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  1. Well, as my intermittent postings go, I figured I'd give this thread a much needed update. I've been trying to get as much done on it with my crazy busy schedule and also helping a buddy of mine do a VG swap in his 95 Hardbody(quite different looking at foreign powertrains). I've been taking some big steps in getting this thing closer to the final assembly. The cab floor/ceiling is bedlined. Wiring harness is fully run, currently test fitting everything with the dash in, then taking it out to use some rust preventing paint on the metal parts of the dash. Also finally began sanding down the cab so I can get it primed and painted and can put in the door seals and assemble the interior fully. It's a good feeling seeing all of that crappy black spray paint job finally going away on the body.
  2. I'm selling my current daily driver to purchase a Cobalt SS and have a legitimate daily driver. The truck is completely stock except it has bfg m/ts on the rear and radial tires on the front. It has the 3.7L V6 and auto transmission, 2wd. It has 119,000 miles on it. It's been used mostly for trips to Illinois and back, so a lot of highway miles and otherwise it was driven by my 55 year old father and some by me as well while my jeeps are under construction. The truck would probably be in between "average" and "clean." The interior is in really good shape except for dirt on the handles, small wear spot in the driver's carpet, and some random dirt/grime in other areas. My father is a mechanic and between jeeps and my sports, it's been dirtied up a bit. The body is clean, with two tiny dents in the passenger door and some small scratches on the body. The bed is the not rough part on the entire truck because it's been heavily used for jeep parts and scrapyard trips as well. It has worn out Bedliner on only the floor of the bed. Otherwise, just typical wear and tear as a 6-year-old truck would have. I tried getting to most of the points I could think of, if I missed something or you want to ask me any questions, feel free to ask me. I dropped the price to 7000 in hopes of a quick sale. You can contact me on here or TEXT 8154090804, I'm in school 5 days of the week and work almost all weekend so texts are much more successful. I also don't have pictures of the truck on my photobucket, so if you text me I can send you the pictures on my phone. Emails will work too, jonathan.stevens777@yahoo.com. I'm located in the lehigh valley, PA.
  3. It already has a ford 8.8 in it, so yupp, it's going to have discs all around.
  4. And get rid of those beautiful stripes?! :eek: I knew someone would say something. Sadly, the stripes were pretty faded and beaten up on the bed, and cracking all over the doors. The doors are now half doors that need finishing up. I need to update my pictures on here. A LOT has happened since I last posted any pictures. Frame is being coated this weekend and I'll be redoing my brakes to ditch the unusable rear load sensing valve. I'm going with a ZJ prop valve
  5. It's out of a 93 and has 221,xxx miles on it
  6. I just read this whole thing then checked your bio and noticed where you're from. I'm up 145 in Walnutport, right next to Blue Mountain. Once my manche is done we'll have to get together!
  7. It's been far too long. Being a high school senior, working part time, and running cross country sure throws a lot at ya. Well, I had some free time this week/weekend finally. I was able to snag a radiator, rad support, some hoses, and some bedliner yesterday. Also got a 97+ header for free, no lights or grilles; but it was free so why not, right? My dad has finally been helping me out since he has more free time than I do currently. We got the whole driver's floor done. He mocked up the heater core for me so he can weld in the patch in the firewall needed to clear the engine. We have the cab and engine harnesses connected as well now. I'm also going to be grabbing some paint from OverlandZJ on CF, anybody wanna guess the color this thing's gonna be? The plans for all the free time I'm getting this next week or two is as follows: -Get some body filler down on the passenger floor to clean up some minor rust the mess of patch panels -Hole cut for the wiring harness in the firewall -Have my dad weld in the patch -Bedline the floor, firewall, and back wall of the cab -Install the dash and run the full wiring harness -Run all of the hoses and finish up the small engine things -Modify the front rad/hood support structure and get my radiator in -Install driveshafts and misc things -Hope the test fire goes well Wish me luck fellas, it'll be a big next couple of weeks
  8. I'm gonna try and do some work on it today, so I'll get some pictures of the hole I cut and extension we made on the crossmember. I was also thinking about doing the WJ booster/MC upgrade, I have a 8.8 rear so the prop valve isn't connected to the axle anyway. I'm new to brakes, so if you got some pictures of what you actually ran and where to, that'd be great!
  9. I have an AW4 still bolted up to a 4.0 and NP231, I could trade my trans and transfer case if you'd be interested. I'm in Walnutport, PA
  10. I'm also installing a 4.0 into my '86 comanche, the little bits are killing me. The whole drivetrain is in, had to cut a square out of the firewall, custom driveshaft, custom transmission crossmember/mount. I'm glad you posted the pictures of the trimming and mounts for the radiator since that is my next major step. Let me know what you decide to do about fuel lines and the rear proportioning valve. I'll keep my eye on this build, good luck!
  11. So you're looking to trade for an AW4?
  12. If you still need it, I do actually have the transmission and transfer case. Aw4/NP231 with 230,xxx miles
  13. Phew, it's been a while since I've updated this. Been a lot of tiny things happening here and there, nothing really all that great. I'll just list the big things: -Got rid of all of the old interior stuff I had from this and my Cherokee and got a full, untouched, mint black interior from an MJ at the local yard for FREE -Ordered and received my trans cooler and floor pan off of amazon I'll be posting pictures this weekend with a surprise I'm sure you guys will enjoy :brows:
  14. I wasn't the one who stated that, I simply quoted things I found when I searched the topic. I know first hand a cherokee can take a crash. It saved my life, I hit two trees head on and rolled without anyone in the car being hurt. However, the floor did crumple in some places and the roof did as well, like one of the quotes states. Like most rust in comanches, it took the majority of my box brace from me, I only have it from the branched out frame support which is less than half of it. That's mainly why I asked
  15. Sweet build so far man! Based off of you saying your folks got you that cherokee, we're probably about the same age and you've got at least double the skill I do. A few questions though, what brand paint/primer are you using and what are you spraying it with? What kind of sanding did you actually do before applying the primer? and what floor pans did you use(cherokee or comanche)?
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