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Found 2 results

  1. So before i begin bandit is a 86 had the 2.8/ax5 with over 270,xxx miles ! Although running decent apart from some carb issues , low compression and major oil leaks it was time to retire the old 2.8 . I started off this with a little research and found a pretty helpful link that answered most of my questions , but not all. here's the link for reference .. https://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Project_XJ/Project_XJ.htm .. so with a little bit of knowledge i began the search for a decent candidate . Found one on the ol ebay for 600 95,xxx miles and a warranty ! Pulled the trigger it arrived with the full electrical and intake system , Although i would love efi i decided to keep it carb for simplicity sake . I started the tear down of the 3.4 i pulled off upper and lower intake , all pulleys and accessories, timing cover , oil pan ect. All that was left was block and heads . I took the opportunity to reseal the engine with new gaskets . Reassembly began with 2.8 lower intake manifold , 3.4 reusable exhaust manifold gaskets , 2.8 exhaust manifolds , there is a metal plug blocking the distributor hole but if you pull it out a distributor will slide right in , 2.8 oil pan , 2.8 timing cover , 2.8 water pump , all 2.8 accessories . The 3.4 block does not have provisions for a block mounted fuel pump like the 2.8 uses to fix this issue i bought a universal electronic fuel pump mounted it on the frame and wired it to the ign switch . You will also want to install a fuel pressure regulator to keep your psi to whatever your carb requires. Now is a good time to do a full clutch kit , hard lines , slave cyl , master cyl . Make sure to have your original fly wheel neutral balanced or get one for a pre 91 s10 as i did . Since the engine is the exact same as the 2.8 it went in just like the 2.8 came out. I trashed the old carb that was original to the 2.8 and went with a weber 38 did the first fire up set timing and made slight adjustments to the carb and she was ready to roll. This is my first post so i know it may be rough but any questions let me know !
  2. I'm getting ready to retire the 2.8 liter so called engine to a 3.4 and while doing my research some forums say to turn down your flywheel and neutral balance it or there's say to get a 88 or newer already neutral balanced flywheel. Anyone tried either one????
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