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Found 5 results

  1. So the belts on my 86 Mj are dry-rotted, and I'm in need of some new ones. Problem is, I have too many options. Unfortunately I'm using my phone at the moment so I have no way to upload pictures, but I need the one that has the grooves in it, I belive it's called the v belt. I'm probably wrong on that though. I also need the smooth one. Rockauto has belts for my truck, but some day with ac, others say without and I don't know which ones I need. My truck does have factory ac, power steering, etc. Problem is, I don't know which belt is supposed to power what. Any help?
  2. Am I missing something with electric fan diodes. They're seperate from the fan correct? The orange plastic clip wired into the harness drivers side in front of the air box. All the auto parts stores don't list a part available. The jeep parts counter only finds a relay.. What gives?
  3. So, my blower motor decided to stop working (just in time for winter). Fuse is good. Replaced it just in case.I even went through and cleaned all the grime out of the fuse block. Still doesn't work. Then I took the heater control assembly out of the dash and checked the connections. Aaaand still no luck. What are the chances it is actually the the blower motor that went bad? or is it more likely something else? any advice would be greatly appreciated as it is 20*F where I live right now and its impossible to drive without the blower working.
  4. Hi all. Todays project for me is to wire my aux fan up so that when the truck is running, the fan is running. When my engine was replaced, the fan was never put back in. I installed it, but can't find the original wires for it. The truck likes to heat up in traffic, so I feel better with it running all the time. It's an 88 Pioneer 4.0L Is there a good source of power under the hood, or do I need to go under the dash with it? I'm alligator clipping it on to the battery now. Thanks in advance. Once I get this one done, I think I'm on to the hard projects.
  5. looking around the DIY section i found the thread "junk Yard upgrades" one part is the ford electric fan from a Taurus or mustang...anyone done a electric fan on there truck? did you rip one from the yard or buy a new one? its an idea ive been rolling around for quite awhile. the truck is a 86 2.5 5sp. any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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