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  1. ...........yeeeeeesssssss?????......... I know there is a high chance this will be an epic fail but there is a slim chance it might actually work hence "attempt to save". So far the frame is much stiffer and the endless driving it in and out of the shop and going up and down on the hoist has held up. If it fails I still got the truck as a donor for my 87 ;)
  2. Of course it wasn't just the subframe that was hurting... the floors needed to be done too. I opted for the full length pans from rockauto. We also had to obtain part of the hump from a donor XJ that was abandoned at an old farm slated for urban development.
  3. So we began to cap over the rot copying what was already on the passenger side.... with a bit extra.... the last photo is the passenger side before we reinforced it as well.
  4. We had it towed back about 100km on flatbed and even more rot was exposed along the way.... fortunately there was a good portion of what was left that could be welded to for the cap frame..... here are the before shots:
  5. I picked up this 1991 swb 4.0ho 4x4 last summer. It is a one owner from dealer prior to myself. Poor thing was branded rebuilt after being tboned on the passenger side and had a lot of panel body work done but they neglected a lot of the underside..... here is my attempt to save this truck. The rebuilt repair consisted of capping the subframe on the passenger side with structural angle steel butted together. If that passed inspection why not repeat it on the rotten side?
  6. That is my worry too. I huge jump in generation of electronics between the 87 Renix and a 2008 Mercedes CRD.
  7. It seems I've been stuck with an 08 CRD WK that has a done fuel tank among other body issues. So before sending it to the corner or scrap yard what are the odds for putting the engine into my 87 MJ? I'm only considering this 3.0 Mercedes engine as an option, since I have it sitting here, if I do any swap at all. Or else I'll just rebuild my tired renix. My MJ is currently lifted 4.5". So I'm hoping that will clear the oil pan of the 3.0 Mercedes crd. Has anyone succeeded with this or know anyone who has who I can get in contact with to get the dirt on if it's worth it?
  8. No idea what the cause was but by replacing all orange with black line wires between the headlight switch and the HVAC controls light we are now up and running again.
  9. no help? So far we have tried: 1. removing the stereo in case it was wired up to the dimmer wire and over loading the switch. But it was not wired to the dimmer wire. 2. replace the headlight switch as the short was traced through the switch. But the switch isnt the problem. 3. investigate the wiring further using old school techniques with a test light wired to direct power - found the orange/black wire is shorting out, which makes sense because I also lost dash lights before the resto job. But we cannot locate physical damage to the said wire. Can anyone shed some light (pun intended) on this situation?
  10. Don't risk it. Relocate your perches. I have an 00/01 Dana 44 rear in my 87. Awesome axle. Just a little grind and weld for a great update. And you can buy perches cheap.
  11. I just had a resto body job done on my 87. During the project I cleaned out a pile of dead wires from the interior as I replaced the whole dash (and yes remembered to match the vin to the truck). Now I'm having problems. The running lights keep shorting the fuse. Not always immediate but always eventually withing 10min. I also don't have gauge lights but I think that might be just blown bulbs. She's 30 years old after all. My interior lights do work though :) I had the local mechanic shop do an attempt to fix the light issue and he thought he did. All sockets and bulbs were replaced. I had lights for a whole 15min after I turned them on that evening. Now they are blown again. I read the radio might be playing tricks but it's the same radio from before the body work and I had running lights then. Other suggestions? I'd post up pics but can't figure a way from my mobile.
  12. Thanks @gogmorgo! Yes the jc Whitney hitch has been ruled out. I'm investigating options between getting one made up here or having one complete shipped from krusty Also looking into the aux cooler options so far presented here. So just to recap: truck has timbrens the rear leafs are newer 3.5 rough country plus leaf to make 4.5 trailer has electronic brakes and I'm already wired up fot a 7pin harness with new Reese brake control unit (to be installed). Trailer comes with a weight distribution setup (as it was previously towed by a 98 cherokee between ontario to newfoundland) I'm only adding 2 dirt bikes to the trailer and it'll be just me the dog and one other passenger in the cab. We would also fill up gas/water/etc closer to destination Otherwise sounds like once the truck is back together plus hitch and the trailer arrives (eta 1 week today) there will be some local test driving to figure how she handles it.
  13. The truck has timbrens installed and the trailer will have a weight distribution setup so hopefully that will help.
  14. Fair statement. I do have a factory bumper but its starting to rot and previous owner welded it to the truck. This is the next closest option. Otherwise if looking for something offroadish its custom fab only at least in my neck of the woods.... been looking for a good one for about 6 years now :( What I have found: http://www.jcroffroad.com/product/DIY-MJ-R.html
  15. Sent you a message! I have a bad run o luck with used rads and such.... but thanks for the suggestion :)
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