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  1. Codybelec


    I’m buying an 88 next weekend for parts I was hoping to get the build sheet so I can see what it all came with
  2. Got the bumper mounted and a led strip on the inside tired into brakes blinkers and reverse lights
  3. Someone else sent me the build sheet when I got it so cool to see there the same
  4. Thank you very much 👌
  5. Not much of a write up but I cut a piece of tubing to fit in the rear hole where a bumper could go 54” long. I plasma cut out my design I wanted. I SHOULD have cut slots in the bumper to recess the tow points to the back of the bumper for more strength. But I welded on the tow points and now to paint and wire in reverse lights on the far sides and run a strip of red lights on the top and tie into the brake lights so the bumper will light up when I brake. I’m just going to weld it to my rear bumper mounts
  6. I stuck with the intake off the Comanche just because I was able to sell the tj intake and exhaust manifold to make a bit of money back so I’m not totally sure if they fit
  7. I bought a 2000 Jeep tj motor for my 92 comanche that I bought with a blown motor thinking it would bolt right in.. it didn’t so here’s what I had to do to make it work. It started out I took off the coil packs and bolted in my distributor and timed it.. the alternator, water pump and fan bracket all line but some holes are blind and need to be drilled and tapped. I decided to mount the alternator where the a/c was since the motor I bought didn’t have it. I bolted on intake and exhaust and had my flywheel turned down at work I heard after the fact your not suppose to but it seems to work. I bolted the tranny onto the block and went to drop it in. The engine mounts didn’t line up so I used the old mounts but had to cut and modify the driver side to work. The oil pressure sensors back by the fire wall so you need a 90 degree fitting to angle it away but factory wiring will reach and plug in, same with factory alternator wiring reaches up top. I ran my new belt with rope and brought it to the parts store to have them match it. The coolant sensor that use to go back in the block the hole isint there anymore so I drilled and tapped my thermostat housing so I can see if it’s overheating. To mount alt up top you need to cut mechanical fan off and run dual electric fans. Any questions comment and I’ll try and help out. My only reason for doing this was I bought the wrong motor and made it work.
  8. I’ve wanted a Comanche for ever and never have been able to find one now that I did I want to make it look badass and keep it that way I’ll continue to wheel the piss out of my cheap xjs but I want my Comanche to be a head turner.. yeah I could easily get away with a small lift and 33s and it will look sharp but I won’t a bad @$$ rig... and I already own 6” lift coils and have a Cherokee rear end for SOA swap so I figured mide as well go 6” since I have a lot of the lift already. I’m an advent wheeler where I live so I’m fine with driving a clean MJ on 35s with stock axles It’ll just look that much better hailing my beater XJ around 🤣👌
  9. I bought a 92 with a blown 4.0 in it so I’m swapping in a long block from a cherokee. Then once it runs I’m going to focus on cleaning it up and doing body work on it. It needs new doors, rocker repair and lots of other rust control.. the jeeps end goal for now is a 6” lift on 35s but it won’t see the trails. I’ll have an XJ that’ll get wheel the commanches going to be my daily....Got the motor stripped down and pulled apart now just waiting on the 96XJ long block. The motor was ran dry and the connecting rod let go and came out the side of the block by the engine mount. I was waiting on my parts xj to finish my build but the deal fell threw so I ended up picking up a cheap 4.0 out of a 2000 tj.. the blocks are similar but the mounting for the accessories are in different spots. After drilling and tapping a few holes I have the 2000 4.0 ready to go in my 92 distributor Comanche. I got the lift in the front now to
  10. Hmm alright I’ll have to play it by year thanks I’m still waiting on getting this 96 Jeep I’ll let you know when I get it
  11. I bought my 92 mj with a blown motor previous owner ran it dry of oil. I got a 96 xj on trade and was wondering if the engine would be a direct swap. Are all the sensors and everything the same?
  12. Previous owner ran the motor dry and sent rods threw the oil pan and I have a 96 xj I'm getting on trade from someone so I was hoping to direct swap the motor in without to much hassle (I still have a 97+ xj but I’d rather less @#$%ing around)
  13. while checking out the forum i found a write up for 97+ motor swap to a renix MJ. I was planning on doing the swap myself with my 92 and was wondering if there should be anything else i should look out for while doing the swap or if there is a write up already done for this. Thanks an excited first time MJ buyer
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