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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so my problem started when I left my truck sitting for quite some time and when I tried to start it I found my battery was beyond gone, and the cables had corroded extensively. So I bought a new battery and cleaned up the cables quickly and started right up. A week later I try to start it and I got nothing, no crank, no fuel pump sound, and even more interesting no headlights (and yes new battery is good). I know these headlights are separate so I am thinking either multiple fusible links or starter relay? Also I have done Cruiser's ground refreshing tips in the past and also double checked the battery ground and dipstick ground this week. So what do you guys think? start with fusible links and starter relay in the morning? Also how do I test fusible links? backprobe with multimeter and test resistance? How can I test the starter relay as well? I am referring to the diagram here in this thread for the starter relay btw http://comancheclub.com/topic/49932-battery-short-to-ground-now-truck-won't-start/?hl=starter+relay&do=findComment&comment=508394 Thanks for any help you can provide 87 4.0L 4x4
  2. hey guys I'm new to jeeps all together,, my dad gave me an 88 comanche and hes been lots of fun till now.. i was on my way to work when my clutch pedal sank,, turns out the clutch master cylinder went bad,, i changed it and refilled the lines only to have it gushing from the bottom.. it was running at this point!! had to change the slave cylinder,, after we put the tranny back together and connected everything in getting no juice!! the only thing electrical working now is the seatbelt lamp and buzzer.. i had the starter tested,, its good.. i took the fuse box apart and cleaned all the break fluid out of it and put it back together with new fuses.. is it possible it could be the starter relay?? when i hit the key it cranks,, I'm just not getting any fuel.. no head lights,, wipers,, tail lights,, radio,, signals,, hazzards.. everything electrical is out!! help a girl get this fixed.. :)
  3. Alright, I've ran into a bit of trouble with my 87 2wd 4.0, the past few weeks its been a little rough firing up, but I just figured it was because it was getting cold and I haven't worried about it because after a couple seconds it would crank. Now the truck won't start at all. I hear the fuel pump running, and the gauges work, but the starter won't engage at all. I got it to start by moving the shifter around(auto trans) because I've had problems with the NSS before and it's worked by shifting between park and neutral.... Which led me to believe it was the neutral safety switch... So, after bypassing the neutral safety switch altogether by connecting the wires together, it still won't start. If I connect the terminals together on the starter It engages as well. I'm a little lost and any help would be appreciated? Maybe the starter relay?
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