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  1. Problems: - Needs new front speakers - Dash light is out - Rattling from exhaust pipe when the engine is at a high RPM - Needs new door locks - Front bumper is slightly out of alignment - Leaks a little bit of oil - Camper shell does not lock - Horn doesn't work Good: - New catalytic converter - New muffler - New clutch was just installed by Golden Gate Jeep - Full tune-up done 2 months ago - Tires are good - Just passed smog - New carpet/flooring just installed, removed surface rust from floorboards and re-painted them - New Kenwood stereo head-unit installed Overall the Jeep runs really well. I just drove up to Vancouver and back. I've tried to be thorough with the problems. $3500 Email is jarodluebbert@gmail.com. San Francisco, CA
  2. Is this the part? http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/PTQ5/CS2235/01352.oap?year=1986&make=Jeep&model=Comanche&vi=1181416&ck=Search_clutch+slave+cylinder_1181416_3760&keyword=clutch+slave+cylinder I didn't realize that the shaft was included.
  3. I dropped my 86 comanche off at the mechanic this week to replace the clutch and throw-out bearing. They called me today saying that the previous owner modified the slave cylinder shaft by welding on additional length. Given the other things I've noticed that the previous owner has "fixed", it does not surprise me. Can it be cut back to the original length? If not, how hard are these to find? Thanks.
  4. There is a rattling sound that happens when releasing the clutch, it's really loud taking off from first gear and goes away once you start going. Happens at the start of other gears too. Here is the recording: http://f.cl.ly/items/352G3A1R1J070G2N0w2d/Jeep%20Noise.m4a You can hear it really start at around 0:21 when I start releasing the clutch. Any ideas what could be causing it? Is it safe to drive until I get it figured out? I've heard someone mention the transfer case. I know it's a hard thing to say over the internet, but any help is appreciated. :)
  5. I pulled up the carpet last week with plans to replace it and found some rust. Today I started grinding it away and ended up with a few pinhole sized holes on the drivers side, one dime size and another quarter size on the passenger side. I filled them up with JB weld in order to sand it down and paint tomorrow. Is this okay? I'm thinking eventually I'll have the comanche painted and get some body work done if I can find a good price, so is this a good temporary solution?
  6. Thanks. I wouldn't be surprised about the canopy, it doesn't have the best fit and there is a Bronco emblem on it. Here is another photo from the front. I'll try and get some better photos this weekend when I replace the side mirror and seat belts.
  7. "Comanche X". Is there a good way to know what it looked like coming out of the factory? I think both bumpers were replaced. Thanks for the site recommendations. I just drove it home. Hopefully I can get it registered by the end of the week and then take it for a spin this weekend.
  8. Thanks everyone. I ordered a replacement mirror off Ebay and also found a set of seat belts (in black, but I'll keep an eye out for tan). The female ends were all broken, not sure how it happened to all of them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Hey everyone, I've been lurking for a while but after today, I had a reason to register. I just purchased this 1986 Comanche 4x4 2.5L, 5 speed, for $1700.00. It seems to be in decent shape overall and it sounded good. The things I want to take care of right away, assuming nothing else comes up, are: Broken seat belt buckles Passenger's side mirror is held on by electrical tape Driver's side door does not lock Is there a site for ordering parts y'all would recommend? Anything else I should look into before driving it heavily? Thanks for all the help, this forum was great to read before buying. I almost ended up paying $3000 for an 86 with the 2.8L, glad I held out. I know the 2.5 isn't that great but I think it will be for my purposes.
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