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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/UUfEMDkDQNCZpc1M6 the video. my 5.9 is gutless old turd, lol.
  2. Ain't slowed down yet but I'm still alive and kickin' lol. and yes there will be PLENTY of videos.
  3. If ya do, and live near the bald eagle sanctuary. I'm entering my 5.9 ZJ in the Cleetus & Cars 2K19 $5000 burnout contest this saturday @ Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, FL. Come watch me make poor life decisions with my daily driver! (It's okay. I am overly experienced in taking this type of risk...lol) Blow 'em out or blow it up, one of those outcomes will happen this saturday saturday saturday! http://bradentonmotorsports.com/ ***EDIT*** https://photos.app.goo.gl/UUfEMDkDQNCZpc1M6 blew one out, lost power steering, of all things!
  4. it's still a little toed out so it kinda feels like 737 max right now, lol. and yea, JTEC PCM w/ that silly RE series trans with frequency valve driven governor simulation electronics.
  5. it's loading a PXE option rom and trying to boot from the network for some reason. likely scenario is hard drive acting up. depending on the drive it could be time to backup and replace, or if it's an older SSD it may just need a firmware update (crucial M4 SSDs are notorious for doing this, and a FW update actually fixes it!) if you can extrapolate what hard drive is in it (may even be worth removing the cover and looking by eye) and it is an SSD, look for a firmware update and apply it if available. also many laptops now have these small ribbon cables on the connector between the hard drive and the mainboard, these fail over time from chassis flex and heat cycling. (replacing the hard drive could still lead to this symptom returning in this case.) Good luck!
  6. seriously... an intermittent signal from a $17 coolant temp sensor can make this thing act like it's got a blown head gasket, complete with the faux hydrolock syndrome of coolant pushing into the cylinders while starting! apparently this thing can and DOES dump THAT MUCH FUEL into it on startup because the entire map is based on multipliers with baseline duty cycle set by the CTS... I'm absolutely amazed by this persnickity little MFer. 2 days ago it decided to say it was 170deg after sitting overnight and it acted way better on startup. The odd thing is while it was acting all stupid, the gauge was reading properly but every once and a while it would "ding" and "check gauges" would flash for just a brief moment... You'd think this sophisticated JTEC engine controller would buffer and average sensor inputs over a time window... NOPE!
  7. yeah, I think I'd have that engine/trans out and getting refreshed to drop in another chassis at this point... if it were me. but I have chassis' around waiting for powertrains.
  8. nagca.com and mallcrawlin.net are alright i didn't say they're GOOD... they're alright.
  9. CheapXJ


    i guess it's semi homemade... random dude on a fiero forum is making and selling them. design is simple and can be cloned fairly easily.
  10. I'm happy to hear the US still appears that way on the outside, but national pride is surely on the decline over here too. People are losing faith in the opportunity of freedom and apparently want to be herded and provided for by a large oppressive government... or at least that's what people are voting for whether they realize it or not. They somehow believe in this concept of guaranteed affluence... boggles my mind.
  11. fugg it, lets keep hijacking... you wouldn't happen to know Lionel Wilson would you? he's an architect from Cape Town, does a lot of work here in Florida, my cousin just got married to him and they're in NZ on the honeymoon right now then they're heading "home" for a little bit until they come back stateside. super cool people!
  12. i also started collecting jeep models/RCs/diecast, etc... if you want "recovery" help from your addiction, you won't get it here. we're enablers. haahaha!
  13. those aren't exactly easy to come by stateside and they command a premium. my gas sippers are sv21 gen 1 toyota camrys my beater truck is a 94 dodge, nothin special. I had a stable of 5-cyl audis for a while (4000s, 80/90, a 91 200tQ and 2 coupe quattros) but those got me in trouble... something about grossly exceeding speed limits... lol. yet I still daily drive the 98 5.9 limited... I think my old GMC 3500 with a 454 got better mileage than this thing... but that skinny pedal just sounds so good when ya stomp it down. but I'm thinking about "trading out" the toyotas for either restomodded AMC Eagles or I have my eye on a s123t Mercedes diesel wagon that I might have to buy because it's too inexpensive to say no (this is how I usually acquire the new toys) German oil burners are also pretty cool.
  14. alfas are cool! I was responding to original post. i have a collection/addiction. looks like you do too, cheers! :)
  15. CheapXJ


    the fiero guys made a bracket to swap the LS4 stock starter to pretty much anything and you make a 3"x3" square hole in your bellhousing where the bracket bolts on.
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