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Found 8 results

  1. In adding a decent winch to my beast, I'm looking for advice about my charging system. 1) is there any easy way to tell which alternator (I understand that there were different models with different outputs) is in my truck? 2) What is the largest battery anyone has shoehorned into the normal location? 3) Any recommended battery? 4) If a second battery is added, where does one put it? (Just trying to consider all my options) 5) in wiring the winch, is it preferable to runa ground direct to the battery, is is it ok to ground to the frame? Thanks in advance for any assistance
  2. Okay so my problem started when I left my truck sitting for quite some time and when I tried to start it I found my battery was beyond gone, and the cables had corroded extensively. So I bought a new battery and cleaned up the cables quickly and started right up. A week later I try to start it and I got nothing, no crank, no fuel pump sound, and even more interesting no headlights (and yes new battery is good). I know these headlights are separate so I am thinking either multiple fusible links or starter relay? Also I have done Cruiser's ground refreshing tips in the past and also double checked the battery ground and dipstick ground this week. So what do you guys think? start with fusible links and starter relay in the morning? Also how do I test fusible links? backprobe with multimeter and test resistance? How can I test the starter relay as well? I am referring to the diagram here in this thread for the starter relay btw http://comancheclub.com/topic/49932-battery-short-to-ground-now-truck-won't-start/?hl=starter+relay&do=findComment&comment=508394 Thanks for any help you can provide 87 4.0L 4x4
  3. So I'm trying to find out why my truck keeps dying. I jumped it off, let the vehicles run for several minutes, took the jumper cables off, and it runs for about a minute, then dies. I also noticed its idling weird. it will idle high, then get really low, then sound like someone is tapping the gas pedal. It will die soon after that. The alternator is brand new, I tried 3 different batteries (can't find my multimeter at the moment to make sure they are good, they are all about 5 years old). So I think I have it narrowed down to the battery, or a connection to the alternator. In the morning I am going to find my multimeter, and recheck the alternator connections. Am I missing something else that it could be? Would a bad battery make it idle like that?
  4. Has anyone swapped to the larger group 34 battery? Apparently they are the factory size battery in 98+? XJs, and there is some straggler posts on the internet about trimming the earlier tray a bit and installing it. It fits in my tray okay, but the posts are switched vs the stock sized battery. So I can either run it with the posts forward, which means the negative looks like it is very close to the hood latch release, or I can run it with the posts back, which puts the positive very close to the internal structure in the hood. There is already a hole burned in the hood where the positive post would be, I'm guessing from somebody doing something similar before...? So I don't think that's a good idea. Anyone know what it looked like from the factory? Is the factory tray much different?
  5. 1986 jeep comanche 4X4 2.4l engine my alternator light was on for months. one day i went to start it, nothing. i changed the alternator and motor craft solenoid. my husband had undone the negative cable from the solenoid to the battery. after i installed the alternator and solenoid i had not known my husband unplugged the negative cable (he did it when i was getting the parts), after i installed all the new equipment i turned on the light switch for the headlights and turned the key... nothing. i went to go check the cables and saw the negative to the solenoid unhooked, i hooked it up and tried again. still no start and no lights. i took the battery to the store to have it charged. i was told it was discharged. took it back and hooked everything back up. still no lights and no start. checked the starter by jumping it. the engine turned over yet would not stay on. i still have nothing when i turn the key and no brake lights or headlights? what is wrong and how can i fix it?
  6. I just finished the mount for my rear under bed battery. The mount is supper strong, can't budge it, so It'll support the battery no problem. I had to weld extra supports to stiffen side and forward. I move the battery to rear on most of my off-road trucks. Better weight distribution, Cleaner engine bay. I'll be running 0/1 Welding cable to the front. Welding cable has a high copper content, un like auto grade cable. There will be a rear emergency cut off switch too, I'll put a distribution block up front for the power. Main input from battery, large gauge out to wench, 8AWG to starter, 8AWG to factory fuse-block, and 8AWG to custom fused relay center. And a fused 8AWG cable from the rear battery, popped up to the rear behind the seat for audio. Image Not Found Image Not Found
  7. I'm seeing a significant voltage drop on the gauge when any accessory or light is on. I can watch the gauge tick up and down with the turn signal and I see a massive drop when the vent fan or headlights are on. I'm thinking I need to rework the battery cables. I've seen a write-up or a link to one on here before but can't seem to find it now. Does anyone have input on the best way to upgrade this?
  8. Alright, I've ran into a bit of trouble with my 87 2wd 4.0, the past few weeks its been a little rough firing up, but I just figured it was because it was getting cold and I haven't worried about it because after a couple seconds it would crank. Now the truck won't start at all. I hear the fuel pump running, and the gauges work, but the starter won't engage at all. I got it to start by moving the shifter around(auto trans) because I've had problems with the NSS before and it's worked by shifting between park and neutral.... Which led me to believe it was the neutral safety switch... So, after bypassing the neutral safety switch altogether by connecting the wires together, it still won't start. If I connect the terminals together on the starter It engages as well. I'm a little lost and any help would be appreciated? Maybe the starter relay?
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