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  1. Well a sad day has come, the guy i bought the 2 comanches from originally expressed interest in the truck. I explained where it was at as a project and he decided he wants to continue it. No spoilers on where the truck sits right now, new owner is on comanche club and I'm sure he will start a build thread when he gets around to it. I was able to get all of my money out of the truck, a certain rarity with project cars lol. I'm sure that i will have another comanche in the future. I'm for sure staying here on comancheclub. hopefully i will start a build thread for my 89 YJ. I will still be attending winterfest at badlands, Id love to check out some truck if any of you are there. see ya around Nick
  2. @Pete M I would definitely like to address the front fenders. I don’t know exactly where it falls on my list. I will just run these white ones until I buy new steel/fiberglass fenders or an aftermarket/custom armor flare. I need to see the Ares Fab one in person. James is local and I prefer to support locally.
  3. It’s been too long. I started a new job in November. Left me in a transition where I had to travel a bit for some work training in Ohio then New York. Settled in through December and got ready to be home and work on the truck ! Life happens, bought a 1992 Mazda Miata, a yellow example with only 66,000 miles from the original owner. A very good deal and a good purchase. Although it takes away much needed attention and money from the Comanche. Miata is currently listed for sale to try and infuse some money into the truck and my yj. Maybe buy a bike. Who knows lol. In in the meantime I’ve installed my cooling system, oil pressure sensing unit, new Cps, new ignition system. Been having some wiring shorts and some difficulties with the taillights. Everything seems to be functioning now. Still needs a new driveshaft, some bodywork and a little more interior time. The truck is running very well currently. Had the opportunity to put it up on the lift and actually let it “drive” a lil. I'm hoping my next update has me in the parking lot at the least! The couple feet of snow doesn’t help though. Thanks for reading. Nick
  4. This is the point on most projects where i start to take virtually no pictures, unfortunately. Both bedsides and rockers are 90% done, lil bondo and some more grinding. Really tired of metalwork lol. Rockers are 2x6 Box, 1/8", no current reinforcement into unibody "frame rail", intending on adding that later. Currently, the rockers are welded to directly underneath the door, with the original bottom pinch seam for the rocker pounded flat against the bottom of the 2x6 and welded. Went ahead and connected a new starter and found that it does in fact crank over with the key, some alright progress. Thanks for reading, pics below, Nick
  5. 10 days since the last post will have to count as more recent updates lol. Spent the past few days doing some more metal work. I've got both flares tacked on to the bed armor, and the armor welded in. Still needs a final grind job. Got all the 1.5 square tube from a local metal supply's cutoff selection, $31. Turned out pretty ok in my mind, certainly better then the rust that plagued the upper fender flare area. I'm still waiting on the last few engine parts I need and I should be able to fire the 4.0 swap for the first time, here's hoping anyway lol.
  6. Trying to update a little more frequently, finished a shop project on a 1948 desoto and got to resume working on the Comanche. Had my friend's xj on the lift the past few days as he was doing a full set of frame stiffeners, few pics of that. I've had the metal for the bedside armor for a few months now, figured there was no better time then now to start. I had a sheet of 3/16 and took two 7'1.5" X 2' cuts out of the sheet. We did a rough cut on the driver bedside originally to cut out rust, then we continued measuring and consulting the factory flare on the other side to get an idea of what we wanted. Final Measurements: DRIVER SIDE From front of bed: 31 Inches to left bottom cut mark 36 Inches to left top cut mark (6 Inches down from top of armor) 60 Inches to right top cut mark (6 Inches down) 55 Inches to right bottom cut mark Fuel door cut wasn't ideal but a thick weld cleaned it up - no measurements. Plan is to go and buy a few feet of 1/1.5 square tube and some 1/16 to make the flares. Some also may say that 3/16 is overkill for the rear armor but I plan to daily the truck in the winter. I prefer this weight to the sandbags i'd have to throw in the bed anyways! I need an extra hand to rearrange the shop so i can start cutting the other side. Also threw on my new power steering hoses, new radiator comes tomorrow. PICS
  7. Yah I told the PO i would send him some pics when everything was done. His son was daily driving it to chicago until they noticed the floor one day, then it sat for about a year. Camaro is a 1968 SS 327. Grew up in that car, my Dad bought it when he was 17, around 1990. 40xxx miles.
  8. @Jeep Driver scavenger hunt: you can see that car in 2 other pictures
  9. Get ready for a word update! Pics in the next one below. So at winterfest 2018 I bent the front dana 30 vcad and all my steering, I bought an Ares Fab 1 Ton UTK Steering Kit, and a lp dana 30 from a 2000 xj for $100 already geared to 3.55. Also replaced the upper control arms with a set from Core 4x4. After fixing the carnage I took the truck for a spin around the block and found some minor brake issues that I sorted out, but more then anything I felt like the 2.8 just lacked the power I needed. We all know what that means! So I find my donor on craigslist, asking $400 for a 1996 XJ 4.0, AW4, 231, 160,000 miles and a new head at 150,000. Rear leaf spring was coming through where the floor was behind the driver seat. Ran great and i was able to take it around the block to make sure it worked. Negotiated to $350 and towed her to the shop. Getting ready to tear the comanche down I didnt want it to be out of commission for an extended period of time, and dreading the 86 4.0 swap I wanted the research component to be done before I touched any bolts. I started tear down on 8/15 and by the end of the day I had done my scrap run with the entire drivetrain, wiring harness, front clip, hood, etc. 600 pounds! $22! We got the xj in next to the truck and tore in, pulled the engine harness with the drivetrain and removed the body harness from there. Installed the dash and body harness, put the drivetrain in, and started work on the trans crossmember and front core support. After those were burned in I installed the exhaust and front driveshaft. Still have to shorten the rear shaft, finish the splicing to the rear harness, and purchase the new senders and radiator stuff for the bay. This swap is definitely a bit of work! Thanks for reading, Nick
  10. Finished up the SOA conversion the past couple of days, did new brake lines as well. Now the rear is a little too high, thinking about changing the shackle to fine tune the height. Also threw the rims and tires from my yj on seeing as I'm going to winterfest this saturday and who doesn't like an MJ on 33's!
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