes it is the same thing I read green mesa. almost all the research I came across said to use the same fly wheel and neutral balance the original and one said to use a 88 to 93 s10 flywheel. Because I can buy a new one cheaper than turning the old one down. But I do not want to make that mistake and have to rip the engine out again.. I will be doing the swap in the next couple weeks so I will tell u how it goes green mesa
  3. I'm getting ready to retire the 2.8 liter so called engine to a 3.4 and while doing my research some forums say to turn down your flywheel and neutral balance it or there's say to get a 88 or newer already neutral balanced flywheel. Anyone tried either one????
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