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Found 4 results

  1. So.... I purchased this truck many moons ago. I am ashamed to say that after nearly ten years the truck has not been in running condition for almost the entire time. I purchased it in Las Vegas, trailered it Texas, then a couple year later trailered it to California. I've let just about anything get in the way of getting this thing done, now i''m starting to make progress. Here's where it all started: https://comancheclub.com/topic/17442-old-drippy/?tab=comments#comment-178325 Started as: 1991 Jeep Comanche 2WD 4.0 AX15 Rough condition is an understatement... I decided to give this another try, this is what the final form is shaping up to be: Converted to 4X4 D30 4.10 Spartan Locker, manual locking hubs External slave AX15 NP231 / SYE Adam's Drive shaft...shafts Ford 8.8 LS 4.10, C-clip eliminator Mercedes OM617 Diesel Garrett T3/T4 Hybrid 97+ Front clip & doors Sheet metal on bed was garbage, decided on flatbed- only half done. 15 Gallon aux fuel tank, Also i painted it brown. Here it is as it sits today: Much more to come.
  2. I haven't started a build thread here yet, but I figured now is as good a time as any. My MJ started its life out as typical base model Comanche Custom with the 2.5L TBI, AX4, NP207. It is now undergoing some major surgery as I am taking on the infamous 4.0L swap. When it's all said and done, it will have a Renix 4.0 from a '90 XJ, an external slaved AX15 from a '96 XJ and either a NP231 or NP242. I have a build thread over on CherokeeForum ('86 Comanche DD) and I will continue to update it there, but as of right now, this thread will start where that one left off. Also, to aid fellow members here in potential swaps of similar nature, here's my photobucket album: Comanche. More in the next post...
  3. So I've been poking on this little guy for a while, between the other stupid things I've got going on. Basically it's a 1989 2wd SWB, and it came with a dead 2.5L. Not exactly what I want. I didn't do a teardown on the engine but based on the amount of blowby in the airbox the rings were probably taken out at some point. So that junk came out, and I'm going to jam a Mercedes Benz OM617 in there, come hell or high water. I finally had the time to string some video together so I can share it with you. Warning, the video is 18~ minutes long. Obviously I need to fire my graphics designer that does the video thumbnails though.
  4. Well i decided to start a build thread on this on going project. Its currently got a RE 6.5 lift, 34-9.50 tsl's, custom bumper i built, dana 44 rear, dana 30 hp non d/s front, aw4. I'm swapping in a OM617 turbo diesel mated to a ax15. Starting the tear down. Pulling it apart. Out with the old the donor car my ax15 and transfer case that i traded strait across for my aw4 :banana: the bell housing and crank adapter. new clutch mounted drivers side motor mount Passenger side motor mount Drivers side Mount Drivers side drivers side Working on the Passenger side mounts now.
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