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  1. I had a similar issue with my drivers door after letting it swing open to far while leaning downhill without a limiting strap. I used a combination of the putty knife method and then added a few body washers at the lowest fender mounting point. Been fine for a few years now.
  2. Is it possible you got the TPS wet? I’ve had issues with shifting from a bad sensor.
  3. You mentioned the truck runs cooler while driving. You also mentioned you replaced a bunch of cooling components. I didn’t see you mention the fan clutch. I s look into that if it cools fine while moving but has issues at idle.
  4. I’ve been in the same situation and sadly I’m currently in it again. The aftermarket ones from advance autozone etc are not made right. I used an oem from a member here last time but I’m falling short on that this time. If you order the omix please report if it’s made corrrectly. Thanks
  5. That small green wire goes to the starter, I’d bet the larger red wire goes to it as well.
  6. Has anyone used the flexplate from team Cherokee? It’s an omix-ada part. PN - 16913.11 ive has bad experiences with the felxplates available from advance/autozone/etc and I’m in new of new one. Don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing it and finding out this one isn’t built properly either.
  7. Dando


    I desperately need a renix era flexplate for my 90mj 4.0 aw4. The ring that engages the starter on mine is too worn down to engage the starter anymore.
  8. I have the wheels you are looking for on my mj, also because I liked having Jeep stamped into them. I feel like the ones that don’t have the Jeep name on them looks like they came off an s10
  9. I’ve been thinking about having my bench reupholstered, I live near you in Cleveland, who did you use to have your seat redone?
  10. If you have it out, change oil pan, rear main, valve cover, distributor, etc gaskets. Install new oil pump. Install new timing chain and gears. All pretty simple and straight forward when engine is on a stand.
  11. I should also add, this engine trans combo has alittle over 500k on it, neither has been rebuilt outside of new oil pump and seals about 5yrs ago. Should I be looking at the torque converter as well?
  12. I’m really hoping it’s not the flexplate as I just changed that about a year ago now, haven’t pulled the trans to see for sure but no visible cracks That I can see from the inspection cover area. I have been battlting an issue with a top bell housing bolt backing out but I don’t think this is related as that bolt hasn’t caused an issue in a few months now, but I suspect that while loose it could have allowed the spacer to move/bend/tweak. Weird part of this knocking is when stone cold first thing in the morning the knocking is not there until warmed up. I’m fairly certain something is bent and
  13. 1990 MJ, 4.0, aw4, np231 truck recently started knocking, very loud and from underneath. Flushed the oil with fresh oil Incase it was an oil issue, no change. Engine running absolutely perfectly I should add. Checked flex plate bolts and one was loose, tightened up and still knocking but not as bad, still bad though. While underneath tightening the flexplate bolts and revolving flex plate, it sounds as if something is interacting with the thin aluminum spacer that is inbetween the trans and engine, sounds like a small pop at about 12-1oclock when rotated by hand. Any chance the fle
  14. Do not buy an aftermarket flex plate, everything available from the big auto stores are indexed inproperly and your truck will not run right after install. I found this out last year sadly, spend the time to find a stock takeoff
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