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  1. Sorry for not updating. I haven't had much time to work so there's really nothing much to update, but while it's been sitting in the driveway I'm going through Cruisin54's mostly Renix tips like refreshing the ground at the oil dipstick tube, sensor grounds, checking all connectors and relays under the hood. I didnt use a spray cleaner like he says to on the site, i just wire brushed and used dielectric grease. Hope that's good enough. Also got to get a rear bumper welded on and finish the tailight wiring. The PO did electrical installs for fire departments so there's a huge panel behind the driver's seat I get to decipher how to use. Looks like a clean job, I just got to figure out what's what.
  2. Cracked flexplate: replaced Cracked exhaust manifold & plugged up CAT: replaced Cracked head stud replaced Leaky radiator: replaced New starter, cap, rotor installed Soon: Slip Yoke Eliminator OTK steering kit Rear bumper w/ taillights that work Stacks would be fun but i went the (somewhat) less expensive route.. Pics too large to upload, will post the img's when i get them compressed down to CC's standards.
  3. Right on, thank you sirs. The bed will get a headache rack once i get a hold of some stainless 2" square tube. Should i put a side dump exhaust??? Kinda want to go "full yeetard" on this project
  4. Thanks guys, i'm into the vacuum lines next. So helpful that every problem ever had with these trucks has a thread going about it. Shout out to Cruiser54's mostly renix tips!
  5. TBI is correct, sir. Carb would have been cool, though!
  6. Hey all, i'm the proud new owner of this '89 MJ. It came with some issues as most older jeeps do. First order of business, clean the throttle body and iac. Trying to eliminate the vacuum leak, which is massive. Kicking out a loud whoosh when i step on the gas pedal, limiting my top speed to 35 mph. PO installed an electric fan to help with overheating, seems to work well, keeping temps at 220 F if i can trust the thermostat. So i'll be under the hood for a while this week. The forum articles on vacuum leaks are helpful. Also i'll be looking for a new flexplate, mine is cracked. Any advice/info on sourcing a new one will be appreciated!
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