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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone! Today I had quite the extravaganza! on my way to work today I had to stop at a stoplight on a very steep hill, when I went to take off I heard a loud pop in the rear end but didn't think much of it as I thought it was something shifting around in the bed, then I noticed that every time I let off the gas I heard and odd whine in the rear end, once I got to the job site I notice that their was some fluid on the front of the Dif where the driveshaft goes into it, again didn't think too much of it as I'm at work and have other things todo, on my way to the audio shop after work I grabbed some gear fluid and filled up the quite empty Dif, then proceeded to head over the hill to get my radio installed, the whole time over the hill every time I let off the gas and tried to decelerate or coast I heard this god awful whine grind sound from the rear end and it kinda vibrated, since I was on a small 2 lane road I had no decision but to drive on and just keep going faster and hope for hills to slow down, we got into San Jose and stopped at McDonalds to grab a quick burger, and as soon as I pulled out of the parking lot their was this loud clank and I had no power and could hear the driveshaft whipping around so I threw it in nuetral at a green light hopped out and tried to push but it seemed like the front axle was still in park so I hopped under to take a look and I saw that the driveshaft had slipped out of the diff with a spindle on it...... not sure if thats normal in any situation..... so I put it back in the diff and threw the truck in 4L and crawled it to the closest street where I found out my whole diff would rotate about 7 inches up and down past center when in gear and reverse so limped it to an auto zone 2 miles away and tightened the 8 19mm bolts on the U clamps holding the axle to the frame, it helped a lot with the rotation but maybe I needed to torque them more as I'm still hearing the awful sound from my rear end when I let off the gas and try to coast, does a driveshaft come off past the last U joint and with a spindle in any situation!? I think I'm screwed and need todo an axle swap this weekend ill update with pictures in the morning when I take a better look at everything but could anyone have an idea of WTH is going on here other than a blown diff....................
  2. Have a couple parts I'm trying to get sell. Located in central nj. Driver and passenger manual window regulators $30 each Rear swb driveshaft, good ujoints $50 Pendaliner swb bedliner $30 Ebrake foot pedal assembly $30 Stock front bumper $30 Hood, no dents, gun metal ghey color $40 Text me at 6094446124 for pictures. Unless someone can tell me how to post pics on here while using an iPhone.
  3. Did a search but nothing came up... I've really only worked on or owned long enough to know 2.5l 86s (4x4 ax4/ax5) before I got myself an 87 4.0l. automatic 4x4...... Now I am totally lost. I noticed the rear driveshaft on my 86s is almost twice as thick as the 87's. What othe differnces are there between them? We found one of three vacuum lines that seem to go to the t-body/intake-manifold via a U shaped hard plastic hose isnt connected to anything and I don't know whats missing here as it is definitely sucking (and hissing). The other lines are attached. Does anyone have a list of what lines/components are supposed to be attached to the t-body vacuums? I followed one larger white hose from the junction clip that is just infront of the tbody to the airbox and engine, the other is a smaller black hose that snakes under the air box - brake booster? Which gauge cluster is supposed to be in an 87? The blue or the black/red? Its obvious someone swapped them at one point since the odometer is meddled with and the temp/oil dials don't work. Also the scratches from the tinsnips used to cut out the gear selector panel are obvious. Good effort though. Some genious removed the CAT - is it necessary for function? I am e-test exempt and have no intentions of driving to california. What is the function of the transmission button on the dash that says power/comfort?
  4. I have good (wholesale) access to a local driveshaft builder; after speaking with him briefly today I am considering having them lengthen (re-tube) a stock front shaft and use it in my SOA/SYE project. The only objection he had to the idea was if the front Ujoints were a smaller series than what came in the rear, which I don't believe is the case in our trucks.... Can anyone confirm this is an un-stupid idea??
  5. I am sure the answer is around here, posted 1,000 times but I can't find it. The deal is, I have a 90 Comanche pioneer, 2wd short bed with a 4L, aw4 tranny, d35. I have a 90 Cherokee limited 4x4 donor, with a 4L, aw4 tranny with 242 t-case, d35 in back and, I dunno, d30 in the front. I cannot find the correct length rear drive shaft I need to have my existing 2wd Comanche shaft cut down to so it will fit to the existing axle. It's all factory. Nothing special, no extra lift. Does anyone know it or where I can find it? Also, would a 2wd Cherokee shaft be long enough to cut down?
  6. So why is it that 2wd rear driveshafts are like 5 or 6 inches in diameter and the 4x4s are like 2 1/2? Are they physically stronger? Weaker? Just curious.
  7. Hey guys, I am finishing up a engine & transmission swap with a 87 i6 with a 2wd aw4 that went into into an 89 lwb mj that originally had a ba10. I can see that my old driveshaft is too long to use now. The Aw4 is longer than the ba10. Can anyone tell me the difference in length between lwb automatic aw4 and lwb manual ba10 driveshafts? :hmm: :dunno: :hmm: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm from Utica, Michigan and looking to do a 4wd conversion on my 1989 MJ. Would like to get: (all parts need to be 1991 or older) Aw-4 Automatic Transmission 4x4 Transfer Case Front driveshaft Rear driveshaft (MJ only) Front axle (D30) All these parts expect rear driveshaft can be from an XJ. PM me for any offers. Thanks! :thumbsup:
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