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  1. I got a 1968 c/10 swb. 307 powerglide with a 12 bolt. It was a project. Just little things for that now. There is a Ducati 996 in the stable. Termignoni titanium /carbon exhaust. And the somewhat new to me second owner first was grandpa 86 Comanche 4x4 2.5 auto w/a/c
  2. Any idea what size the axle u bolt but size is? 13/16 I gotta rap on it. I’m thinkin metric?
  3. Well yea. but is that the same for an 8.8?
  4. Yea. Center to center for the perches. Read online it’s the same. But there is so much information it ridiculous.
  5. Are spring perches the same from an 8.8 Ford and our Comanches. Quick help appreciated.
  6. Bsracing

    4.10 axle.

    Wanted. Wrangler Comanche Cherokee or liberty rear axle with 4.10 gears. Chicagoland.
  7. I need to find a 4.11 rear axle. I’ll go d35 as it’s just my dd. I’m ready to weld perches. Doesn’t really matter how it happens just need a decent. Decent priced 4.11.
  8. Do wrangler axles fit underneath an MJ? Width wise? Thanks jeepers
  9. Hey gents. I have a 1986 Comanche with 2.5l 904 trans with the flat top bellhousing and a np207 tcase. I’m wanting to know I for on my tcase. Can I swap to a NP231 from a 90 laredoxj? It has the vacuum disconnect and a mechanical speedo gear. I’m getting so much misinformation about Input shafts amd front output shafts. Just need someone to aim me I. The right direction. Thanks guys.
  10. So gentleman’s. I’m pretty sure my t case is fooked. The question is would it be better to rebuild it or grab on from a junkyard? The next question is. Are all 231j gonna be the same? Because I found one in a Cherokee and am concerned with the inputs output and whatnot. Any help is appreciated. Thanks dudes and dudettes.
  11. So to clear up confusion that the other threads creates. All you gotta do to eliminate the load sensing valve is snout line to soft line for the rear axle correct?
  12. Keeping the MJ block. So I’ll use the snout line to the soft line basically. The 2-5 might be on a different thread.
  13. So we are going lone #2 to #5 and getting rid of the T fitting. So basically we are using the bypass line to run the rear brakes. Am I gathering this all correctly?
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